Jon Baleva Jan 25, 2024
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How AWS Certifications can Boost your Cloud Computing Career

Today we know the role of AWS in the future of cloud computing. With the prominence of AWS in the industry is the growth of exciting Amazon Web Services careers. In addition, the world's most prominent organisations run their software in the Amazon Web Services or the AWS cloud.

For new avenues to develop your professional expertise and to expand your professional network, AWS certifications can be a significant milestone. AWS certifications are one of the top-paying IT certifications in 2023. This is the primary reason why you should own an AWS certification. Organizations demand cloud professionals with newer and evolving IT skill sets. AWS certified professionals earn high paid salaries. Many AWS certifications pull in an average salary of $130,000. 

There are several certifications of AWS. Whether you are a developer, system administrator, application architect, database admin, Big Data Analyst, or sales/purchase professional, you can build a successful career with AWS certifications. In this blog, you will read about the AWS certifications that will boost your cloud computing career. 

Top AWS Certifications 

AWS certification or Amazon Web Services certification are essential today. There are several certifications of Amazon Web Services. The top certificates are:

  •  AWS certified cloud practitioner
  •  AWS certified developer associate
  •  AWS certified solutions architect
  •  AWS certified advanced networking
  •  AWS certified security
  •  AWS certified database speciality
  •  AWS certified Alexa Skill Builder

Benefits of AWS Certification for Career

Earning an AWS certification will be an asset as it has several benefits. Be it for your new IT job or growing in your current position, and AWS certification can reap several benefits. There are several reasons to learn AWS in 2023. Here are the most important benefits of AWS certification:

  • Recognition in Cloud Community

An AWS certified professional will have their recognition in the AWS cloud community. A certification is proof of your expertise, and certification on your resume is an attractive point to potential employers.

  • In-demand Jobs

Cloud certified professionals are highly in demand in the corporate world. AWS certificates can help you gain the expertise to cope with rapid changes emerging in the world of cloud technology.

  • Improve Your Knowledge of Cloud Computing

AWS certifications can boost your career as they will improve your knowledge of cloud computing. However, if you want to grow your cloud computing career, you must constantly update cloud technologies. The growing demand and job prospects in cloud computing has been developing over the years. 

To build your knowledge on the subject, you can pursue training for the certification exam you want to pursue. Before you start with your training for an AWS certification, identifying your skill gaps will help you select the ideal training paths. 

  • Gain Hands-On Experience

The most crucial benefit that you will receive with AWS certifications is gaining hands-on experience. In addition, you can gain practical experience in different AWS products and technologies with AWS certification. 

  • Better remuneration

Certification will make you stand out, and so will be your payment. In addition, certified candidates will receive a better salary than non-certified employees.

  • Showcase Competency 

Certification demonstrates your potential and expertise to customers. The best way to demonstrate the competence of an employee is through certifications. When you achieve your certificate, you will easily attract potential customers and clients to your organisation. Also, your certification is proof that you have undergone rigorous training to qualify your skills.

  • Expand Professional Network 

With your AWS certification, you can expand your professional network. AWS certification also ensures continuous learning and professional development with the requirements for recertification. AWS certification will also welcome you to the AWS community, where you can connect with professionals and learn much more. 

To Conclude:

We have read the significant benefits of AWS certification that will boost our careers. There are several more career advancements and professional growth you can achieve with your certification. With your skillset, interest and knowledge, you can choose the apt diploma that will advance your career!


Jon Baleva is an IT professional with 20 years of experience in programming and networking. He is an expert in Python & IT Security domains as well as in Operating Systems (OS). He has trained professionals and students in IT Programming courses, Microsoft Azure, Linux   & MAC OS. He is also a writer who writes on tech-related topics for various tech magazines in Philippine. He is now an IT Trainer with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai.