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Medical Coder Salary Trends in United Arab Emirates

Working as a professional medical coder is both an exciting and prestigious career choice. It presents a remarkable job opportunity for aspirants  while taking advantage of the competitive salary packages offered. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in Medical Coding, then we are here to help you out. 

In this blog, we will look into packages offered to medical coding professionals around the world and in the Emirates alongwith factors that contribute to the same. 

Medical Coding Salary in United Arab Emirates

Medical coding salaries in the Emirates are highly competitive and attractive. It can vary based on factors like experience, rank, and job performance. The medical coding professionals' salary in the Emirates is around AED 6,000 on average. It looks quite exciting, but you need to tick a few boxes to get into it. If you are thinking what are the factors that lead to such attractive packages, then the below segment can certainly give you all the clarity. 

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Factors Influencing Medical Coding Salaries in United Arab Emirates

There are multiple factors that impact medical coding salaries in the Emirates, and a few of the essential ones are listed below.  

  • Experience
  • Rank
  • Job Performance
  • Type of workplace
  • Skills
  • Certification and Education
  • Type of workplace


Medical coding experience plays an influential part in determining salary. As professionals gain more experience, their salaries tend to rise accordingly. Some experience will have the potential to perform remote or home-based coding services through an employer while others operate independently. 

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Medical coding professionals in the Emirates can hold various ranks such as medical biller, medical records technician and beginner. Higher ranking positions often attract higher salaries. The various ranks are:

  • Medical biller
  • Medical records technician
  • Billing analyst 
  • Medical collector
  • Medical records coordinator
  • Coding specialist
  • Coding educator
  • Coding auditor

The payscale of every position differs in medical coding. Among these, positions such as coding auditor and coding educator are paid high. Choosing a coding career is worth every penny. 

Job Performance

Medical coding professional’s performance can have an effect on their salary. Factors like communication skills, punctuality and problem-solving abilities have an influence. Exceptional performers receive bonus or incentives as rewards for their hard work.  


Hard and soft skills will help you perform efficiently in your Medical Coding, which will eventually be visible in your increasing salary. Ensuring that the codes are assigned correctly and in the right place is the most important skill expected from a Medical Coding professional. Other skills, like communication skills, listening, and conflict management, are also important.

Certification and Education

A person who has obtained certification in medical coding can demonstrate to their employer that they are a profitable asset. But, always keep in mind that your certificate is always an entry-level credential. If you have one or more of the certifications mentioned above, you have a very high chance of getting hired as a medical coder. Stacking up your different certifications is a very good way of climbing up your pay scale. 

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Type of workplace

Medical coders have to work in different industries to collect patient data effectively. Because their work touches various aspects of the field of healthcare, they can earn from a vast arena of settings. Medical coders work in different places as listed below: 

  • Hospitals
  • Physician’s offices
  • Healthcare consulting services
  • Educational institutions
  • Law firms
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Insurance agencies
  • Government agencies 
  • Work-from-home medical coding

These are some of the many aspects that can lead to exciting packages in Emirates. But several other perks are also attached to it. 

Medical Coding Career Progression and Salary Growth in United Arab Emirates

Medical coding remains a smart career choice despite the rise of technology. It demands skilled professionals, requires human oversight, and offers career advancement opportunities. Emirates provide remarkable career progression opportunities to medical coding professionals taking care of their medical recordings. The ones who showcase excellent performance may soon progress to higher tasks, such as Senior Medical Coder. With each promotion often comes great compensation and additional benefits. 

Let’s Wrap Up

So, working as a medical coding professional in the Emirates not only gives one a worldly perspective but it can also offer competitive compensation packages. These packages vary based on factors like experience, rank, job performance, and language skills. Furthermore, numerous benefits and perks enhance compensation packages further. This makes Emirates an ideal choice for individuals seeking rewarding Medical Coding careers. It comes with room for career growth in this highly rewarding profession.   

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