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Importance Of SAP Certification For Your Career Enhancement

The global IT training programs are moving towards higher standardisation. Major IT companies like Sun, Norton, and Microsoft have developed multiple SAP certification systems including testing procedures and programs.

When it comes to really knowing the importance of SAP training, think of a graphic artist's situation. Just like how his or her clients are more interested in his or her portfolio than their art degree, having actual SAP experience counts for an SAP job. Course certification‌ is just a way to enhance your CV.

SAP Certification is a certification program developed by SAP (Systems Applications and Products), a leading software company, which tests your knowledge and skills in various SAP software applications. It is a globally recognised credential that demonstrates your expertise in the use of SAP software products. 

SAP certification is offered in various levels ranging from basic to advanced. SAP training will cover a range of topics from core SAP modules to specific applications. SAP tests your knowledge in various areas such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence (BI). 

SAP Certifications are awarded to an individual upon successful completion of a SAP certification exam. It is a great way to demonstrate proficiency in SAP software applications and to increase one's chances of getting a job in the SAP field. 

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Career Benefits of SAP Certification

SAP certification offers many career benefits. More than half of the world's companies use SAP for business management in today's IT era. Therefore, obtaining a SAP certification will broaden and brighten up your career. 

The idea of ​​doing a well-paying job has led many employees to abandon their previous careers and find new opportunities. The field of SAP is packed with more opportunities in the top and most urbanised metropolises of the world. Earning SAP certification enhances your career and gets you better job opportunities in well-known countries and territories worldwide. 

SAP-certified professionals have gained more status, admiration, and recognition. A good reason is that they are more proficient and advanced. SAP certification also enables you to use SAP software effectively in the workplace without guidance. SAP Certifications help SAP consultants, professionals, and software users who currently work in an SAP environment to validate their expertise and experience. Some of the outstanding career benefits of SAP Certification are;

  • Global industry recognition and credibility
  • Specialisation in relevant and diverse SAP skills
  • Increased bargaining power in career negotiations
  • Competitive advantages in the hiring process
  • Enables you to validate your expertise and experience. 
  • Can lead to better job opportunities in well-known countries and territories worldwide

Now, let’s get into each of these career benefits in detail. 

Global Industry Recognition and Credibility

The SAP certification is regarded as one of the most prestigious technical certifications in the world. Obtaining SAP certifications requires passing a rigorous specialised training program from authorised training partners and institutes.

Certification in SAP is undeniably credible. According to a survey conducted by SAP, more than 95% of Human Resources professionals globally recognise SAP certifications as a measure of a candidate's expertise. 88% of Human Resources professionals reported that SAP-certified candidates are more likely to be hired than non-certified candidates. It is also reported that over two-thirds of SAP-certified professionals are employed by large organisations, while over one-third of SAP-certified professionals hold management-level positions. A survey conducted among the SAP-certified professionals has also found that SAP-certified professionals earn an average of 8% more than non-certified professionals.

SAP certification is official proof of your SAP professional skills. Therefore, having a SAP certification provides you with global industry recognition and credibility, which can be beneficial for your career growth and development. 

Gain Specialisation in Relevant and Diverse SAP Skills

SAP certification is an excellent way to gain specialisation in relevant and diverse SAP skills. With SAP certification, you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in various SAP products and technologies. It provides you with a structured learning path that includes comprehensive training and hands-on experience, resulting in a deep understanding of various SAP applications. 

According to a survey conducted by SAP, over 200,000 people have gained specialisation in relevant and diverse SAP skills through certification programs. The survey also found that more than 98% of those certified have reported increased job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities. More than 50% of them have gained specialisation in multiple SAP modules and over 75% of SAP-certified professionals have earned at least two SAP certifications. 

SAP provides more than 150 certifications, each of which is for a specific SAP product. SAP currently provides more than 25 modules with various business functions. However, not all of these modules are applied. Passing the implemented SAP module certification related to your job profile will help you develop field experience expertise. E.g., If you are a sales professional, you can obtain SAP SD certification. Financial professionals can obtain SAP FI and CO certification. You may check out the reason why SAP FICO Certification is important for your Financial Management. Similarly, each certification allows individuals to specialise in their specific working area. 

