How to Pass the NCLEX-PN Exam in 2024?

The NCLEX-PN is an exam that evaluates your understanding of the fundamental abilities needed to enter the area of practical nursing safely. Every three years, the exam is modified to reflect the most recent developments in the nursing field and the medical industry. 

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What is the Syllabus of NCLEX-PN Exam?

For prospective practical nurses, many crucial medical topics are covered on the NCLEX-PN exam. Therefore, you should focus on reviewing as much material as possible to pass the exam. In addition, you must show that you comprehend the following subjects to pass the NCLEX-PN successfully. These include:

  • Care management
  • Security and infection prevention
  • Healthy living
  • Mental and social stability
  • Basic comfort and care
  • Therapies (pharmacological and parenteral)
  • Hazard potential
  • Physical modification

Once you finish a practical nursing program, you require the NCLEX-PN Exam. You can refresh your memory by reading the textbooks and reviewing your notes. This information will give you the necessary background knowledge, as well as some advice on how to get ready for the NCLEX-PN. The aim is to succeed on your first try in the exam. Let's get started. 

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What is the format of NCLEX-PN Exam Questions?

The NCLEX PN exam is an adaptive computer test with anywhere from 85 to 205 questions, and the NCLEX-PN exam is one such examination. You will be given 25 "experimental" questions to answer, but none of them will affect your final grade. Future versions of this exam's questions will be based on these. The focus must be the same for all questions because it is impossible to identify which ones are these experimental questions.

Compared to the examinations you've completed to complete your curriculum for becoming a practical nurse, the test duration variations can seem strange. You'll need to answer fewer questions to pass the test the better you perform. You must correctly answer 85 questions to pass the NCLEX-PN. There are typically 112 questions asked.

What is the duration of NCLEX-PN Exam? 

No matter how many questions are on the NCLEX-PN exam, you have 5 hours to finish it. You'll have two opportunities for optional breaks during the exam. The exam has one break available after two hours. About 3.5 hours into the test, you are allowed to take a second break. Once you have correctly answered the necessary number of questions to pass the NCLEX-PN exam, the test will immediately end.

How to Pass the NCLEX-PN Exam?

Everyone studies for tests differently, as you may have learned from peers. Additionally, this exam is probably unique compared to others who have taken NCLEX Courses (besides a practice NCLEX-PN test, of course). Therefore, no matter how you plan to prepare for your studies, you must dedicate the necessary time. 

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Thankfully, many online tools, test prep materials,  and reference materials can give you what you need to ace the NCLEX-PN. To make things simpler, here is a list of the top five test-taking strategies that will enable you to ace the NCLEX-PN on your first try.

  • Recognize the NCLEX-PN exam format
  • Make a customized study schedule and plan
  • Examine the NCLEX practice test
  • Create a Strategy for Stress and Anxiety Management on Test Day
  • Be Ready for Exam Day

Now, let us take a brief look at each point; 

  • Recognize the NCLEX-PN Exam Format

To avoid being taken by surprise when you show up for the exam, you'll need to become familiar with the exam format before taking it.

  • Make a customized study schedule and plan

You should study for this exam. After all, this will be your career, so it doesn't hurt to keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Throughout your entire career, this will hold true. Identify the days of the week you want to study and how much time you expect to spend studying on each of those days to generate a tailored study schedule. 

Your activities on such days should run for at least three hours in order to be beneficial. Of course, it never hurts to keep going as long as you feel rested if you're in full study mode. There really is no such thing as too much preparation for NCLEX-PN.

  • Examine the NCLEX practice tests.

A minimum of two NCLEX practice exams should be scheduled before the actual test. You can register for any practice test online. These practice tests acquaint you with the NCLEX-computer PN's testing environment. Practice exams reduce exam stress before the real thing. Additionally, you'll notice the questions that you missed, giving you insight into the areas in which you need to do more research or prepare.

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  • Create a Strategy for Stress and Anxiety Management on Test Day.

As with any standardized test, there are a few straightforward strategies you can use to increase your chances of passing the NCLEX-PN exam. Understanding the NCLEX-PN exam's format can help you know what to anticipate on test day and make you feel more at ease. You are well aware that questions get harder the more times you get the answers right.

However, this exam is a long race rather than a sprint. You will need to take your time answering the 85 to 205 questions. There is no benefit to finishing earlier, so take your time. You cannot go back and change your response to a question. Your response was recorded. During the test, take the breaks you are permitted. Stepping away from the screen, grabbing a drink of water, and having a little snack can make an important impact on how well you perform on your tests. Prior to starting the test again, be sure to take some time to relax during your break.

  • Be Ready for Exam Day

You didn’t get this far into your nursing career to not understand how to perform well on tests. This exam isn’t any different; it just means so much more. The night before your test, stay in and get to bed early. In the morning, eat something for breakfast. You don’t want to run out of gas halfway through your potential five hours. 

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This blog deals with how to pass the NCLEX-PN exam. The above-given information will be very helpful if you are preparing for the NCLEX-PN exam. Studying for the impending NCLEX-PN exam might be quite stressful, but you should move forward with assurance. You've completed the prerequisite coursework to reach this step. Your readiness to begin your exciting new career as a certified practical nurse will be verified by this exam.

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