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Top English Language Learning Trends in 2024

Proficiency in the English Language might seem like a far-fetched dream to many. Having to translate each idea, thought and sentence appear like trouble that you wish to erase. Improving your spoken English skills will help you communicate better in school, get ahead at work and confidently speak up in any situation. 

With the dynamic nature of learning the English language, a trend is a general tendency to change over time. It wraps around the fluctuating nature of our fast-moving world. With over a billion people learning English as their second language, the changing trends in English Language Learning can help each student to learn differently. 

Therefore, having to translate each word and sentence while speaking is a tad bit difficult, but keeping up with the English language learning trends will help you learn more efficiently. 

Current trends in English Language learning assist various kinds of learning with different difficulty levels. Let’s dive deep into these trends.

  • Blended Learning:
  • Strategic Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Specific Need Learning

1. Blended Learning:

Like face-to-face learning, online classes have created a similar impact. It creates a combination of traditional methods of teaching and technological-based advancements. Advanced English Courses can offer training that is more viable to the students. Nowadays, with the rapidly changing training methods and students willing to learn from different parts of the world, the blended method of learning is a go-to option. 

2. Strategic Learning: 

Focusing on fostering students' thinking ability and tracking their content outcomes in English will improve their communication skills as well. With adequate student-teacher interaction, English language learning classes can sharpen the language content and learning activities.  

3. Mobile Learning:

With mobiles overruling the digital world, everything is available to you at the tip of your finger. Various mobile apps are developed to make your English language learning fun and interesting. Many mobile-friendly versions are accessible to people to provide free learning resources like lesson plans, flashcards, and slideshows. These apps also provide audio lessons and make the learner record their audio to analyze their skill. It is also divided into questions and answers depending on the difficulty level opted by the learner.    

4. Specific Need Learning:

Specific Need Learning is all about understanding individualized needs.  Tailored lessons can be provided for better understanding. Study materials adapting to various international cultures is a necessity here. It is also seen as a need for healthcare workers and social service workers to get acquainted with the English language as it bridges the language gap between people and their native languages. It is also important to identify the issues in English Language Learning and how to solve them.

How to keep up with the Language Learning Trends?

You can keep up with language learning trends by following the below strategies. 

  • Start By Laying the Foundation
  • Upgrade and Advance your English Communication Skills
  • Leave a Remarkable Impression

1.Start By Laying the Foundation

Before diving deeper into the advanced language learning criteria make sure you have a tight grip on the basics of the English Language. Just like how we become masters in our native language, we need to excel in English through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These basic skills are the foundation for learning the English language. 

To achieve these four basic skills you need to be engrossed in the English Language. Surround yourself with all kinds of activities in English, like speaking, watching movies, listening to music, news, entertainment, radio, and giving out directions. Focus on effective speaking and attentive listening, this helps in shadow speaking, which improves your fluency and accuracy. 

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, you only learn from experience. Looking back, you know how difficult it was to master your native language- the grammar, phonetics, writing, informal and formal way of speaking. You were once a beginner while learning and now, you have come far ahead. The same is possible in learning the English language. 

2.Upgrade and Advance your English Communication Skills

Practising and studying are the key essentials to improve your English Fluently and your English communication skills. The following points will help you keep up with the trends in the English Language.

  • Submerge your everyday activities in English. Whatever chore, be it researching, watching a movie, talking to a stranger, writing a to-do list, listening to a podcast; do it in English. Create an atmosphere where you want to learn. There are several ways by which you can advance your language staying home. Also, try to adopt creative ways to boost your advanced English skills during the Covid-19 lockdown to make your time productive and enjoyable.
  • Don’t leave out pronunciations. Having poor pronunciations might hold you back from speaking confidently. Have a habit of catching up on pronunciation through various media like movies, songs, podcasts, news broadcasts, or even radio shows.
  • Make English-speaking friends. While making friends, focus on the kind of English you want to achieve, the slang you prefer, and the topics you would be interested in.   
  • Practice fluency in reading. Intensive reading can help focus on language phrases and their uses. It would help in gaining a wide range of vocabulary and figures of speech.  

Online learning dependency has created a shift in learning methods. It has provided various digital solutions in the market making it easier to learn wherever you are and whenever you want. 

Keeping it in a nutshell, our attention has reduced so it is advisable to keep information in a nano form. This will convey the message directly without beating around the bush.

  • VR and mobile platforms have had a greater role to play in language learning. Various apps help in coping up with native speakers’ thoughts and ideas and create a transition to the English Language.
  • Video platforms and social media platforms provide a wide range of opportunities to excel in the English language. 
  • Task-based learning has evolved to improve English in a day-to-day range. It allows you to efficiently communicate regularly.    

3.Leave a Remarkable Impression

In today’s world, it is all about globalization. It becomes an adequate quality for us to be proficient in English communication. There are no shortcuts to create a remarkable impression, and, It is all about practice. With the right training and guidance, you can be proficient in the English language. An Advanced English Course in Dubai will help you to explore the English language in a better way. 

English communication has become a necessity for everyone who wants to study abroad. The lack of English Communication and confidence makes anyone insufficient in the realm of education today.No matter what career path you decide to pursue, learning Spoken English is a valuable skill. and It’ll help you become better in your career as well as a more well-rounded person.

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Let’s Sum Up

Now, if you still find it hard to learn English even after changing the way you learn, speculating on your mistakes will help overcome the technical hurdles. 

If you’re a beginner, never underestimate yourself. Believe that you are capable of surmounting the difficulties you will face. 

Reflect on conversations, analyze the tone and the depth of your understanding. Have a grasp for phrases and slang to stay up to date. Create a fun learning atmosphere to improve yourself so that it builds your confidence. It’s easier to learn and update the English language when it’s not a task to learn. 

Trainer: OET, DHA, NCLEX and Communication Skills

Ms Blessy is the communicative English trainer who handles OET, DHA and NCLEX Training with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai. She is a dedicated communication skills trainer who uses her technical skills to track her students' academic progress and help them achieve their goals on time. She is also involved in designing tests to test students' fluency in reading, writing, speaking and English language comprehension.