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10 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas for 2024

Public speaking is not the favorite activity for most people. Even well-known politicians, business people and actors are not a fan of giving speeches in front of large audiences. However, having good communication skills can significantly advance your career and place you better in the professional world.

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas

As a public speaker, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared to address the big topics of the day. While some of these topics may seem daunting, remember that as long as you do your research and remain respectful of different viewpoints, your audience will appreciate your insights. 

Are you a public speaker and you are stuck on ideas and topics for 2024? This article is specifically for you, where we will discuss 10 topics and ideas you should consider.

1.Speak on science-related topics:  

  • What will the future look like with technology, if it looks like this now?
  • Will AI ever totally replace humans?
  • If humans keep multiplying at this pace, will there still be space for humans on earth?

2.Speak on personal development and self-love

  • How can you improve your skills?
  • The Importance of self-love
  • How to be a successful leader?

3.Speak on healthy relationships

  • How to grow a healthy relationship with friends.
  • How to leave a toxic relationship
  • How to have a healthy relationship at the workplace. 
  • How to have a healthy relationship with your family

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas On Science

Science is a broad topic and so choosing to speak about science in public speaking can be a bit of a minefield. With so much constantly changing in the world of science, it can be hard to keep up. Try to focus on speaking about the most understandable and relevant aspects of the topic. With a little knowledge and preparation, speaking on Science trends can be enjoyable and enlightening for everyone involved. You can speak on the following topics about science;

What will the future look like with technology, if it looks like this now?

Talk about how curious you are about the growth of technology, what new things would be invented and how you think it might benefit humans. Would there really be a time travel machine? Which we can use to travel to the past or future. Aren't you curious? Then it is a great topic to discuss.

Will AI ever totally replace humans?

Artificial intelligence keeps growing at a fast pace and humans are scared that it will be totally replaced in industries, this is a great topic for discussion. Will AIs ever have emotions like humans? Will there be AI surgeons? Would it be beneficial to businesses if AIs have emotions or not? These are all interesting to think of and talk about 

If humans keep multiplying at this pace, will there still be space for humans on earth?

Do you think humans are an endangered species because of the growth rate?  If yes then it is an interesting topic to discuss. The more humans grow there is a scarcity of resources, and it will get to a stage where humans will rise against one another for resources(survival of the fittest).

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas on Personal development and Self-love

Public speaking can be a great way to promote personal development and self-love. By speaking about topics related to personal development and self-love, we can help others to see the importance of these concepts in their own lives. When we speak from a place of personal power, we have the ability to truly make a difference in the lives of others.

How can you improve your skills?

Everyone loves to grow in their field, so this is a topic your audience can relate to and would love to discuss. Give them tips on how to develop themselves and how to keep learning in their fields. 

The Importance of self-love

Talk about how it is important for them to love themselves for who they are, how to work on their weaknesses and to enjoy every step of their journey in life. How to utilize their strengths for their growth, and how to see value in themselves, forgive themselves of their past mistakes and move on instead of dwelling on their past. 

How to be a successful leader? 

Everyone aspires to lead and will be interested in knowing how to be a successful leader, giving them tips on how to be a successful leader. Talk about the importance of knowing their roles and responsibilities and how they can carry out their duties, and tell them the importance of setting boundaries and having laid down rules to guide their followers. The importance of making sure their followers are growing and they are also growing. 

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Public Speaking Topics and Ideas on Healthy Relationships

“Healthy relationships” is a relevant topic nowadays to discuss, and so choosing it as a topic for your public speech is a great thing. Healthy relationships are essential to society's well-being. Here are a few topics for you to choose from;

How to grow a healthy relationship with friends.

Give tips on how they can relate well with friends and be of value to friends, and do so not at the expense of their happiness. Tell them how to select friends, and how to build a healthy relationship with them, ways they can help friends grow, how to notice when their friends are in need of their help, as this will make friends cherish them. Everyone loves to be cherished, so this is a relatable topic to discuss. 

How to leave a toxic relationship. 

A lot of people are in a toxic relationship, knowingly or unknowingly, tell them that you can feel their pain and make them see the importance of breaking from such a relationship. Give them advice and a step to step guide on how to break free from such a relationship, tell them that they are the most important ones, and their health(mental) is paramount.

How to have a healthy relationship at the workplace. 

Do you know the importance of having a healthy relationship in your business?  Then talk about it to your audience, and give them reasons why they should develop a healthy relationship with other co-workers, their bosses and customers as this is good for the growth of the business and their own growth.

How to have a healthy relationship with your family

We all love our families, but not everyone knows how to relate well with them. Talk about how you believe people should relate to their families and the importance of settling any misunderstanding in 3 families, as this helps to raise a healthy and happy family in society. 

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Tips on How to Select Public Speaking Topics

As a public speaker, you know the importance of having a great topic. After all, your topic is what will engage your audience and help you deliver a memorable speech. Also, Public speaking is not an easy task. But if you get public speaking course training, it will be easier for you to engage with people or give a presentation. But how do you go about selecting the right public speaking topics? Here are a few tips on how to select public speaking topics:

  • Know your interest
  • Know your audience
  • Select hot topics
  • Tell stories

Know your area of interest :

Know what interests you, what you are always happy to talk about and what you are familiar with. This will help you have confidence in what you talk about and let you know how to relay the message to the audience. 

Know your audience:

Select topics that you know your audience can easily relate to, and ask these questions "would my audience have interest in this topic? " '' Can they relate to and understand this topic? " If you keep bringing the wrong topic to the wrong audience, your audience is going to lose interest in your speech, so always make sure your topics are for the right audience. 

Select hot topics:

Pick topics that talk about the latest event, it could be in politics, the fashion world, the health sector, sports, etc. Select a topic that they would love to be curious to know more about

Tell Stories:

Everyone loves stories. You can use a personal experience as a topic to discuss in public speaking. You can tell them your success stories, your failure stories, and how you didn't let your weaknesses weigh you down. 

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As a public speaker, it is important to get yourself ready with the topics you want to pass across to the audience, as this will get you organised and confident about your speech. Having read this article, you now have ideas for topics you can discuss in 2024.

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