Sharafudhin Mangalad Feb 13, 2024
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Elon Musk Announces $100 Million Prize To Develop Best CO2 Emissions Capture Technology

Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO and the world's richest person made an announcement on 22 January 2021 that he is offering a $100 million prize for the best technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions.

He took to Twitter to announce this soon after Joe Biden, the sworn-in US President had one of his prioritised plans to accelerate the development of carbon capture technology to tackle climate change.

Although capturing planet-warming emissions is becoming a critical part of many plans to keep climate change in check for some time, very little progress has been made on the technology to date. The efforts are focused more on cutting emissions rather than taking carbon out of the air. 

Late last year, the International Energy Agency said that a sharp rise in the deployment of carbon capture technology was needed if countries are to meet net-zero emissions targets.

Soon we can expect a large buzz out of new ideas and technologies developing to curb the carbon emissions in the air. Which means, as promised by Elon Musk, anyone who can develop advanced carbon-capturing technology and proves that it is best, will win the prize money of $100M.

Looking back to the year 2020 and if you asked what the year 2020 required from you? Technology skills are a necessity along with leadership skills!

If you like Elon Musk and believe in his leadership abilities, why don't you upskill your leadership skills with leadership skills training to be a big fan-follower?

In 2021, the term “Digital upskilling” is the buzzword and digital upskilling is not new.  The COVID-19 health crisis has led to big changes and made this even faster. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many businesses have been fast-tracking their use of digital technologies. 

What tech skills do you need to update in 2021?

Recently, the professional social network platform,  LinkedIn looked at job openings for in-demand work-related skills. Most of the skills were technology-related. LinkedIn has set up free training for in-demand jobs working along with Microsoft. These include positions as a computer software developer, digital marketing representative and IT administrator. 

But it is not just the technology industry that must digitally upskill, all the medium to large businesses require some sort of upskilling through corporate training. 

A company can be more successful or earn higher profits if their employees are “up to speed” on the latest technologies. Corporate Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. Employees attending training and development sessions earn benefits not only individual level but organisation level as well. This will make the cost and time of the company a worthwhile investment. The return on investment from training and development of your employees is really a no brainer.

So, what are the benefits of Corporate Training?

The benefits of corporate training are enormous, and they may all look more like the ones listed below. 

  • Improved employee performance. 
  • Improved employee satisfaction and morale.
  • Help address employee weaknesses in workplace skills.
  • Ensures employees consistency in experience and background knowledge
  • Increased innovation in new strategies and products 
  • Reduced employee turnover when they feel valued
  • Enhances company reputation and profile 

Meanwhile, the announcement of Tesla Chief, Elon Musk, followed a second tweet that promised: "Details next week." The Tesla officials, however, did not immediately respond to the request for additional information.

Let's wait for additional info and see who will come up with the best carbon capture technology to win the  $100 million prize money Elon Musk promised. In the meantime, you may start upskilling your technical skills and knowledge to be the champion of your own life and career. 

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