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5 Easy Steps for Growing Your Video Editing Career

Video editing happens at an intersection where creativity meets technique. The key idea behind this editing process is to bring these creative ideas on-screen. To be more precise, it’s about a vision of telling stories!

If you are a passionate video editor, then, you are more likely to be dreaming of working with post-production houses, tv studios, or online streaming video platforms. But are you unable to get par with the existing level of competition? If you said yes, then it means you are running short of some necessary skills. Skills that you need to work within any industry, cope, and adapt to a variety of styles. 

So, how do you expand your career possibilities in the Video editing industry that is growing rapidly?

We recommend the following 5 steps to get you moving ahead easily. 

  • Research and Observe 
  • Create a Portfolio 
  • Seek Internships
  • Ask for Work 
  • Practice with Pro-Editing Tools

1. Research and Observe 

You might be familiar with some editing techniques, but there is no harm in getting exposed to a lot more. You could resort to getting coached with Video Editing Course in Dubai and at the same time, do the following:

  • Research and find videos and films that offer the best onscreen experience.
  • Pick movies belonging to every genre; comedy, drama, horror, action, thriller.
  • While you watch, pay attention to detail- identify the timing of each frame, observe the background score, take note of the visuals and dramatic effects. Try practicing some of these methods in your projects.  

In addition to watching videos, you could get hold of a film analysis book to learn and understand what you need to focus on. 

2. Create a Portfolio 

Exhibiting your video editing skills may catch the eye of a prospective employer. At the same time, you can draw clients to your latest work by pitching in more projects. You can achieve this through:

  • Instagram/ Youtube platforms.

Personalize your Instagram feed to add all your previously edited works. You may also mention the software used to edit. Naturally, a person visiting your Instagram profile shows how many projects you were involved in and decides if you are a go-to person for their job. 

  •  Create Websites 

Creating a website with demo reels for all your projects shows your level of expertise. Also, make sure you include links to other works/blogs and make the contact information highly visible. 

  • Tie up with local businesses

Why wait for opportunities to come to you when you can get down to ask for them. Try contacting small firms, perhaps a restaurant, boutique or an institution to help them with promo videos. You may also assist event managers with their video editing. 

Displaying your skills will open chances for both in-house and freelance opportunities. 

3. Seek Internships

Internships are the best way to learn advanced editing techniques. You get an opportunity to spend hours in the editing room of a production studio and polish your existing skills. You work with editors and get a knack for how they function. Through internships, you can add more industry level experts to your network to help a swift growth. 

4. Ask for Work 

If you have just begun a career in video editing, you may not be offered the work of your choice. In such cases, you might ask for work or otherwise, stay back after work to practice with the tools at your workplace. All of this will indicate your level of commitment and hunger for knowledge. 

5. Practice with Pro-Editing Tools

You do not excel in video editing unless you are a pro at using a leading video editing software. This includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Apple Final Cut Pro. After you get a base of all three, you could dive into the details of any one of your choice. Professionalism is guaranteed if you have the right command over any of these three software. 

To sum up, video editing is all about going the extra mile. Just in order to mold you to suit industry requirements. A bit of practice in the right direction will give you an edge to create the magic that video editing is all about. 

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