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Risk Management Professional (PMI RMP) Exam Updates for 2022

Are you unclear about the changes that may come for the PMI RMP exam? Well, here it is! The 2022 PMI RMP (Risk Management Professional) exam updates are coming soon, and here is everything you need to be aware of before you attend the RMP exam in 2022. 

With the changes in today’s demand of the profession, organizations and yourself, the PMI RMP exam is also evolving to catch up with the changes. PMI is always on the lookout to see how the project management profession gradually grows and changes. In regard to it, the new RMP exam is expected to be applicable from April 2022.

The updated RMP exam will include predictive, adaptive, and hybrid project management topics. The risk management professionals will benefit from these updates as they stay updated with the new trends and practices in managing project risks. 

The new PMI RMP certification is carefully crafted with input from subject matter experts, project managers and experienced professionals to set an exceptional assessment for all levels of risk management project knowledge. PMI launched the new PMP exam in early January 2021. As for the new Risk Management Certification, it emphasizes managing risks effectively throughout the project life cycle. In this blog, you will read about the details of the new RMP Exam. Now you can enrol in NIOS Course in UAE.

PMI RMP Exam 2022

As one of the most effective certification programs of PMI, the updated PMI-RMP exam is expected to be released in April 2022. Regarding the updates, there are changes in the exam domain as well as in the Project Management approaches.

To cope up with the difficulty of the examination, you can learn from a professional training centre and gain the knowledge and skills required for a competent project manager and ace the PMI RMP exam. The exam candidates can take up the exam in English or Arabic language. Read on below to know about the current RMP exam domains and the updated exam domains that will come into effect from April 2022. 

Former PMI RMP Exam Domains 

The existing domains of the PMI RMP are as follows:

  • Risk Strategy and Planning:
  • Stakeholder Engagement:
  • Risk Process Facilitation:
  • Risk Monitoring and Reporting
  • Perform Specialized Risk Analysis

Risk Strategy and Planning: The first and foremost domain, Risk Strategy and Planning, introduces risk management as a tool for better decision making. It helps organizations to make effective and efficient decisions concerning the risk.

Stakeholder Engagement: The Stakeholder Engagement domain in the RMP examination is about what it means to be a stakeholder and how you can manage them effectively on your projects.

Risk Process Facilitation: The third domain, Risk Process Facilitation, emphasizes facilitating risk management throughout the project lifecycle.

Risk Monitoring and Reporting: The Risk Monitoring and Reporting domain of the PMI RMP exam is designed to help students understand what risks are monitored and how they should report them.

Perform Specialized Risk Analysis: The Perform Specialized Risk Analysis domain focuses on how the assessments are conducted and deal with the analysis of the specialized risks performed across industries.

New PMI RMP Exam Domains from April 2022

The new domains of the PMI RMP exam for 2022 that is expected to be made into effect from April 2022 are: 

  • Risk Strategy and Planning
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Response
  • Monitor and Close Risks

Risk Strategy and Planning: The first domain, Risk Strategy and Planning is about performing analysis, assessing the environments, establishing strategy, documenting the risk management plan etc. 

Risk Identification: The Risk Identification domain is about risk identification exercises, examining, documenting, developing risk registers etc. 

Risk Analysis: This domain is about performing qualitative and quantitative analysis, identifying threats and opportunities etc. 

Risk Response: The Risk Response domain focuses on planning and implementing risk responses. 

Monitor and Close Risks: The last domain, Monitor and Close Risks, is about gathering and analyzing data, monitoring residual and secondary risks, monitoring project risk levels etc. 


Given below is the table that will summarize the current and new domains of the PMI RMP Exam. The new domains are expected to be applicable from April 2022:

Current Exam
New Exam (April 2022 onwards)  


Risk Strategy and Planning

Risk Strategy and Planning


Stakeholder Engagement

Risk Identification


Risk Process Facilitation

Risk Analysis


Risk Monitoring and Reporting

Risk Response


Perform Specialized Risk Analysis

Monitor and Close Risks


What are the critical changes in the PMI-RMP examination 2022?

The PMI RMP exam changes that come into effect from April 2022 include the following:

  • You will find predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches throughout the tested domains in the updated exam (April 2022 onwards) 
  • You can take the updated exam in either English or Arabic 
  • Exam candidates can take the updated exam from home (proctored online) or from the testing centers as per the test takers preferences
  • From December 2021, the pilot exams for the new updated version can be taken by the aspirants (updated information: The seats for the pilot exam is now filled) 
  • The current RMP exam will be retired in April 2022, and the revised new RMP exam with the mentioned changes will come into effect.

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