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Top 5 Skills Needed For a Java Developer

Did you know that there are over 700 different programming languages in the world right now? Program Developers often think that learning a programming language is hard. But it is not right! Why? Like in anything, when you start to learn, even programming becomes easier. Programming becomes perfect with practice. 

If you’re a programmer, you’ll know that Java is used extensively by large organizations in handling their day-to-day activities. And so is a Java Developer who is able to effectively design, develop, and manage Java-based applications. Java developers are reported to have good career growth rates and this programming language has been around for almost 25 years.

Now, if you’re not a Java Developer, do you wish to be one? To become a professional Java developer, you need to have some unique skills to stand out from the crowd. Here in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 skills needed for a Java Developer. 

Key Skills For Java Developer

Even with competition from many other new languages, the demand for Java remains strong. Java is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Check out the key skills required by a Java Developer:

1. Knowledge of Tools Used in AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning, data science, and Artificial intelligence are ruling the world today. They've made a lot of tasks easier in our personal and professional lives. They have made the most talked-about transformations and innovations in recent years. It is Java that worked behind most of these transformations and machines that we use today. Most of the popular tools used for Big Data are written in Java. Java has many libraries that are extensively used for various purposes.  Java is incredibly speedy, and a reliable programming language in building large scale projects. So, if you wish to become a Java developer, having prior knowledge of AI and ML can be an advantage. 

2. Familiarity with DevOps Tools 

If you aspire to become a Java Developer, you must be familiar with some of the DevOps Tools. Among the many Git and Github, should is the most essential tool for Java programmers. Docker is another tool to quickly assemble apps to work collaboratively. These DevOps helps you build and manage a Java project more efficiently.   

Maven is another significant DevOps tool that can be used in your Java project. But JIRA is always said to be the second important tool for a Java developer. The Splunk tool of DevOps helps you to write better code by using machine learning to analyze the data. IDE is another crucial tool for Java developers. These tools can improve coding, unit testing, development, and continuous integration of Java projects. 

3. Knowledge of APIs and Libraries

There are several open-source libraries for Java development. Java developers must be accurate about the API and third-party libraries. Among the several libraries, here you will read the most essential libraries and APIs that a Java developer should know. 

Apache Commons is one significant library that comprises 43 modular libraries covering domains including Math, Classes, Database, Caching, I/O Utils. It is considered as the Java Standard library enhancement. Google Guava is another general-purpose Java library that has many independent libraries. The main features of Google Guava libraries include Java collections framework extension, I/O utilities, concurrency utilities and caching. Jackson,  SLF4J, Log4j 2 are effective logging libraries that Java developers must be familiar with.

4. Problem- Solving skills

Soft skills are also as important as technical skills today. Problem-solving skills are the most significant skills that a developer must-have. It's challenging to solve practical problems but that is where developers must keep trying. Get the best of data structure and algorithms and analyse it. Always try to start coding and design using a pen and paper. 

Practice Data Structure, Algorithms, and Design related problems to improve your problem-solving skills. Learn more about basic data structure and use them in your program. Also, practice to split complex goals into simpler ones and avoid over-abstracting. Abstracting what is only required and learning how to think in terms of data flows are also a crucial part of problem-solving skills.  If you wish to enhance your skills and become a professional Java Developer, Java Developer Training Program in Dubai can help you. 

5. Technical Skills

A Java programmer must know about the basic technical concepts of Software development. The technical skills include designing, security, and software testing. Knowledge of advanced server deployment technologies will also be an asset for you. Knowledge of version control and collaborative development can increase your career value. Object-Oriented Programming skills, Design Patterns in Java, and Interface in Java are other domains where you should know about. 

Let’s Wrap Up

An efficient Java developer must have several technical skills. These skills can be acquired only through constant exercise and practice. You should start practicing with paper and pen to improve your coding. Among many, here I have discussed the most important skills you must possess. Remember, to write well-designed, efficient, and testable code, practice is the key.

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