Bhagya Azariah Jan 25, 2024
Entrance Tips

4 Things to Do a Day Before your IELTS Exam

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Are you ready to take your IELTS test tomorrow? Whether you say a "Yes" or "No", at this stage of your IELTS preparation, you cannot turn back as you have already invested a lot of time and energy.

You may have spent a good amount of money on your IELTS Coaching to improve your language skills and the ability to communicate confidently. Your journey is nearly over as you have only 24 hours more or less for the test. 

As you’re nearing that time of your test, we hope to help you with 4 important tips to feel confident before you appear for the IELTS exam.

  • De-stress Yourself
  • Get all the necessary things ready
  • Do Some Homework
  • Get a Good Night Sleep

1. De-stress Yourself

The day before your IELTS exam can be very stressful, but that's quite natural. 

Whether you want to move abroad for work or advance your studies or earn a better life for your family, if you didn’t feel a little bit stressed, it might mean something unnatural. 

However, you can control this stress by reminding yourself that you are a fighter. Simply worrying or stressing out won’t improve your score. What you can do is to prepare yourself to enter the exam center with a clear mindset. 

While it is impossible to find out the questions that will appear on your exam, a simple way to tackle your unknown fear is to prepare well. Sit in a quiet place for some time and relax. Meditate on things you learned and plan for the unexpected. Listen to some music and be relaxed

2. Get all the necessary things ready

Keep ready your passport/ valid national identity card and the confirmation letter in the bag you're carrying to the test center. 

You must have the same identity which you included with your IELTS Application form. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to take the test if you do not have the correct identification document. Also, don’t forget to take sufficient amounts of writing material with you. 

Although the test centers provide everything - pencils, erasers, and sharpeners, it's always wise not to take chances.

3. Do Some Homework

Don’t go for any mock tests. Instead, read some online articles on how to write a good essay. There are so many websites that provide these materials. You can also watch some online videos regarding the Speaking test. But, researching these materials just a day before the test will only add to your confusion. 

Keep these videos or articles ready earlier so that you don't waste your time researching the best tips. Take it as though you're doing your revision. 

4. Get a Good Night Sleep

Go to bed early so that you can prepare yourself to arrive early for the test. It is advised that you identify your test center location earlier so that you can avoid confusion about the location. 

Arriving early at the center at least an hour before the test gives you enough time to check-in and move through all necessary security procedures. It will also make you feel comfortable with the place and stay focused. 

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Self-care Tips before your IELTS Exam

Added to the above here I am adding a few self-care tips to address before your IELTS Exam.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat well the night before and in the morning on the test day. 

All of these things contribute to something you don’t want to jeopardize on the exam day.

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As we always say, there are no magic tips, tricks, or shortcuts to getting the score you need, and reading this blog won’t be enough to improve your IELTS score in just 24 hours. However, we hope this blog will help you mentally and practically prepare yourself for your IELTS exam so you can get the score you deserve.

Therefore “Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.”

Best of luck!

Language Trainer

She is a postgraduate and CELTA qualified ESL (Teaching English for Speakers of other languages)  trainer with over 10  years of experience preparing different learners (adult/young) for competitive exams such as IELTS, PTE, Cambridge, Edexcel and other local/international exams. She has received numerous international and local awards and fellowships in recognition of her dedication as an educator.