Jon Baleva Jan 25, 2024
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5 Benefits of Choosing ITIL Certification in 2024

ITIL Certifications are one of the prominent certifications that can enhance the career of an IT professional. ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a framework designed to standardize the overall lifecycle of IT services. This lifecycle of IT services in business includes selection, planning, delivery, and maintenance in information technology. 

Whether you are an IT professional, IT service manager, IT Directors and Managers, Business Manager or service support engineer, an ITIL certification will always give you more insights. There are several certifications of ITIL that you can pursue according to your level of expertise. Achieving certification in 2024 is proof that you have upskilled yourself to gain the competency. 

There are several certifications for ITIL based on the level of expertise. ITIL guidance supports organizations and individuals to gain optimal value from IT and digital services. These ITIL certifications are significant to understand how to incorporate multiple factors into IT development. In this blog, you will read about the various certifications and the benefits of getting certified. 

ITIL Certifications

There are several certifications of ITIL that you can pursue according to your level of expertise. They are:

  • ITIL Foundation certification
  • ITIL Practitioner
  • ITIL Intermediate
  • ITIL Expert
  • ITIL Master

If you are an IT professional who wishes to adopt ITIL to make service improvements in the Organisation, achieving an ITIL certification can be your milestone. An ITIL certification course will help you gain in-depth knowledge in the ITIL framework to manage your work better. 

  • The ITIL foundation certification can be pursued by IT service managers, directors, managers, and anyone interested in the subject. It is the basic certification offered by ITIL.
  • ITIL Practitioner certificate can be achieved by candidates who completed ITIL Foundation certification. This certification emphasis is adapting and applying ITIL concepts in an organisation. 
  • The ITIL Intermediate certification focuses on different aspects of Service Management. Candidates can attend the exam after pursuing an intermediate exam preparation course. 
  • ITIL Expert is an advanced certification that comprises ITI all processes and practices across all ITIL disciplines. The candidate must be eligible for ITIL expert certification and obtain 17 credits from Foundation practitioner and intermediate modules.
  •  The ITIL Master certification encompasses the ability of the candidate to apply the ITIL framework in real-world situations. To achieve ITIL Master certification, one must achieve ITIL expert certification. 

ITIL Master certification demonstrates the immense expertise and competency of a candidate. Only candidates with five years of experience in management in leadership roles and those who have submitted a proposal for service improvement can undertake this exam.

Top Five benefits of choosing ITI certification in 2024

There are several benefits of choosing ITIL certification for employees as well as the organization. Below listed are the significance of achieving certification for employees. If you are a professional, IT Director or IT Manager, you can achieve the following benefits with your certificate. 

  • You will develop management skills and understand the common terminologies used in business across the industries with this certification. In addition, you can build industry-relevant skills and competencies with ITIL certification. 
  • Apart from boosting your resume, you’ll potentially receive more lucrative job opportunities with your certification.
  •  ITIL-certified candidates have better future job prospects. ITIL experts in incident management, service management, change management have high demand in the job sector. 
  • The use of ITIL is everywhere. ITIL is used globally and implemented in just every industry. 
  • Getting your ITIL certification is considered to be a very low-risk effort and achievable. Your ITIL expertise will give you credibility among your peers and managing supervisors.

To Wrap Up

ITIL certification has several advantages. From boosting your career to gaining great insights, it can help you for better job prospects. So, understand your level of expertise, choose the certification you are eligible for and start your upskilling journey today!


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