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How to Become a Professional Supervisor?

If you are looking for career prospects as a supervisor who cultivates a positive work environment then this blog is for you!

A supervisor is an individual who is responsible for monitoring and regulating a company’s staff in their performance of delegated duties. A supervisor holds the position of First-line manager at the managerial level of an organization. The supervisor's overall role is to communicate organizational needs, oversee employee performance, provide guidance, identify development needs, and manage the reciprocal relationship between the staff and the organization. Therefore, a supervisor plays multiple roles like a planner, mediator, manager, leader, guide, inspector, etc and it changes based on each organization.

The performance management system fosters ongoing two-way communication between managers and employees and for that supervisory skills are extremely important.

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7 Steps To Become A Professional Supervisor

The workplace is under constant change and the younger generation of employees is giving emphasis on innovations and the latest technology. Taking a professional certificate course will help you rise in your career with essential management, leadership, and analytical skills. This blog will further guide you with regard to the steps required to become a Certified supervisor professional such as:

  • Have a minimum of High School Education
  • Get at least a year of experience as a supervisor of any organization
  • Enroll in supervisory skills training
  • Appear for Supervisory skills certification exam
  • Get certified
  • Add it to your resume
  • Apply for jobs

Steps to become a Professional in Supervisory Management

Have a minimum of high school education

The minimum eligibility to register for this course is to have at least a High school Diploma or equivalent. If you do not have one, get a High school diploma from a recognized educational institution first. Having a Bachelor’s Degree will definitely be an added advantage.  

Get at least a year of experience as a supervisor

The next step is to make sure that at least you have experience working as a supervisor in an organization. Even though it is not fully mandatory, it will be beneficial if the candidate has work- experience as a supervisor for a better understanding of this course. As a supervisor, you can upgrade your skills with the help of this course.

Enroll in supervisory skills training

For pursuing better job opportunities and to prove your knowledge and skills confidently, enroll in supervisory skills training program. The role of a supervisor is crucial for effective performance management as it is the responsibility of the supervisor to have ongoing communication with all the staff in the organization.

This training will provide essential skills and knowledge that an individual as a supervisor needs to communicate effectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. It also features the use of case studies and presentations followed by plenary discussions by participants. In addition to that videos, team exercises, and role-plays are used to demonstrate the skills for highly effective supervision.

Appear for supervisory skills examination

After you complete your training, you have to appear for an examination. The Certified Supervisor exam follows a closed-book examination pattern and it also includes Multiple Choice Questions. Assignments and projects have to be submitted on time prior to the examination. Proper instructions and guidance have to be followed while appearing for the examination. For the successful completion of this course and for career development you need to follow the simple rule mentioned below.

70% 20% 10%
On-the-job learning/Training Through Networking Through Formal training & education

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Get Certified

Once you successfully complete the examination you are eligible to get certified. Completion of this course will give you a sense of empowerment and will help you discover best practices to ensure quality control outcomes through implementing effective organizational control.

Build your resume

Earning a Supervisor Professional certificate can help you stand out among a pool of talented candidates and prove to your current employer that you possess what it takes to be a good supervisor. Therefore set straightforward goals and emphasize what you want to achieve while building your resume.

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Apply for jobs

Once you build your resume, start applying for jobs. Before you apply, seek the help of mentors and coaches for further guidance. You can even look for internships and can request job shadowing. During an internship, job shadowing can be used as a learning opportunity to understand the role requirements and job tasks. Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job training that allows an individual to follow and closely observe another employee performing the role. This type of learning is usually used to onboard a new employee into an organization.

Consider these questions below while applying for a job and for career growth.

1 Current Job role What should you do to ensure that you are meeting all the expectations of your current position?
2 Excel in Current Job role What should you do to ensure you excel in your current job role?
3 Next job plan What should you do to prepare yourself for a promotion, increased responsibilities, or a different job?
4 Future Plan Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this profession?

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Great supervisors are trained, not born. This course provides a foundation for understanding the crucial role that supervisors play and can acquire the know-how and experience you need to reach your goal. Once you enter your professional life make sure your personal goals are in sync with organizational goals.

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Locations Where Edoxi Offers Supervisory Skills Training

Here is the list of other major locations where Edoxi offers Supervisory Skills Training

Country UAE
Course Location Dubai

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