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7 Career Paths for Today's SEO Specialists

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has taken a progressive turn in the marketing field over the last few years. SEO skills are a must-have for every digital marketer today as Google alters its search engine result pages (SERPs) algorithm constantly. Earlier, SEO could be achieved with spammy activities like keyword stuffing and exploiting website loopholes. But now, with search engines becoming smarter about pushing quality content to searchers, SEO has evolved as a valuable profession.

Essentially, every small and big business these days with a website is currently investing in SEO professionals to get the best rankings. A requirement for an SEO specialist is becoming regular if you trace recent ads on established job portals. An SEO specialist is emerging as the need of businesses with digital and content marketing on the rise. Consequently, a career in SEO is quite lucrative in the Digital Marketing industry.

Let's talk about the seven most suited career paths for SEO experts

  • Digital Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Search Engine Marketer (SEM Expert)
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Content Specialist 
  • SEO Manager
  • Become an Entrepreneur

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing refers to a marketing tactic to promote your brand via digital technology like websites, social media, and emails. SEO acts as a productive marketing strategy to boost the business’ reach to customers in the digital marketing world. SEO specialists are crucial to implementing digital marketing strategies to elevate brand awareness.

Digital Marketing requires SEO specialists to levy on-page, off-page, and technical SEO techniques. SEO specialists also generate high-quality content, embed tags, links, and much more as a digital marketer. SEO specialists can escalate their chances in the digital marketing field with the right training. Leverage top-class SEO training course to explore the domain of digital marketing. If you want to gain expertise in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai can help you. 

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is one of the most vital branches of digital marketing. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have become the go-to mediums for brands to advertise their services. Witty and eye-catching content with SEO integration can render success to a brand within one night. Hence, an SEO specialist can have a booming career in the field of social media marketing. Here are the top social media marketing skills for 2023

SEO experts optimize the brand content on social media with strategic keywords, quality backlinks, and form shareable content. Blogs and articles with SEO strategies will rank higher on the user’s search feed and expand a business’s client base. The pay-scale of social media markets is no less than any other marketing field. Posts, images, videos, and blogs embedded with SEO tools is imperative to attract the audience.

Search Engine Marketer (SEM Expert)

Professionals often interchange the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). But, SEM is a much broader field and integrates SEO techniques. It is the practice of utilizing search engines like Google for marketing and advertising with a business website. It includes both organic traffic (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

SEO specialists can branch into SEM and SEO to handle both job requirements. An SEM and SEO specialist promotes the organization by increasing website traffic and building brand identity with PPC, customer relationship, and advertisement. Master additives like Google AdWords and other web analytics to shine in this career path. 

Marketing Analyst

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, data analytics has become an integral part of online marketing. It is a requisite for an SEO specialist to measure, manage, analyze consumer data. SEO experts help businesses to maximize their potential and optimize it for a greater return on investment (ROI). Marketing analysis aids companies to cater to the right audience at the right time.

As an SEO marketing analyst, you track the website traffic and analyze the performance of launched initiatives. You must be adept at generating reports and forecast future opportunities based on the researched data.

SEO specialists can earn well as marketing analysts with the added knowledge of strategy and business analysis.

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Content Specialist 

Not all SEO specialists require technical knowledge of link building and data analysis. Many SEO experts prefer the career of content marketing who tend to write and create engaging content. Without SEO skills, your content will not nurture any benefits as it will not rank higher in the search engine results. Content specialists often write articles, blogs, design graphics, and videos.

Content publishing necessitates SEO skills such as the right content length and keywords to stand out in the search result algorithms. Most content marketing professionals are part of the marketing team to act on marketing plan strategies. SEO experts in the role of content specialists are in charge of creating and sharing innovative content.

SEO Manager

Search engine optimization is a diverse field where specialists can acquire the role of SEO managers. It often demands you to manage a team of data managers, analysts, content specialists, SEO strategists, and so on. The position of SEO managers is all the more needed as a company expands its digital marketing campaigns. The bigger the SEO team, the more chances of an SEO specialist to be hired as a manager. 

SEO managers directly oversee a team and other marketing strategies rather than working directly with the analysis of links and data. SEO management is a more exciting field than SEO itself for those who are more management-oriented. SEO managers hold a wide range of duties depending on the organization and the team size.

Become an Entrepreneur 

Polish all the above skills and start your SEO venture if you are reluctant to join any organization. Your start-up will allow you to ace your skills as a Search Engine Optimization specialist and offer your services to clients on your terms. Your pay-scale will vary depending on the business and your reach to targeted customers.

Launch your website and offer your SEO expertise to modify the content of clients who contact you. Both ways, you can live your dream of excelling in the digital marketing space. Along with SEO skills, cultivate entrepreneurial and leadership skills to ace your business deals with your stakeholders. 

It is the age of technology where organizations are harnessing digital marketing now more than ever. A career as a digital marketing specialist is full of lucrative opportunities. Companies hire SEO experts for creating content, optimizing websites, and analyzing data. The entry-level salary of SEO experts is fairly good with the prospect of turning to great with time. Train yourself with the right SEO skills and explore these rewarding career fields.


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