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AWS (Amazon Web Services) Career: Job Opportunities & Salary

Do you know that the world's most prominent organisations run their software in the Amazon Web Services, also known as the AWS cloud? Today earning an AWS certification will be an asset as it has several benefits. Be it for your new IT job or grow in your current position, and AWS certification can reap several benefits.

AWS certifications are one of the top-paying IT certifications in 2023. However, this is not only the reason why you should own an AWS certification. If you wish to expand your skills and upskill your existing ones, achieving AWS will be a milestone. In this blog, you will read about the certification with job opportunities, salary and other essential aspects of accreditation.

An AWS certification offers Amazon Web Services cloud expertise for an IT professional. AWS certifications validate the technical cloud knowledge and skills of a professional. This certification helps professionals showcase their skills and enhance their careers.

AWS Certifications

AWS certification or Amazon Web Services certification are essential today. There are several certifications of Amazon Web Services. They are:

  •  AWS certified cloud practitioner
  •  AWS certified developer associate
  •  AWS certified solutions architect
  •  AWS certified advanced networking
  •  AWS certified security
  •  AWS certified database speciality
  •  AWS certified Alexa Skill Builder

The above mentioned are some critical certifications among the 12 certifications. In addition, there are candidate certifications and employee certifications. Also, there are three associate-level certifications, professional level certifications, six speciality certifications and one foundational certification. 

Why AWS Certifications?

There are several reasons why you should achieve certification at the earliest. AWS services the industry leader in cloud Technology today. Here are the top reasons why you should get certified.

  • Cloud technology is undoubtedly the future. Gaining expertise in cloud computing will reap several benefits for IT professionals. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has been drastically enhanced by cloud Technology. 
  • AWS certification makes you qualified. To keep updated with the changes in the industry, certification will become an inevitable aspect in the future. Getting certified will help you stand out from the crowd and enhance your dignity.
  • Certification will make you stand out, and so will be your payment. Certified candidates will receive a better salary than non-certified employees.
  •  Certification demonstrates your potential and expertise to customers. The best way to demonstrate the competence of an employee is through certifications. When you achieve your certificate, you will easily attract potential customers and clients to your organisation. 
  • A certification is a proof that you have undergone rigorous training to qualify your skills.

 Finally, an AWS certification allows you to become a part of the AWS community, which will further open more significant networking opportunities. If you wish to learn AWS from scratch and achieve expertise in Cloud, Security and Compliance roles, get started with an efficient AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Training. Amazon will also provide you with a certified logo and digital badges, which are universal credentials that you can showcase.

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AWS Certification and Career Opportunities

Now that you have read the benefits and the types of certifications. What are the career opportunities for candidates with AWS certification? Amazon Web Services AWS certifications can open the door to many high-paying, up-and-coming careers in IT. Here goes:

AWS Jobs Salary
Operational Support Engineer $59,000-$92,000
Cloud Software Engineer $63,000 – $93,000
System Integrator — Cloud $81,000
Cloud Developer $95,000
DevOps Engineer $93,000 – $144,000
AWS Solutions Architect $98,000 – $150,000
AWS SysOps Administrator $111,000 – $160,000
Senior AWS Cloud Architect $165,000

These are some jobs among many. Whether you are a developer, system administrator, application architect, database admin, Big Data Analyst, or sales/purchase professional, you can build a successful career with AWS certifications. Enterprises and organisations demand cloud professionals with newer and evolving IT skill sets. AWS certified professionals earn high-paid salaries.  Many AWS certifications pull in an average salary of $130,000. 

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Let’s Conclude

The benefits and growth of AWS professionals don’t limit here. There are several more benefits and career opportunities for certified candidates. If you are planning to get certified, start your first step today!


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