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Top Five CompTIA Certification Courses to Pursue in 2024

Even during this worst of economic times, technologists are known for earning a good income. 2021 Tech Salary Reports indicated that the salaries of IT professionals grew by 4% between 2020 and 2021. Between 2019 and 2020, many US organizations had to cut down on their budget due to COVID-19. Even then, the Average Salary for a technologist in the United States was $97,859. Many CompTIA-certified professionals proved they had the technical skills needed to make themselves indispensable during the pandemic. 

When a combination of skills, certifications, and experience help CompTIA professionals land lucrative roles, the question of which CompTIA certifications are so in demand arises. Some employers will pay decent salaries for the candidates who hold CompTIA Certifications. While you understand the value of the certifications, choosing what certification program to pursue can be overwhelming. There are various CompTIA Certifications to become a Cybersecurity Professional. We need to find out what CompTIA certification is in demand for 2024 and why? This blog will tell you about the top five CompTIA Certification Courses to Pursue in 2024.

Top Five CompTIA Certifications

The top five CompTIA Certifications in 2024 are:

Now, let us check out why these CompTIA Certifications are popular.

1.CompTIA Security+ Certification

Network security is one of the most rapidly growing areas in Information Technology these days because of growing online threats. Suppose you are working in the network security field or want to start a career in Network Security. In that case, CompTIA Security+ Certification will be a plus. The Security+ certification will give you a competitive edge over other candidates when searching for a job in this area. The only best thing you can do is to get CompTIA Security+ certification. Successfully passing this certification means that you are competent in network infrastructure, security, organization security, and access control. A CompTIA Security+ Certified professional earns an average salary of $93,987 in the US.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Course covers the baseline cybersecurity skills. This certification will prepare you for a career in cybersecurity, to be a part of the future of cyber security and outshine in the role of a systems administrator.This certification helps you to:

  • Install, identity, and access services, configure and deploy network components, wireless security settings, and management controls.
  • Assess and troubleshoot security issues to support organizational security.
  • Implement systems design, secure network architecture concepts, and critical public infrastructure
  • Detect various types of compromise
  • Understand penetration testing and vulnerability scanning concepts
  • Implement and summarize the business impact and risk management best practices.
  • Operate with an awareness of applicable policies and laws, including risk, principles of governance, and compliance

There are many advantages and reasons to choose CompTIA Certifications for an IT career. You can fill any number of top-paying IT jobs if you have CompTIA Security+ Certification. The role of a systems administrator, for example, is vital to an organization. A System Administrator ensures the employees have access to the resources they need. He/she should have the skills such as installing applications that support the organization. Also, they should have the ability to identify, analyze, and respond to security events and incidents. The average annual Salary of a systems administrator is $83,490.

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2. CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the most sought-after CompTIA certifications if you are an entry-level IT professional. This certification offers you job opportunities in the IT Industry as an IT support guy. If you have done CompTIA A+ Certification, Network+ is a nice compliment since it covers well beyond basic networking skills. When you successfully pass the Network+ certification exam, you will gain competence in managing, maintaining, installing, troubleshooting, and configuring the basic network infrastructures. The Average Salary of a Network+ Certified professional is $82,656 in the US.

Security + is a significant upgrade to your Network + certification (however, it is not a prerequisite) as it is based on networks that focus on critical aspects of security.

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3. CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ is another foundational certification like the CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certifications. It is also one of the certifications to the industry standard for launching your IT career with a high-paying salary. The average earning Salary of a CompTIA A+ Certified professional is $78,629. This certification will enable you to:

  • Troubleshoot, and problem solves IT service & support challenges.
  • Configure and support a wide range of operating systems and devices.
  • Support basic IT infrastructure & networking
  • Demonstrate the baseline security skills for IT support professionals.
  • Administer client-based as well as cloud-based (SaaS) software.
  • Implement essential data backup and recovery methods

CompTIA A+ certification course prepares you for more advanced IT jobs. You could become a help desk technician with this certification alone, a jumping-off point for many specialized IT positions.

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4. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner or CASP is one of many IT professionals' most sought-after certificates. The CASP is the most vital security certification that covers the below areas:

  • Managing risk and forecasting
  • Enterprise security
  • Risk analysis

Among these, enterprise security is a critical aspect of CASP certification because it provides you with practical skills to manage SMEs effectively and above. The CASP certification is proof for an IT professional that they have advanced-level knowledge and skills in the IT security area. CASP is also a vendor-neutral certification that shows that the holder is competent in enterprise security, communication, integration of computing, and business disciplines.

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5. CompTIA Server+ Certification

Want to get started with your career in server support? Then this is the right time to start. The CompTIA Server+ certificate is perfect for system administrators. It provides you with the technical skills and knowledge needed to build and maintain servers. Also, it will enable you to troubleshoot and support server software and hardware technologies.

The CompTIA Server + certification can opt as a middle course while upgrading your skills. The Server+ course is not an introductory course but covers advanced computer concepts. Therefore, it is intended for people with about 18 to 24 months of experience working in server environments. It is advised that you get an A + certificate before you start with the server+ course. You can bypass the Server+ Exam if you have good computing experience. However, still, the A + certification study gives you a good foundation for other CompTIA certifications like Server +.

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Let Us Conclude

Many IT professionals plan to acquire more computing skills, mainly because organizations have ramped up their adoption and implementation of the latest technologies. Most of the certifications mentioned above can help you earn high salaries. Some of you still might think IT certifications are not essential to your job. Possessing one or more certifications can help you stand out in a crowded market and in making negotiations for better roles, salaries, and benefits.

Here the fact is, IT professionals are hungry for knowledge and development. They are driven to expand their areas of expertise. With that kind of attitude, anything is possible. CompTIA Courses can help you get started in IT and build the career of your dreams. Overall, CompTIA certifications are an excellent way to go up the career ladder. Not only are these certifications are vendor-neutral, but they are also intentionally accepted. 

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