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Jobs And Career Paths In Supply Chain And Logistics

Supply chain and logistics are two of the most critical aspects of every business. Essentially, supply chain refers to getting the suitable materials in the right place at the right time, while logistics is about moving those materials from one point to another. The benefits of a career in supply chain management are hard to deny. Salaries can be very high, you can find jobs anywhere globally, and careers typically offer plenty of room for advancement.

The supply chain management and operations scope is extensive, and no two firms have the same method. As a result, there are no authentic defined supply chain professional paths. Supply chain and logistics are vital aspects of the modern economy. Supply chain management jobs can be pretty profitable as well as attractive. This blog post will go over what supply chain and logistics entail and how you can launch a career in it.

Types Of Job In Supply Chain And Logistics

The supply chain economy embraces the businesses that sell products to other companies, industries and governments. The supply chain encompasses the flow of goods from raw materials to work-in-process and finished goods and, ultimately, end-users. Supply chains are more general terms that include sourcing materials, procurement of materials, and in-process parts manufacturing sales.

Logistics managers oversee the storage and movement of goods, as well as all people associated with them. They handle supply chain management in smaller organisations but usually act alongside them in larger ones. A career in logistics entails ensuring that the supply chain or specific components thereof operate smoothly. This implies that they must create and enforce logistics strategies, study logistics methods, and manage transportation.

There are many varieties of jobs in supply chain and logistics. With adequate education and experience qualification, you can experience Why Supply Chain Is A Great Career Path. Some of the highest paying supply chain and logistics careers include:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Configuration Analyst
  • Inventory Manager
  • Supply Chain Specialist
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Purchasing Manager


1.Logistics Manager

A logistics manager plans and oversees how a company orders materials, delivers its products to consumers or vendors and ensures regulatory compliance at every phase in the supply chain. They handle the entire supply chain of an organisation or designated region within a large company.

Logistics managers are not just limited to working at manufacturing plants, but also can be employed by large corporations that coordinate warehouse management. They can also be utilised in transporting finished products from one location to another within their country or abroad.

2.Configuration Analyst

A configuration analyst manages changes to technical documents, which apply to high-tech equipment. They need both logistical and the skills to complete essential projects within established budgetary constraints on time.

This role can lead to an administrative position with the added responsibility of establishing standards by how complex engineering procedures may change while following protocol.

3.Inventory Manager

Logistics managers plan and oversee how a company orders materials, delivers its products to consumers or vendors, ensures compliance at every phase in the supply chain. Logistics managers may be responsible for the entire organisation or designated region within large companies.

4.Supply Chain Specialist

Supply Chain Specialists oversee employees and departments within the supply chain to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They may also analyse and coordinate its supply chains as consultants working with shipping or manufacturing companies.

These companies often need help to manage their inventory, coordinating deliveries between different warehouses or retail locations and sourcing materials from suppliers across the globe.

5.Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager typically works with external suppliers to buy parts and raw materials. In addition, A supply chain manager studies procedures and data to enhance quality throughout the entire process, from raw material procurement to delivery of finished items.

The supply chain manager has overall responsibility for managing projects that affect the entire supply chain system. They are involved in significant purchases to ensure that the firm receives the most excellent deals. Supply chain managers also assist others by keeping track of all the supplies they require.

6.Purchasing Manager

The professional role of purchasing managers is to negotiate with vendors, manage the flow of paperwork and contractual agreements that enable their organisations to buy materials at a low cost. They must use strong interpersonal skills as they work closely with suppliers to ensure prosperous delivery times for bulk orders. 

The manager works closely with suppliers in negotiations because they need to ensure they receive what will best benefit their company. Purchasing managers are responsible for sourcing, researching and contracting with material or product suppliers.

Average Salary Of Supply Chain Management Professionals Per Job Title In Different Countries

According to Agility's critical analysis, China, India, and the United Arab Emirates are the top countries that provide the best supply chain and logistics market. In addition, China and India are the top choices for international logistics, whereas UAE and Saudi Arabia have the best business fundamentals.

Salaries of some supply chain management professions in different countries are drafted below:

Logistics Manager CNY 272,603 ₹ 5,98,039 AED 159,873 SAR 228,000 $60,475
Configuration Analyst CNY 258,516 ₹ 4,37,811 AED 195,850 SAR 117,889 $66,210
Inventory Manager CNY 259,968 ₹ 3,49,911 AED 84,000 SAR 126,,000 $55,565
Supply Chain Specialist CNY 329,400 ₹ 18,98,939 AED 132,972 SAR 97,598 $44,759
Supply Chain Manager CNY 404,714 ₹ 2,068,002 AED 248,897 SAR 1,97,587 $111,689


Highest Paying Industries For Supply Chain And Logistics Professionals

A supply chain officer's job may be quite different from one person to the next. This is because the supply chain comprises many stages and people, professionals, and it may hold several diverse positions and have various duties, including order management, shipping, and sales.

The ideal supply chain professional has a broad business skill set and a holistic perspective of the company. That includes how and why decisions are made and how various departments move goods from production to delivery. Hence, they can flourish in multiple industries as well. Some of the well-suited sectors include:

  • Business
  • Sales
  • Military Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Transportation and Freight Companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Auto Manufacturing

Supply Chain Skills That Will Help You Earn More

Supply Chain and Logistics are interdisciplinary. The supply chain is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling processes to move a product or service from a supplier through intermediary organizations before it is delivered to customers. Logistics is the management of activities involved in sourcing materials, processing them into finished products and moving them towards their point of use.

A career in the supply chain often means working with businesses across all industries, including but not limited to healthcare logistics, information technology logistics companies. Skills that will give a boost to your potential earning include:

  • Project management
  • Cost accounting skills
  • Understanding financial statements
  • E-business and e-procurement
  • Business ethics
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management
  • Leadership

To Sum Up

Supply chain and logistics is a broad term that encompasses transportation of goods, inventory management, distribution channels, warehousing techniques, and order fulfilment processes. A career in the supply chain can offer many benefits, including more job security than other industries, because the demand will always be there for this type of work.

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