Increased Bargaining Power in Career Negotiations

SAP certifications are highly valued in the IT industry and can significantly increase your bargaining power in career negotiations. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, UK, 64% of employers reported that having an SAP certification is beneficial for individuals in terms of career development. 

Employers are often willing to pay higher salaries for candidates with SAP certifications, as they demonstrate a high level of expertise and knowledge in SAP solutions. It is reported that SAP certification holders have higher salaries than non-certified professionals. 92% of the employers surveyed have said that they would consider candidates with SAP certification for job opportunities. 

With the increasing demand for SAP professionals, becoming a certified professional can give you an edge over other candidates and provide you with better negotiating power when it comes to salary, benefits and other job-related perks. By obtaining a SAP certification, you can demonstrate your commitment to professional development, increase your credibility and enhance your career prospects. 

Gain Competitive Advantages in the Hiring Process

With the increasing demand for SAP professionals, SAP certification can give you a competitive edge in the hiring process. Recruiters can easily identify certified SAP professionals, which can provide a competitive advantage during the recruitment process.

Having a certification can also give you better negotiating power when it comes to salary, benefits, and other job-related perks. Moreover, SAP certification enables you to validate your expertise and experience in a particular SAP product or module, which can enhance your credibility and marketability as an SAP professional. 

According to a SAP survey, 94% of employers consider SAP certification when making hiring decisions, and 52% of employers consider certified candidates to be more qualified than non-certified candidates. Additionally, 87% of certified professionals reported that they received an increase in salary after obtaining their certification. 89% of employers said they believe certified professionals are more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle the challenges of the job.

Obtaining SAP certification can open up business lines for various professions, including SAP consultants, network experts and SAP data managers.

Enables You to Validate Your Expertise and Experience 

SAP certification provides you with an opportunity to validate your expertise and experience in a particular SAP product or module. By passing the certification exam, you demonstrate your knowledge and skills to potential employers or clients, and it can also enhance your credibility and marketability as an SAP professional. 

SAP certification can help you stay up-to-date with the latest SAP technologies and best practices, and it can offer you access to a global community of SAP professionals and resources.

Lead to Better Job Opportunities in Well-known Countries and Territories Worldwide

SAP certification is highly valued in the job market across various countries and territories worldwide. Holding an SAP certification indicates that an individual has the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively work with SAP software, which is widely used in many industrial sectors such as finance, healthcare, logistics, retail, manufacturing, and many more.

This certification can open up new job opportunities in well-known companies and organisations that rely on SAP software, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, Some of the top companies that rely on SAP software include IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Siemens, HP, Microsoft, etc. 

The popularity and importance of SAP software in the business world make it a valuable skill for professionals. With a strong presence in many countries, having SAP certification can make it easier for you to find job opportunities in different regions of the world.

Who Can Access SAP Global Certifications?

SAP Global Certifications are open to anyone who wishes to enhance their skills and knowledge in SAP software. Anyone involved in SAP implementation projects, such as professional technical consultants, solution architects, application consultants, and those involved in multi-level certification pathways at any stage of the solution life cycle can also access SAP Certifications. However, certain certifications may have specific prerequisites or requirements, such as previous experience or a certain level of education. It's always a good idea to check the specific certification requirements before pursuing a particular SAP certification. If you are looking to pursue a career in SAP and want to start learning in the UAE, check out the best SAP Training Institutes in the UAE.  

You might also be interested to know the certification cost of SAP in the UAE, check it out. 


SAP training enables you to develop better workflows and data management. Organisations are gradually achieving this by adopting SAP and hiring SAP-certified professionals. Therefore, becoming a SAP-certified professional provides you with countless opportunities and makes it easier to reach your goals. Your SAP certification gives you the priority for promotion and earn recognition as a professional in the platform. You can be considered an invaluable asset to the hiring organisation or the organisation you are working for to earn higher salaries and other rewards.

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