Daljeet Kaur Lal Jan 25, 2024
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Top 7 Benefits of Getting an MS Office Certification

Being able to use the Microsoft Office Suite in its complete potential is a boon to your career. A plethora of companies worldwide relies on MS Office as its primary productivity tool. Do you wish to assist your boss with PowerPoint presentations? Or use Excel and Access for financial analysis? Then having an MS Office certification has to be your preference to obtain employment.

Why get Certified Training in MS Office?

To work with the Office Suite on a basic level is not the real deal. MS Office has its particulars that need hands-on training to be mastered. You get a certified and comprehensive understanding of Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access and can top the list of candidates in demonstrating your skills to employers. As a result, it increases the chance of getting promoted with higher pay for your skill sets. 

Make your career worthwhile with MS Office- Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint Training in Dubai

Still not sure if MS Office training is worth the effort? Then we have elaborated on the top 7 benefits of becoming a certified user of this universal software. 

1. Leading Management Software

First of all, businesses worldwide have invested immensely in Microsoft technology. It is the base that keeps companies running efficiently. If they hire a certified professional in MS Office it shows them that you have a certain level of proficiency. Companies can, therefore, do away with their rigorous training to get you used to their business tools. 

2. Highly Valued Certification

As a holder of MS Office certification, you showcase the amount of time, money and effort you invested in the training. All these three factors weigh greater in case of MS Office when compared to other third party certificates. MS Office certifications are convenient to verify, this makes them more preferable by employers. 

3. Get skilled at Gathering Data

Companies deal, process and store huge amounts of data in their everyday operation. This is why it is important to improve MS Office skills at the workplace. If you have an MS Office Certification you can easily sort, organise and format massive information effortlessly. Several files can be brought together using Office applications. These files can later be documented and presented in interesting and engaging ways.

Moreover, as an MS Office specialist, you tend to perform your duties more timely-fashioned than your colleagues without a certification. 

4. Greater Career Opportunity 

You have career opportunities open at places where MS Office is widely used. Irrespective of the industry your MS Office Skills will be used in daily duties of business like writing correspondence through MS-word, email programs and analyzing data sets.

Since MS Office credentials are necessary to collaborate with several departments within a company and deliver work reports, Office certification will add value to your resume. An MS Office expert like you can drive your business to success. Some companies also make it a must to get this job. 

5. Scalability

MS Office is a highly capable software whose cloud feature ensures higher business scalability. You can easily collaborate with about 300 users despite their location. Any updations made on earlier tasks can be accessed and edited by computers worldwide from online servers. As your business scales up higher Office will also scale up to meet requirements.

6. Get skilled at Advanced Features

  • One Drive lets you sync your latest updates no matter where you are working 
  • SharePoint lets you share large folders with ease and enhance teamwork. 
  • One Drive cloud attachment is an alternative to emailing largely packed data. It also lets you make last-minute changes if to your messages.
  • An Outlook feature called Customer manager lets you view customer profiles. 
  • The office has also developed video conferencing tools and features to connect people using polls, whiteboards, and messaging.

7. Guaranteed Security

MS Office is a high performing software, so you need not worry about your data being attacked by malware. Documents are scanned regularly for disaster recovery and enterprise-grade reliability. They have a number of data centers running under a strict privacy policy. Being MS Office certified means you become a part of this strong security software. 

All in all, MS Office specialization makes you reliable, available, and productive to your organization. This not only benefits the company but in turn increases your job satisfaction too. You do not want to lose your chance at grabbing your dream job, do you? Go for it anyway. Become an MS Office credential.

Daljeet Kaur Lal is an HR Trainer who has extensive work experience of over 11 years. She is now working with Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai. She develops and executes various HR training programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to meet the organization's objectives.

She is passionate about learning new things. She enjoys spending her free time reading favourite books and listening to all-time favourite melodies in English and Hindi. She is also keenly involved in Adventurous activities and loves to travel a lot.