How to Become a Certified Information Security Manager?

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is an advanced certification designed for IT professionals who focus on information security management. This certification indicates that the professional is capable and experienced in developing and managing an enterprise information security programme.

The CISM certification offered by ISACA equips you to understand the relationship between information security and business objectives. CISM is a vital position in the IT sector, and hence there is a massive demand in the job market. This blog discusses how to become a certified information security manager, which is popularly known as CISM.

Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Certified Information Security Manager

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a Certified Information Security Manager. Here are the steps to becoming a Certified Information Security Manager:

  • Assess whether you have the skills to become a CISM
  • Make sure you meet the prerequisites for becoming a CISM
  • Register and prepare for the exam
  • Enrol in a training institute
  • Write the exam and Secure A Passing Score
  • Maintain the certification timely.

Step-1: Assess Your Skills To Become A Certified Information Security Manager 

A managerial outlook is the most important for a CISM candidate. Though technical ability and expertise in information security are mandatory, you must approach everything with a manager's mindset. It is vital while giving the exams because, apart from knowledge and experience in the field, the most validated criteria are how you approach a manager. The skills a Certified Information Security Manager is expected to have are:

  • Managerial skills
  • Decision-making Skills
  • Technical skills
  • Quick Response skills
  • Resolving skills
  • Coordination skills
  • Communication skills, both written and oral
  • Experience
  • Expertise in Information security

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Step-2: Meet the Prerequisites for Certified Information Security Manager Exam

5 years of experience in information security. This will include at least three years of experience in information security management in over three CISM domains or content areas, as mentioned below.

  • Information security governance
  • Information risk management
  • Information security programme development and management
  • Information security incident management

Gain the experience mentioned above within ten years before the application date or five years of passing the exam.

The above mentioned are the prerequisites needed to become a CISM. This is the first step towards achieving the CISM, which can also be the last one, depending on how you decide to buy the experience in the field. That is mandatory.

Step-3: Register and Prepare For The CISM Exam

After knowing the prerequisites to become a CISM, learn more about the CISM exam. The ISACA offers the CISM exam to validate your knowledge and expertise in managing an organisation's information security. The CISM exam has 150 questions that come in a multiple-choice pattern. The difficulty level of the exam depends on the perception and preparation of each candidate, but it is considered one of the most challenging certification exams.

The journey towards the CISM exam starts with:

  • Registration
  • Giving the exam and
  • Maintaining the certification

The exam is based on four domains or content areas mentioned in the prerequisites required for CISM above. The passing score is 450 out of 800 to procure a CISM certification. There are organisations and online tutorials available to help you with the CISM Training and CISM examination.

It is advisable to download the ISACA certification exam candidate guide to attain updated knowledge about the exam and certification. However, the easiest option is to enrol yourself in a CISM training institute. You are updated about the exam and procedures to don't miss out on anything significant about the exam and course content during your job.

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Step-4: Enrol In A Certified Information Security Manager Course

So what keeps you waiting? Enrol your name in a certified information security manager course and fly high with a CISM certification. It can upgrade your value in the career and is an accomplishment for yourself as it speaks volumes about you! Furthermore, enrolling in a certified information security manager course can help you achieve the goal systematically and efficiently since their training and study materials are under the current industry standards.

Information security is of utmost importance for any organisation. Deficiency of skill can witness a rise in cybercrime levels. There is a growing need for talent in information security management, and all companies are on the lookout for expert and experienced professionals who can safeguard their information. They have understood the necessity so well that the companies are now merging these skills into their present employees by inspiring them to get an ISACA CISM certification. Get certified right away by following these steps!

Step-5 : Write the Exam and Get A Passing Score

The CISM exam duration is 4 hours. There will be 150 questions that are of a multiple-choice pattern. You can write the exam in English, Japanese, Korean or Spanish. The minimum pass mark to achieve certification in information security management is 450 out of 800 marks. Once you pass the exam, you are called a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).

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Step-6: Maintain the Certification

The certificate has a validity of three years, and it has to be renewed then. You can maintain the certification by paying a certain amount if you are a member of ISACA. You can thus easily maintain the credentials of CISM. To get an in-depth knowledge of international security practices, a CISM should be updated with the latest trends of certified information security managers. This helps identify, manage, and respond to security incidents in the organisation. The mere acquisition of CISM certification does not make a professional competitive enough if he sits on his laurels and does not make efforts to know the latest trends in CISM. Many take advantage of your lethargy, so be aware of the latest trends in this field.


Get in-depth knowledge about the CISM domains and prepare for the exam by choosing the right training institute. Undoubtedly, passing one of the toughest exams in this field and maintaining the credential shall fetch you more opportunities to grow and reach heights. So start your preparations right away! 

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