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What is Microsoft Azure-An Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the most prominent cloud service provider of modern enterprises. Azure is Microsoft’s operating system for cloud computing. This platform enables users to create and manage apps through Microsoft data centres. Microsoft Azure is commonly referred to as Azure. This platform lets you build, test, deploy and manage applications and services.

The Azure cloud platform has more than 200 products. The cloud service of Azure manages applications across multiple clouds. It lets you gain security from the ground up, corporate hybrid seamlessly and future-ready. 

Azure is the most extensive portfolio in the industry and has more than 500 companies trusted in their cloud platform. The security and privacy features are the significant advantages of Azure. Undoubtedly, Microsoft is committed to the highest levels of trust and Standards. In addition, it supports the customers’ existing solutions to meet various business goals. 

Top Features of Microsoft Azure

  • Data security
  • Open and flexible
  • Build modern applications
  • Enhanced Scalability
  • Capacity Management

There are several features of using Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure supports and runs virtually any application using a data source with an operating system. Below are the significant components of using Microsoft Azure:

 1. Data Security

Data security is the prominent feature of Microsoft Azure. The security feature of Microsoft Azure can be customised as per different customer requirements. Azure storage devices use 256-bit AES encryption. Customers can enable security to the data stored by using disk encryption. Everything sent within the environment is automatically encrypted. The network detects and keeps the data secure. 

2. Open and flexible

 Microsoft Azure platform is open and flexible as it supports any language and operating system. This cloud platform is designed for delivering services through the internet. With Azure, you can ensure that the services are productive, hybrid, and trusted. In addition, you can build and manage applications on the global network using various tools and frameworks. 

3. Build modern applications

You can develop and deploy a wide variety of modern applications with Microsoft Azure. In addition, this platform enables you to build applications for mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Certainly, Azure makes it possible to build modern applications. You can efficiently innovate and build apps using Google technology and security. You can also create professional desktop, mobile and web applications that meet current software requirements. 

4. Enhanced Scalability

 The cloud platform can be adjusted and flexible according to different business needs. As a result, businesses find it a convenient solution to manage and deploy their needs. 

Azure can automatically accommodate the workload and handle the data. In addition, the scalability property of cloud computing makes it easy to increase or decrease its resources to meet the changing demand of businesses. 

5. Capacity Management

 Microsoft Azure offers a hybrid architecture storage solution. This storage solution is named StorSimple. StorSimple has all the features for the storage requirements of an organisation, including offsite storage and archiving. 

Different Certifications Of Microsoft Azure

There are several certifications that Microsoft Office offers. The most popular ones are listed below:

  • Microsoft certified Azure AI fundamentals
  • Microsoft certified Azure administrator associate
  • Microsoft certified Azure developer associate
  • Microsoft certified as database administrator associate
  • Microsoft certified Azure security engineer associate
  • Microsoft certified Azure data scientist associate
  • Microsoft certified Azure solutions architect expert
  • Microsoft certified as your virtual desktop speciality

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Microsoft offers many more certifications to gain expertise and start with the cloud. First, you must figure out the kind of certification, Azure training, and platform you wish to gain expertise. There are several certifications from beginner level to expert level. Build your cloud career with Azure cloud courses and earn an Azure certification for your professional growth. 

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Let's Conclude

Microsoft Azure will play a significant role in an organization and will increase in demand in the future. Even non-technical professionals will benefit from learning the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure. Develop your knowledge and competency with Azure certifications today.  


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