Bhagya Azariah Jan 25, 2024
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Why should you prepare for the IELTS Test during COVID- 19?

A virus that has disrupted the balance of the entire world is on the go since the beginning of this year. Attempts at curbing the virus are yet to succeed as we make it more than halfway through the year. Many of you must be of an opinion that 2020 is a disappointing year. If you are looking to migrate, study or start a career in another country, then Covid-19 must have left you clueless. It is true that this global pandemic has forced us to change the way we go about our daily lives. But it should not keep you from striving hard to attain your goals. Do not give up! Get up and kick start your preparations because this is your one time opportunity. Let us tell you why. Read on...

You Get More Quality Time

If you gave a try at IELTS and could not make it in the first sitting, then you must be aware of how much practice needs to go into cracking this exam. To practice, you need to find time while working with your daily life responsibilities. With Covid-19 this is not the case. You have ample free time to prepare a study schedule. Push yourself to work hard or try getting expert training from institutes like Qualified IELTS Training in Dubai and learn how you can manage your time judiciously. During your extra time at home try doing the following

  • Read anything you can get hold of- newspaper articles, blogs, magazines or any kind of written material in English.
  • Watch English movies, news channels or web series that expose you to good spoken English. 
  • Listen to podcasts as they are an effective way to grasp the language even while doing something else.
  • Put yourself to test with sample papers. Also, learn how you will be assessed from IELTS Support Tools Booklet.
  • Practise again and again to speak English fluently and confidently

Less Competition

COVID- 19 has raised safety issues regarding health and well being, so travelling to another country for any good reason would be a nightmare for many. Only those with an ardent desire to work or study abroad would attempt to give the IELTS. If you are one among them, then this is the right time for you. 

You will have lesser people to compete with. How? You do not compete with other candidates and your scores are solely based on your individual performance. But if you crack your IELTS exams during this crisis, you have lesser people to compete with while applying for a job or course abroad. This increases your chances of being employed or enrolled to make way to your dream career. 

Concluding Reflection

Covid-19 has impacted human lives and as a result, has had severe impacts globally. Economies and labour markets have crashed so have the education sector. But while emphasising the negative effects of this pandemic, it’s important to look at the other side of the coin. Work towards making your IELTS dream a reality using this precious time at hand and improve your IELTS score with proper training. Gone are those days when the lack of preparation time can stop you from achieving your goals.

Language Trainer

She is a postgraduate and CELTA qualified ESL (Teaching English for Speakers of other languages)  trainer with over 10  years of experience preparing different learners (adult/young) for competitive exams such as IELTS, PTE, Cambridge, Edexcel and other local/international exams. She has received numerous international and local awards and fellowships in recognition of her dedication as an educator.