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EmSAT English Practice Test With Answers

EmSAT (Emirates Standardized Test) is a computer-based entrance test for admission to colleges and universities in the United Arab Emirates. The purpose of the EmSAT English test is to assess the students’ skills and knowledge in English for higher studies in targeted subjects. 

EmSAT English Practice Test With Answers

Here is an EmSAT English Practice Test to help you better understand the EmSAT English test pattern. 

1. Students who get good grades ___ sent to France for a two-year course.

  1. were
  2. to be
  3. is being
  4. will be

2.I can start early or work late: my hours are ___.

  1. flexibility
  2. flexibly
  3. flexible
  4. flex

3.Many people use their credit cards without thinking, but eventually, they will have to ____ and pay their bills.

  1. have the best of both worlds
  2. turn a blind eye
  3. run wild
  4. face the music

4.We have achieved some of our goals but ___ remains to be done.

  1. the more
  2. much
  3. little
  4. most

5.Drag the words into the blanks below to complete the sentence.

6.Drag all the words into the spaces to make a correct sentence.

7.The guide showed us around the castle. we thought was very beautiful, and then he drove us to the airport.

  1. C) what
  2. C) which
  3. C) that
  4. C) of which

8.Drag the words into the blanks below to make a correct sentence.

9.The lion which escaped from the Zoo was ___  last night and returned to the zoo.

  1. distinguished
  2. captured
  3. gathered
  4. released

10.You don't need to water those flowers - they're ___ |

  1. approximate
  2. absurd
  3. artificial
  4. accessible

11.Vans can carry light loads, but ___ items have to be transported by truck or by rail.

  1. alert
  2. chaotic
  3. bulky
  4. variable

12.Flights ___ for London had to land in Manchester because of the bad weather.

  1. Feluctant
  2. bound
  3. vague
  4. shabby

13.As the game finished. people in the crowd jumped over the___ and ran onto the field to hug the players.

  1. inflation
  2. barrier
  3. heel
  4. dilemma

14.The police said he had started the fire, but he denied the ___.

  1. allegation
  2. accessory
  3. assignment
  4. annoyance

15.There was an incredible sale in the store. I got ___ and bought too much stuff

  1. helped out
  2. spread out
  3. carried away
  4. blown up

16.Drag the words to the spaces. There is one extra word.

17.Drag the words to the spaces. There are two extra words

Questions 18, 19, and 20:

The golden-headed lion tamarin is a small, squirrel-sized monkey, about 26 cm long with a 35 cm tail and a long, golden, lion-like mane around its face. It is predominantly black with 

golden fur at the front of the mane, the lower half of the front paws and part of the tail. Their face, hands and feet remain bare. Their feet have sharp claws (most other primates have nails) that are useful for gripping and climbing branches and also for grabbing insects to eat. 

During the day, the golden-headed lion tamarins roam their territory looking for food. Their diet consists of sweet pulpy fruits, insects and small lizards. They are especially fond of the tiny invertebrates that live in small pools of rainwater that collect in the upper forest canopy. They will also forage on the forest floor in search of insects. As evening falls, the tamarins return to their nest, usually a hole in a hollow tree. The entrance hole to the nest is too small for most nocturnal predators in the region, so they can sleep in safety. 

Hawks, cats, and large snakes are the main predators of golden lion tamarins. The tamarins give alarm calls in response to strange or threatening stimuli. They have a particular alarm call for large birds overhead. When that call is made, the animal  head for the trunks of the trees or sometimes just let themselves fall to the ground. The alarm call and the response D seem to be genetic, rather than learned. Even tamarins that have always lived inside a zoo make the call and head for safety in a tree when hawks fly over. 

Tamarins live in small family groups of about four or five animals, consisting of a breeding pair and their youngest offspring. The young will stay with their parents after they are weaned and will help their parents raise the newest young. The parents have a strong pair-bond and will stay with each other for life.

18.What kind of animal is a tamarin?

  1. squirrel
  2. lizard
  3. monkey
  4. lion

19.Which part of the tamarin has golden fur?

  1. nose
  2. feet
  3. hands
  4. tail

20.How do tamarins differ from most other primates?

  1. They sleep in a nest
  2. They live in family groups.
  3. They climb trees.
  4. They have claws.

Questions 21 and 22

21.The reading says that Anna’s education may have happened because ___

  1. Her father was a scientist and wanted her to learn 
  2. Her mother wanted Anna to be a scientist
  3. Her husband pushed her to study harder
  4. Henry fox talbot taught her about plants and animals

22.The pictures in John children’s book were ___

  1. drawn by his daughter
  2. photographed by his daughter
  3. photographed by Henry Fox Talbot
  4. drawn by himself

Question 23

Question 24

Drag the sentences to the spaces to make a dialogue

25. Write 200-250 words on the following topics

Answer Key

Questions Answer Key
1 D
2 C
3 D
4 B
5 Locked/ out
6 My younger brother is nearly as tall as I am.
7 B
8 My new car is faster than my old one.
9 B
10 C
11 C
12 B
13 B
14 A
15 C
16 of, into, that, it, will, to, also, the, from, and.
17 location, taxes, climate, miles, advantages, sunshine, huge, number, disappeared, entertain
18 C
19 D
20 D
21 A
22 A
23 to
24 had
25 Essay–many answers are possible (marked by hand)

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