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Why SAP FICO Certification is important for a Career in Financial Management

SAP is the largest software application provider for businesses all over the world. SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) is widely used in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and its implementation. SAP has been playing an important role in developing management across the business and IT domains. SAP FICO brings positive changes to your business operations. The SAP certification is an asset for all functional managers and IT professionals. 

SAP-certified professionals are in more demand than other candidates. SAP-certified professionals earn more than anyone else in the IT sector. If you are planning to upgrade your career in financial management, explore this blog to find out why SAP FICO Certification is important for a career in financial management.

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What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) is a module used for financial reporting. The objective of using this software is to record all financial transactions by an entity. SAP FICO module is very robust and covers all important business processes in an organization. It is the most important and widely implemented module in SAP. 

Components of SAP FICO are: 

  • SAP FI General Ledger accounting
  • Asset Accounting
  • Funds Management
  • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable
  • Special Purpose Ledger and Consolidation
  • Travel Management
  • Bank Accounting
  • Cost Element Accounting
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Product Cost Controlling

What is SAP FICO Certification? 

SAP FICO Certification deals with the Finance and Cost controlling module in SAP ERP, where FI represents Financial Accounting, and CO means Controlling. SAP FICO is a certification course either taken as a graduation degree from a college or an authorised training centre through classroom or online mediums. 

With no prior experience, students can pursue the SAP FICO Course after completing their bachelor's or master's. The Certification courses of SAP FICO can be of any length, going from several hours to a few months. If you are a BBA or B.com graduate or are interested in setting your career in the growing financial field, an SAP FICO Certification is an asset.

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What is the role of SAP FICO in Financial Management?

SAP FICO is divided into two sections: SAP Finance (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO). It is an important core functional component of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), the Central Component, which allows organisations to manage and store all their financial transaction data. Therefore, the primary purpose of SAP FICO is to help companies or organisations generate or manage financial statements for analysis and reporting. Also, SAP FICO aids in effective business planning and decision-making.

Benefits of SAP FICO Certification

Doing a SAP FICO Certification course has many benefits for aspirants and businesses. However, several certification programs and training modules will help you master the SAP FICO application in a short time; knowing the significant benefits of SAP FICO Certification can help you undergo better training in the SAP FICO module. Here are the benefits of SAP FICO Certification.

  • Managing Business Flow Made Easier
  • You’re Choosing An In-Demand Career
  • Earn Higher Salary
  • You Can Expect A Growth In Reputation
  • Demanded By Organisations
  • Managing Business Flow Made Easier

SAP FICO helps in systematically organizing the financial management systems in an organization. The usage of this software extends to almost every aspect of business operation. SAP enables easy and efficient accounting processes.It makes managing business flow easier. If you aspire to become a professional excelling in accounting and finance, SAP FICO Certification and training can help you. Your organization can accurately keep track of costs with SAP. 

  • You’re Choosing An In Demand Career

SAP FICO is evolving as one of the prominent modules and so, there is an increase in the career opportunities for aspirants. A SAP Certification will fetch you a decent job in the SAP arena. With the help of SAP FICO, you can undoubtedly advance Financial management in an organization. Global companies and MNCs hire certified SAP professionals. Strong communication skills and financial knowledge are the foundation for an SAP consultant. There are few SAP experts today, a reason why the demand for trained SAP professionals in the market is high. SAP’s implementation is generally carried out in large-scale enterprises and so you can earn a lucrative salary. Knowledge about the SAP FICO module is an asset to your expertise, as it is the major part of SAP.

  • Earn Higher Salary

Geeting SAP FICO Certified and becoming a certified SAP FICO Professional offers you a handful of jobs like Project Leader, Module Lead, Process Developer, SAP Functional Consultant, etc. You can also expect to receive an annual salary between AED 15,00,000 to AED 30,00,000 for a SAP Consultant in Dubai. While occupations and pay can be offered based on the experience, the initial average SAP FICO certificate courses' annual salary may differ from AED 10,900 - AED 17,500 per month.

  • You Can Expect A Growth In Reputation

SAP Certified Consultants are always reputed. If you are interested in setting your career in the growing financial field, get the experience in the SAP field and this will add more value to your resume.  SAP serves Logos and ID cards to the individuals who own the SAP Certification. These logos help you achieve recognition from the recruiters.  

  • Demanded By Organisations

The SAP FICO module has several components that serve different financial purposes. General Ledger Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Asset Accounting, Fund Management, Bank Accounting, Travel Management are all part of SAP FICO. So it is important to learn SAP FICO, which is known as the heart of SAP.

SAP FICO is user-friendly, extremely flexible and favourite of businesses worldwide. SAP FICO stands out in its ability to merge with other SAP modules. With SAP FICO, Accounts Payable, Bank Configuration, Accounts Receivables Configuration, Asset Configuration, Cost Center Configuration and other functionalities are easier.

Importance of SAP FICO Professionals in the Finance Industry

Nowadays, organizations must deal with lots of complexity in the Business Process, which enhances the necessity of software like SAP FICO. Financial management software can help them conduct their businesses smoothly and quickly. SAP FICO provides organizations with well-structured and effective financial controlling mechanisms. These mechanisms cover every aspect of business operations to get wide-reaching and in-depth changes with benefits.

TheSAP FICO module can be easily integrated with sales, distribution, materials management, etc. With proper utilization of this software, one can address issues and areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, Bank accounting, General and other ledgers, cost and profit centres, and management of different financial assets. Therefore, businesses continuously search for adept professionals who can work with this software. 

SAP FICO Professionals in the Finance Industry are essential because they know:

  • The working principle behind SAP financial accounting
  • How the finance module integrates with different SAP modules
  • The fundamental concepts of SAP Financial Accounting
  • The importance of General Ledger and learning about its features
  • Core concepts of SAP FICO module like Sub-Ledgers, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Asset Accounting


The demand for FICO professionals is very high globally. There has been an emerging trend in the usage of SAP and SAP FICO work. Today, SAP is widely used in various enterprises, improving business processes by simplifying process flows. The continuous evolution of SAP products has become an essential part of growing businesses. So, try to explore the solutions for accounting requirements and enhance your skills on the new trends in the financial world. Get certified today and stay competitive in the changing IT market.

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