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DHA Exam Fees, Syllabus & Exam Pattern For Pharmacist

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is responsible for regulating the healthcare sector in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As part of its regulatory functions, the DHA conducts licensing exams for healthcare professionals, including pharmacists. This article will provide a detailed overview of the DHA exam fees, syllabus, and exam pattern for pharmacists aspiring to work in Dubai.

Guide On DHA Exam For Pharmacists

Below, we have all the aspects related to DHA exam fees, syllabus, and exam pattern that can help you get your pharmacist license.

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1. DHA Exam Fees for Pharmacist

Before sitting for the DHA Pharmacist Licensing Exam, candidates are required to pay an exam fee of approximately AED 2,500. Fees can change without prior notice, so it's wise to visit their official website regularly for updates regarding what their fees entail. For the latest updates, it is wise to visit their official website or reach out directly. Typically, the exam fees consist of application, examination and license issuance fees.

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2. DHA Exam Syllabus for Pharmacist

The DHA exam syllabus for pharmacists comprises numerous topics to assess knowledge and competency within pharmacy practice. It features both theoretical and practical aspects.

The DHA Exam Syllabus for Pharmacists covers ten topics which include the following. 

  • Toxico logy–5%
  • Pregnancy and Lactation–5%
  • Paediatrics–5%
  • Geriatrics - 5%
  • Pharmacy Calculation and Compounding -15%
  • Pharmacokinetics–5%
  • Pharmaceutical Care and Disease State Management–35%
  • Medication Safety–5%
  • Over Counter Medication- 10%
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics -10%

Some key topics covered in the syllabus for DHA pharmacist exams include:

  • Pharmaceutical Sciences:This section presents various aspects of pharmaceutical sciences, such as pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug interactions, dosage forms and drug delivery systems.
  • Pharmacy Practice: This field evaluates a candidate's knowledge and understanding of pharmacy practice, such as pharmaceutical care, patient counseling services, drug information services, medication safety monitoring systems and quality assurance measures.
  • Clinical Pharmacy:This subject evaluates a candidate's knowledge in clinical pharmacy practice, such as therapeutics, drug monitoring, adverse drug reaction evaluations and evidence-based medicine.
  • Pharmaceutical Management:This domain explores topics relevant to pharmaceutical management, such as inventory control, drug procurement, distribution and regulatory affairs.
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence:This section explores legal and ethical considerations surrounding pharmacy practice, such as applicable laws, regulations, and professional ethics.

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3. DHA Exam Pattern for Pharmacist

The DHA Pharmacist Licensing Exam utilizes a computerized multiple-choice question format with 150 questions. The candidates are given three hours to answer correctly. Every answer carries one mark with no negative marking for incorrect answers. Below, we discuss every aspect of the exam pattern to help you gain clarity:

  • Multiple-choice questions (MCQs):The exam comprises multiple-choice questions that test candidates on their theoretical knowledge and comprehension of pharmacy-related topics. Candidates are expected to select the most applicable answer from among the given options in each question.
  • Practical Assessment:Additionally to multiple-choice questions (MCQs), DHA pharmacist licensing exams also incorporate practical assessments designed to measure practical skills related to pharmacy practice. This includes scenarios or case studies that test how candidates apply their knowledge and make appropriate decisions.
  • Time Limit:The DHA pharmacist licensing exam takes place over an allotted amount of time, in particular, 3 hours. Candidates need to manage their time effectively in order to answer all questions within this window of opportunity.
  • Passing Criteria:Candidates attempting the DHA pharmacist licensing exam must achieve at least a passing score. Exact passing criteria can differ, so candidates are advised to refer to official guidelines from DHA for more details on what score will suffice as pass marks.
Types of Categories For the DHA Exam DHA Exam Pattern Passing Score
Exam Pattern for Pharmacists Includes 150 Multiple Choice Questions which need to be solved in 165 minutes. 60%

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Final Thoughts

Passing the DHA Pharmacist Licensing Exam is a crucial step for individuals aspiring to work as pharmacists in Dubai. Understanding the exam fees, syllabus, and exam pattern is essential for effective preparation.  In order to become part of Dubai's healthcare system, you need to take the best DHA Course. Taking the DHA exam and becoming a licensed medical professional in Dubai is possible only with adequate education and knowledge. By following a well-structured study plan and utilizing available resources, aspiring pharmacists can increase their chances of success in the DHA exam and embark on a rewarding career in Dubai's healthcare system. Good luck!

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