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Top 10 Highest Paying Medical Coding Jobs in UAE

Medical coding is an excellent choice for beginners.You can become an expert in Medical Coding with a medical coding certification. With this certification, you will be able to find multiple job roles. To decide what job you must go for Medical Coding, you must have a good understanding of the different jobs. Weigh in the benefits of different jobs and decide for yourself which position you must seek. 

Top Highest Paid Medical Coding Jobs in UAE

Among the several jobs in Medical Coding, here are the most popular jobs that will be in demand in the future.

  • Medical Records Coordinator
  • Coder
  • Denial Management Analyst 
  • Medical Coding Specialist 
  • Medical Billing Specialist
  • Medical Records Technician 
  • Health Information Specialist
  • Medical Records Clerk
  • Health Information Clerk
  • Medical Records Analyst

Medical Records Coordinator

Medical records coordinators are senior level health administrators who oversee the processing of health information in different clinical settings. They play a vital role in making sure that patient data is compiled, updated and organized accurately according to regulations. 


A coder identifies diagnostic and procedural information. He audits clinical documentation and coded data to validate documentation support services rendered for refunding and reporting purposes. He assigns codes for refunding, research, and compliance with regulatory requirements using guidelines.

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Denial Management Analyst

Denial Management Analyst reviews denials and decides on the course of action with insurance companies. He follows up and drives the next steps for both clinical and non-clinical denials and reports the status of unmanageable accounts. He reviews payment posting from insurance companies and patients. 

Medical Coding Specialist 

Medical coding specialists will evaluate medical records and charge tickets to ensure completeness, accuracy and compliance with the International Classification of Disease Manual - Clinical Modification(ICD-9-CM) and the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology Manual(CPT). Starting a career as a medical coding specialist offers numerous benefits. Medical coding specialists often enjoy above-average salaries and opportunities for advancement.

Medical Billing Specialist

Medical biller is in charge of calculating and collecting payments for medical procedures and services. Their work includes updating patient data, developing payment plans, and preparing invoices. They work in medical administrative offices to ensure that patients are billed quickly and accurately. 

Medical Records Technician

Medical records technician coordinates and maintains patient movement reports and registers. He ensures the accurate coding and classification of diseases and therapies. He performs quantitative analysis on patient records to ensure completeness and accuracy. He is responsible for the general supervision of staff in the absence of the department head. 

Health Information Specialist

A health information specialist manages the accuracy, security and privacy of electronic and paper based medical records and is responsible for coding diagnoses,procedures, managing data quality, and ensuring compliance with legal and industry standards. 

Medical Records Clerk

Medical records clerk maintains the medical records of a healthcare institute. They organize patient files by name or by number for easy retrieval and updating. They create digital copies of health records for quick access and to secure patient information against system failures. 

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Health Information Clerk 

A health information clerk is in charge of managing patient health files in a facility. Their duties include filing records, assisting in audits, and collecting information. 

Medical Records Analyst

Medical records analysts create, organize,maintain, and analyze records in a medical environment. They ensure compliance with the necessary standards and guidelines, while also protecting the security of patient information.  

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Career Opportunities in Medical Coding

The career opportunities for medical coding vary based on the preference people have for this industry. The number of medical coders around the world is growing rapidly. As medical coding is growing very popular, especially if you are looking for a job in the US or Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the world, getting medical coding training can help. Medical coding salary trends reflect a promising outlook, with steady growth anticipated due to increasing demand and complexity in healthcare.  Medical coding skills can qualify individuals for a broader range of job opportunities, including remote positions, consulting roles, or positions in specialized healthcare sectors such as oncology or cardiology.

Job Prospects in Medical Coding 

According to the bureau of labor and statistics, the medical coding field is expected to grow by 15% between 2023 and 2024. In the next seven years, there will be more than 30,000 job openings.

Let's Sum Up !

Choosing between different jobs can be confusing. Choose the best one which fits your area of interest. Medical records coordinator, Coder, Denial management analyst, Medical coding specialist,Medical billing specialist etc. are different positions you can choose if you like to be paid high salaries in medical coding. Learning these courses will help you build an amazing career in the healthcare industry.

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