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Maya vs 3Ds Max vs Blender: What to Choose in 2024

Maya, 3ds Max, and Blender are all popular 3D software programs used by artists and animators. While they share many features, there are also some notable differences. Maya is known for its powerful modelling tools and advanced animation features. 3ds Max is favoured for its ability to create highly detailed environments and characters. Blender, on the other hand, is unique in its approach to 3D modelling and animation, offering a more intuitive workflow. So which software is the best?  In this article, we will take a brief look at each 3D modelling program; 

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Comparison Between Maya, 3Ds Max, and Blender

Maya, 3ds Max and Blender, this three software perform the same or similar functions in different ways or at special depths. They each hold an advantage over the another. 3Ds Max is a more versatile graphic due to the Presence of plugins used by professionals in all works of life but can only function on the Windows platform. The Fundamental difference between 3Ds Max, Maya, and Blender is that Maya and 3Ds Max are products of Autodesk and only on Windows with specific requirements. It is hard to choose between the three popular 3D software programs. Let’s check out each 3D modelling software and find out which is the best;

  • Maya
  • Blender
  • 3ds Max


Maya is a 3D software that brings 3D assets for use in films, games, and commercials. It is used in making realistic images or videos using 3D objects. Maya's 3D modelling software includes the following features:

  • Creating realistic effects from explosion to cloth simulation. While Maya is capable of many things, it is generally acknowledged that animation is where it shines. With its outstanding motion-capture capabilities, Maya is often the first choice for the film industry.
  • When modelling 3D objects in Maya, you can apply modelling layers and modifiers for a more free-form approach. Maya has several excellent poly tools that make organic modelling, character rigging, and animation incredibly simple and nearly endless.
  • In Maya, the scene components are built on a node, each node has its unique features, in-built setup, and specification. Due to this, the Visual representation of a scene is based solely on a network of interconnected nodes, which relies on each other's information. 
  • Maya is used by well-known feature film studios including Blue Sky Studios, Framestore, and Moving Picture Company. The software has been used to animate award-winning movies such as “Frozen” and “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Blender Software

Blended is a 3D Computer graphic software. Bender is a publicly accessible software, which can be downloaded and used by both professionals and Newbies. This accessibility makes blender update handles to be done by a community that uses blenders instead of the third party, thereby improving the software, fixing bugs, and all sorts of improvements happening faster than most Conventional software. Blender software functionality includes;

  • Blenders can be used to create anything from animated films, 3D-printed models, virtual reality, Motion Graphics, Visual effects interactive 3D applications, and games. 
  • Blender supports every 3D  in other software in its pipeline. So, blender runs 3D rigging, Modelling, rendering, composition, motion trafficking, and simulation to name a few. 
  • Blender is a versatile 3D Software, that is able to function in various capacities, from animation to modelling graphic design and rendering to name a few. 
  • Blender on the other hand is an open-source software giving room for free downloads and saves money spent on Procuring the Services of Maya and 3DsMax. Blender is however preferred by most new startups because it helps reduce the cost of production. 

3Ds Max Software 

3D max is a professional 3D studio max 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, images, games, and so, on. It's developed by Autodesk Media and entertainment. Character modelling and animation as well as creating lifelike representations of architecture and other things are common uses for the 3Ds Max software.

  • It can allow Plugins known as 3Ds Plugins, which are external programs meant to improve the 3Ds Functionalities. 3Ds Max is frequently used by video game developers, architectural visualization studios, and commercial studios. The benefits of 3ds Max tools are numerous and extensive. It allows users to produce extremely high-quality 3D models and animations, which is one of its main benefits. 
  • With the Plugins 3Ds Max can perform a whole range of functions from rendering, to global illumination to dynamic simulation to name a few, 3Ds Max is more appropriate for modelling, architecture designs, engineering, and construction. Though 3DsMax allows animation, it best fits for materials and rendering, as it offers easy access to material setup.
  • 3Ds Max is easier to navigate, while Both Blender and Maya might be difficult to handle as they come with complex tools for every task unlike 3Ds Max yet 3Ds Max seems to be of better functionality than them. 

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In Conclusion

It's clear that 3DsMax, Blender, and Maya are of great importance and similar purposes but their class, personnel handling them, the budget, and the aim of such personnel on which of the software is being used.

Maya and 3DsMax are the most used and favourites despite the open-source nature of Blender. Most professionals still prefer 3DsMax and Maya one can infer that this is a result of the great quality of results achieved using them. There are numerous career paths for 3Ds Max Professionals,. The best way to choose the appropriate one is to investigate all of your alternatives and determine what you are most passionate about. Maya and 3DsMax are used mainly for their high quality, despite requiring payment to have them. For those seeking a broader skill set, considering an AutoCAD course alongside these 3D modeling tools would further enhance proficiency in computer-aided design and drafting.

While blender is open and highly accessible to all, it's the best software to go for, for a newbie as you stand to lose nothing. Blender can be used for almost if not all 3D works, though with a "questionable quality", as Blender is mainly used by rising organizations, whose aim isn't high quality but growth and business sustainability.

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