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6 Tips To Prepare For Microsoft Azure Exam in 2024

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing and platform service. Microsoft Azure exam is a performance-based exam that measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks required to implement Microsoft Azure solutions.

Microsoft Azure Examination is a series of tests that measure proficiency in Azure products and technologies. The certification exams are divided into fundamentals, associate expert and speciality levels. Each level represents increasing knowledge and skills required by candidates as they progress through the exam program.

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In this blog, we aim to provide you with some basic information about the Microsoft Azure examinations and six tips on how to prepare for them in 2024.

What is the Microsoft Azure Examination?

Microsoft Azure examination is Microsoft's exam that certifies skills in Microsoft Azure. It covers objectives such as designing, implementing and maintaining Microsoft Azure solutions.

With the multitude of options of Azure certification exams, you need to critically analyse your needs, interest and career path to take up the accurate examination. Some of the prominent Microsoft Azure exams include the following:

  • AZ - 900 Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamental Exam 
  • AZ - 104 Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Exam
  • AZ - 204 Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate Exam
  • AI -  100 Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate Exam
  • AZ - 500 Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate Exam
  • AZ - 120 Microsoft Certified: Azure SAP Workloads Specialists Exam 


If you are looking for an Azure-based career, you must narrow down the various certifications it provides and focus on your goals. There are role-based, fundamental expert and speciality certifications available. Find the position and skill set that you would like to achieve and reverse engineer a career path for you to pursue.

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Which Azure Certification is best for beginners?

Azure Fundamentals Microsoft AZ-900 exam is the perfect certification to start your career in cloud computing. It is designed for the beginner level Microsoft Azure enthusiasts and professionals who want a base understanding of Microsoft Azure before moving on to more advanced certifications.

The Microsoft AZ-900 examination tests your knowledge in Azure Compute, Data Platform, Networking & Security, App Services, Storage, Management Tools. AZ-900 is perfect for candidates who want to learn about developing on top of Microsoft Azure's infrastructure platform capabilities such as virtual machines storage space or web sites hosting features.

With this Azure certification, you can start your career in the cloud industry. It may be one of the top-paying certifications, and candidates often seek out more knowledge about how their company works with technology to better understand.

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How do I prepare for the Microsoft Azure exam?

Microsoft Azure exams are considered the most challenging in Microsoft's certification lineup, and they are designed at various levels of expertise. To prepare strategically for your Azure exam, follow the tips given below:

  • Choose the proper Azure exam and certification
  • Start small and be thorough with the exam content
  • Leverage Hands-on training experience on Microsoft Learn
  • Understand the Question Types
  • Explore the materials of books and Microsoft Docs
  • Take a Practice Exam


1. Choose the proper Azure exam and certification

Microsoft extends various certifications and exams aligned with the career paths you want to pursue. Microsoft has many offerings when it comes to accreditations for their products like Azure cloud services, which provide valuable insight into potential careers in this field if desired by the individual taking them.

Microsoft offers role-based certifications that are aligned to relevant market and industry job roles. Depending on your career path, choose the correct exam on the prerequisite of your interest and experience.

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2. Start small and be thorough with the exam content

It is always advisable to begin small rather than heading with full thrust into something new. Start with the AZ - 900  Azure Fundamental exam to understand the basic knowledge about cloud computing and the various services.

Microsoft content is updated regularly, so be sure to keep up-to-date with the latest exam updates and retake an old Microsoft Azure exam if necessary. You will also find that it’s easier to prepare for Microsoft Azure exams when you start small by covering one or two topics at a time before moving onto another topic as this allows both hands in strengthening your knowledge of Microsoft Azure fundamentals, effectively boosting your chances of passing the Microsoft Azure Exam.

After you know all about the Azure Certifications, it’s essential to understand how an exam goes. It will help analyse what type of questions are on the examination and make sure that passing is a breeze. There are various ways to get information from traditional sources online to go smoothly for your studying process.

3. Leverage Hands-on training experience on Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is Microsoft’s online learning solution for anyone interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional. The site features free professional-level training on Microsoft products.

Microsoft Learn provides learning paths that give you the opportunity to develop practical skills through interactive training. It is highly recommended and essential to understanding the technology.

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4. Understand the Question Types

Microsoft Azure Exam Microsoft exams come in many types. Microsoft Azure exams are computer-based and use a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice, true or false, simulation readiness assessment ‌(SRAT), free-response questions (FRQs) with written responses and numeric answers, drag-and-drop, etc.

Understanding the exam format before taking up the exam can help you a lot in many ways. You can prepare according to your particular exam and answer them flawlessly. 

5. Explore the materials of books and Microsoft Docs

Microsoft has a set of preparation tools. There are Microsoft Docs, Microsoft Learning Library and Microsoft Practice Exams, which contain many questions that you will see in your exam. Analyse the skills measured and work on them to execute the exam well.

There is also a series of books written by experts who have been working with Azure. You can prepare with the information gained from the books according to your choice of the exam.

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6. Take a Practice Exam

There are several Microsoft Azure-specific practice exams that you can take. Take the time to complete one or more and then see how well your score aligns with Microsoft's scaled scoring system. Reviewing past questions will help make sure that any unexpected technology concepts do not catch you off guard.

The key to success when taking an IT certification exam is preparation. You should know about all aspects, at least superficially, so that you have a chance to pass without feeling wholly overwhelmed while being tested.

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Pro Tips to escalate your Microsoft Azure Preparation

The following pro tips can help you devise a study plan that will help you become fully prepared for the Microsoft Azure exams.

  • Have a study group to structure your learning and to avoid procrastination. It will also help you gain a new perspective and gather study materials.
  • Focus on understanding the concepts of the exams. Understand the technical features, functional and non-functional aspects of the particular exam.
  • Enrol on Microsoft Azure Training to have access to expert training and to avail a platform for practical training.
  • Make sure to have enough sleep on the exam day and stay hydrated. Keep calm and stress-free throughout the preparation process.

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To Sum Up

Microsoft Azure offers many different exams that cover a wide range of topics. The best way to prepare for an exam is to take practice tests and review the material in-depth; also, our tips will help you make sure your studying pays off. Make sure you know how much time each test takes by looking at the length on the schedule page. Try not to spend more than 10 hours per week preparing, so you don’t burn yourself out before it's time for your exam date. Finally, be aware of which areas might require specialised knowledge. It is essential that before you take your examination, you have thoroughly prepared yourself with these tips so that you can give an accurate representation of your understanding of the material on the day when taking your exam.

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