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Top 11 3Ds Max Tools You Should Know

3Ds max is one of the most used 3D animation and modelling software, it's used for modelling, animating and creating digital images. 3DS max comes with several tools and workflows some of which are Geometry, Cameras, helpers, booleans, space wraps, modify toolsets, lathing, Motion Toolsets and shapes to name a few. 

This software uses polygonal modelling techniques which enable the creators to alter the minute details of a single polygon which enhance the creator's efficiency and creativity. 

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Top 3DS Max Tools

3D Studio Max is a powerful 3D modelling and animation software application used by artists and animators all over the world. The software has a wide range of features and tools that can be used to create amazing 3D models and animations. Enrolling in 3ds Max training can help you get familiar with these tools. Here are the Top 3DS Max tools that every artist should know about;

  • Geometry
  • Shapes
  • Lights
  • Space wraps
  • Helpers
  • Motion toolset
  • Lathing
  • Booleans
  • Hierarchy toolset
  • Modify toolset 
  • Camera


The geometry tool is one of the most important tools of the 3Ds Max Program. This tool helps the user to create different 3D geometry and shapes. The tool is displayed as a sphere, the default selection of this tool is standard primitives. These standard primitives are the most basic shapes such as boxes, spheres, triangles, lines, etc. Additionally, the geometry tool has subcategories, the user can select various other modelling techniques such as  NURBS, Dynamic Objects, Particles Systems and Extended Primitives to name a few.

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This tool is shown as a shape icon and can be used to create and draw several 2d objects such as squares, circles, rectangles e.t.c. This tool allows the creator to create 2ds shapes which can be converted into 3ds geometry if the creator wishes to. 


This tool is shown as a flashlight icon on the toolbox, it's used to create various light scenes. This tool contains different lights which are Free direct, Target direct, Omni Lights and Target spot. These lights can be seen by the user in the render mode or while rendering the scene. 

Space Wraps

The space wrap tool is shown as a waveform icon. It helps the user to create various surroundings and environmental features and factors. In this tool, the user has various Modifier based forces, Geometric Deflectors and other forces. The user can also access other options with the installation of supplementary plugins. 


This tool is shown as a measuring tape. The helpers are responsible for helping the user in the total development of the scene. The helper contains various subset menu tools that help the user make of project, such as a compass, camera watch, ruler and measuring tape. 

Motion Toolsets

These tools are responsible for the animation of objects. These tools give us the ability to control and create the keys for animation, these keys created can be controlled for any position, scale, rotation and even changed or deleted. The information for the controller can be set to rotate, move or scale the key or not. We can also control the animation using graphs through trajectories and control the path through visual representation. 


This tool is commonly used on a 2d object to transform it into a 3d object through its central axis. It is a part of a modifier.


Boolean is a tool that enables the user to join two or more objects together to form a single object. This tool requires several settings, from setting parameters to picking the initial points. These tools provide various means by which we can combine the objects which can be to subtract, intersect, Union, merge or attracts and so on. 

Hierarchy Toolsets

These tools are responsible for linking one object to the other. These tools help the user to modify the Pivot points, the User can control the movements, scales and rotation features of the objects using the tools. We also have the IK tool in the hierarchy toolsets, the IK I'd inverse kinematics and we can control this form of animation through this tool. 

Modify Toolsets

This modified panel is the most used in the program. With these tools, the user can apply various modifiers and change the physical attributes of the selected shapes or geometry. "These tools activate only when a geometry or shape is in an active mode of selected " immediately after the object is chosen, the modifiers can be seen and applied to the objects. Once the modifier is chosen, the user can view the other modifiers applied to the object. 


This tool is used for setting up different cameras in the scene. The tool is seen as a camera image and is used to create cameras. The camera can be targeted or free.

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3Ds Max Plugins or Scripts

3Ds Plugins or Scripts are programs created by external authors, which can be integrated into the 3Ds Max to improve it significantly and introduce more complex programs into it. Some of the 3Ds Max Plugins are enlisted below;

  • MultiScatter
  • RailClones
  • Rayfire
  • Ornatrix
  • SiNi Software
  • MadCar
  • SnowFlowPro
  • MultiScatter

Multiscatter is a plugin that allows the user to distribute hundreds or even thousands of objects inside one's scene. It's irreplaceable especially when one is to create all kinds of exterior scenes with lots of trees or other repetitive elements. 

  • RailClones

If you need to create many repetitive elements, especially in architecture then RailClones is the best for you.  it was created by iToo software, which has many other interesting plugins in its portfolio. 

  • Rayfire

This plugin will be useful for people who are associated with 3d animation in 3ds max. Rayfire is a type of plugin which is dynamic in animation. This plugin offers us the chance to generate bullet physics, crack the glass, shatter objects and make cool simulations. 

  • Ornatrix

This is one of the best 3ds max plugins. It allows you to generate huge, fur and feathers on your models. Ornatrix has intuitive modelling tools that allow brushing, combing and easily cutting hair. Ornatrix is used by some of the largest film and game studios such as Ubisoft, Capcon, Blur and Blizzard. 

  • SiNi Software Plugins

This is a set of plugins for 3ds max. Each of the six tools available has a different task. The six tools are igniting, SiClone, Proxsi, Dispers, Forensics and Scatter. 

  • Ignite: it will speed up tour work and ads some nice improvements. SiClone: it is a parametric modelling tool and allowed you to create advanced models using a spline distribution. 
  • Proxy: it allows you to proxy objects by limiting yourself to one renderer. 
  • Dispers: is a 3D painting tool, which helps in the distribution of objects by painting their positions. 
  • Forensics: This tool will check and allow you to fix any scene issues that can cause rendering problems. 
  • Scatter: this will allow one to create a complex scene, for example through the distribution of objects.
  • MadCar

This 3ds Plugin is widely used in the automobile industry. MadCar is a plugin that allows you to perform wheel rigging for various vehicles. You can use it to simulate wheel movement and suspension in real time. This simulation can be controlled by a keyboard or game controller. If you have a V-Ray renderer, in the new version of MadCar you can also create a procedural Map of the tracks that tires leave. 

  • SnowFlow Pro

This plugin can help you do tasks that have to do with Winter landscapes. This plugin allows you to create realistically-looking snow with ease. Using Snowflow, you can easily select the object you want to cover with snow and click on the button. This plugin is highly adjustable till it satisfies your wish. 

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To Conclude

3Ds Max is a dynamic and powerful software with abundant tools and features and also gives room for an external program known as the Plugins which are more advanced. The Plugins are very Crucial in the large visual organization, used in gaming applications, entertainment industries and in advanced graphics and design. 

The advantages of 3ds max tools are many and varied. One key advantage is that it enables users to create very high-quality 3D models and animations. Another advantage is that 3ds max is extremely user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for those new to 3D modelling and animation. Some of the important and most used tools in 3Ds Max tools also in 3Ds Plugins have been stated above. They help the user to be more productive and efficient.

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