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5 Essential Skills for Medical Coders Today

A medical coder transforms a patient's healthcare information into universal medical codes. Every time you consult a healthcare provider, medical coding happens. Medical coding is a unique field that is evolving with the help of updated skills and knowledge. Medical coders must be knowledgeable in medical terminology and anatomy to code procedures accurately. 

As a medical coder, you will be in more demand than an average person in any other career. If you like to pursue a medical coding career, you must have the following skills which will help improve your knowledge to advance in your career. Let’s look into these 5 essential skills that medical coders need. 

Five Important Medical Coding Skills

Here are the five essential skills required for medical coding;

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical skills

Now, let us have a detailed look at these five essential skills‌:

 Attention to Detail

The number one perk of being a medical coder is that you will be in demand. In order to translate data or information into medical coding, “a strong attention to detail is mandatory”. You must make sure that the codes are assigned correctly. You must ensure that the wrong codes do not creep into the system. In order to give attention to each and every detail, enhancing your concentration is essential as a medical coder. 

Accuracy is very critical when it comes to coding and billing. Even a single mistake in a code can bring huge discrepancies in the data. The ability to research becomes an important element of coding. Enhancing your concentration with short sessions of video games is a good strategy you can adopt if you like medical coding. An ethical medical coder must always be detail-oriented. 

Communication Skills

A medical coder will have to work with a number of people, such as doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff. They also might be communicating with insurance staff for claims. This requires an excellent level of communication. Communication skills must lay emphasis on active listening. Communication skills are also an important force behind effective collaboration and teamwork in your area of work. 

The right mode of communication, along with empathy and compassion, builds rapport with patients and clients. Internal communication also helps in reaching out to medical professionals or for clarifications regarding patient records. An ethical attitude is also needed to not share sensitive data of patients. 

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are required for a medical coder to solve problems from multiple angles. They must research and analyze data for refunds. Problem-solving becomes an important task in medical coding. Not every patient will have the right amount to settle their bills in time. In such cases, work along with them to create a payment plan that benefits both them and your health facility. 

Be calm and take time to understand each patient's unique situation. This becomes an important part of conflict management as well. Taking the right time to study and analyze things is a good quality of a medical coder. 

Organizational Skills

A medical coder must make use of his/her organizational skills. Medical coders must be able to adapt to new situations. This is important for maintaining their workload. They must be capable of keeping a record of massive amounts of data from multiple sources. Learning new information quickly is a good way of looking at things. You can work from home comfortably and this adds to your fluidity.  

 Technical Skills

 The two types of medical coding present today are the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and the current procedural terminology. In an age of artificial intelligence, the more tech-savvy you are, the more successful you will be. Computer literacy will be an added advantage for coding aspirants. This will help you organize things very easily if you have a good typing speed. 

The technical side of medical coding may involve skills such as ICT 10, CPT coding, health information technology, HCPCS coding, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, and so on. Quick and accurate typing is a must. Familiarity with standard word processing and spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is good for technological backing. 

A medical coder must be aware of common terminologies related to disease, human anatomy, pharmacology and physiology. It is preferable to learn the ICD 10 knowledge or the international standard industry manual for coding. Proficient computer skills will be an added advantage for coding aspirants. 

If you become a certified professional coder, you can showcase to the world the skills you possess as a coder. There is a good deal of software that proves helpful for medical coding (Medisoft, Flash Code, Eclipse, AdvanceMD and Epic are some of them). 

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Scope of Medical Coding as a Career and the Salary of a Medical Coder

In an era of an ongoing pandemic where the health sector is flourishing, the demand for medical coding is booming like never before. A booming industry can always lead to boosted wages. The need for medical coders all over the world is increasing day by day. Because they play a very crucial role in the health sector, compiling the patient’s data becomes extremely important at the same time. Top medical coding certifications are also increasing ‌Medical Coding.

Though the Salary of medical coders can vary depending on factors such as education, certification, skills, and experience, a medical coder can make up to $67,660 a year, which is the most recognized in coding certification. The medical coder's salary in the UAE ranges from around 5000 dirhams. The health care system pays a medical coder 14 percent more income than the medical office of a single physician. 

According to surveys, the highest paying location for medical coders is the Pacific region at $ 60,656. Coders who can achieve industry certification of different types can get very high salaries.

If you want to learn medical coding and want to be an in-demand medical coder, here’s how to start a career as a Medical Coding Specialist


Financial security, low stress, flexibility, and quick certification make medical coding an excellent career option. Coding is an ambitious profession that gives you complete autonomy and independence when compared to any related industry. If you have a firm grip on some of the above skills listed, then you can excel in this career. 

Being an independent worker with independence will help you achieve your career goals quickly. Medical coding will help you pave a successful career if your interest lies in the healthcare industry. 

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