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Reasons Why You Should Do Data Analytics With A Power Bi

Data analytics is a process of exploring and analyzing data to find patterns and trends. It can be used to make business decisions, such as identifying new opportunities or improving customer satisfaction. Power BI is a tool that helps you visualize and work with data. 

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a set of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to transform disparate data sources into cohesive, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data could be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a combination of hybrid cloud-based and on-premises data warehouses. Power BI makes it simple to connect to your data sources, visualize and find what's important, and share it with whomever or whomever you want.

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How does Power BI work?

Power BI consists of several elements that all work together, starting with these three basics:

  • A Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop.
  • An online SaaS (Software as a Service) service called the Power BI service.
  • Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

These three elements—Power BI Desktop, the service, and the mobile apps—are designed to let you create, share, and consume business insights in the way that serves you and your role most effectively. Beyond those three, Power BI also features two other elements:

 Your role in a project or on a team may influence how you use Power BI. Other people in various roles may utilize Power BI in different ways. You might, for example, utilize the Power BI service primarily to examine reports and dashboards. Your number-crunching, a business-report-creating coworker may use Power BI Desktop or Power BI Report Builder extensively to build reports, which are subsequently published to the Power BI service, where you can access them. Another coworker in sales may primarily use the Power BI phone app to track sales quota progress and delve into fresh sales prospect data.

As a developer, you may utilize Power BI APIs to feed data into datasets or to incorporate dashboards and reports in your own bespoke applications. 

Have a new visual concept? Create it and share it with others. You may also use each component of Power BI at different periods, based on your goals or your role in a given project. Which Power BI feature or service is the right tool for your situation will determine how you utilize Power BI.

You can, for instance, use Power BI Desktop to build reports about customer engagement data for your own team, and you can view inventory and manufacturing progress in a real-time dashboard via the Power BI service. Based on a Power BI dataset, you may generate a paginated report of mailable bills. Each component of Power BI is available to you, which is why it is so versatile and appealing.

Benefits of Using Power BI in Data Analytics 

here are reasons why one should do data analytics with power bi

  • Economical
  • Excel Integration
  • Custom Visualization
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Data Connectivity
  • Prompt Updates
  • Enhanced Collaboration


One significant advantage of utilizing Power BI for data analysis and visualization is that it is reasonably priced. Power BI Desktop is available for free. You may download it and start creating reports and dashboards on your computer right away. If you wish to use more Power BI services and publish your reports to the cloud, you can choose the Power BI Cloud service solution, which costs $9.99 per user each month. As a result, when compared to competing for BI products, Power BI is reasonably priced.

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Excel Integration

You may also upload and see your data in Excel using Power BI. You can export data from a Power BI report or dashboard to Excel by selecting/filtering/slicing it. The same data can then be viewed in tabular form in an Excel spreadsheet by opening Excel. In other words, Power BI's Excel interface enables users to view and manipulate the raw data underlying a Power BI visualization.

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Custom Visualization

Power BI provides a wide variety of custom visualizations, which are representations created by developers for a specific purpose. Microsoft Marketplace offers custom visuals. Power BI custom visuals can be used in reports and dashboards in addition to the standard collection of visualizations. KPIs, maps, charts, graphs, R script visuals, and other custom visualizations are available.

Interactive Visualizations

Power BI's most talked-about benefit above any other data visualization tool is its visually appealing, intuitive, and interactive representations. We can add different visuals to a report using Power BI's simple drag-and-drop capabilities. We can also engage with visualization by applying filters, making selections, and so on. Power BI visuals make it incredibly simple to produce and interpret data.

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Data Connectivity

Another significant advantage of using Power BI as your data analysis tool is the ability to import data from a variety of data sources. It provides data connectivity to data files (such as XML and JSON), Microsoft Excel, SQL Server databases, Azure sources, cloud-based sources, and web services like Google Analytics and Facebook. In addition to this, Power BI can directly access Big Data sources. As a result, you will have access to a variety of data sources from which to obtain data for analysis and report creation.

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Prompt Updates

Power BI gets upgrades from Microsoft every month. Microsoft has made a user community where users can upload their suggestions and tweaks about Power BI. The suggestions that get the most rating by other users have a good chance of getting included in the next update of Power BI. A Power BI user will get notified every time a new update comes which they can easily download. Due to the prompt and inclusive upgrading system, Power BI is able to include better functionalities since its release.

Enhanced Collaboration

After you and your collaborators have derived insights from data visualizations, reporting software allows you to share your business knowledge with others both inside and outside the firm. Reporting software included in your data analytics toolbox allows you to publish your findings quickly, include visualizations, and provide rights to individuals who need to read your report. It also streamlines report sharing, maintains version control, and eliminates the need for offline copies.

There is also the option to create and share bespoke reports. Customize your reports with format and layout options tailored to your company. Reporting software also allows you to publish in the format that works best for your communication, such as paginated static or interactive table reports. You can also improve reports to make them easier to view and read on mobile devices.

Set the frequency with which you wish a specific sort of report to be sent, such as once a week or once a month. Alternatively, make ad hoc self-service reports available that answer specific questions whenever they are required. A significant advantage of reporting software is its ability to transmit reports prepared by analysts throughout your organization to a big number of recipients.

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Bottom Line

Power BI is easy to use. Even inexperienced users will find the learning curve to be short. Power BI requires very few engineering resources. In fact, in some cases, no engineering is required. Managers must simply generate an API key and enter it into the software. If your company already uses Microsoft technologies (like Office 365), Power BI will feel natural because it simply interacts with Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams. Power BI is an excellent data visualization and analysis tool. Furthermore, Power BI is always being improved, so we may anticipate better versions in the future.

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