How to Learn AutoCAD Quickly?

Today, anyone can learn new skills and turn them into a high-paying profession. It is especially true for tech-savvy people who tinker around and explore the software. They can turn their hobby into valuable skills needed for specific tasks or positions.

For example, creating high-quality AutoCAD 3D digital engineering drawings or images is an invaluable skill. Since AutoCAD has a minimal range of use, it is not a software skill familiar to ordinary computer users. You may also be curious about AutoCAD software and want to learn more, even if you have not realized it for professional reasons.

This article will help you learn how to get around in AutoCAD, prepare for 3D printing, sketch in 2D and 3D, and do a technical drawing in the software.

Is it easy to learn AutoCAD?

Those unfamiliar with CAD and AutoCAD might find the program very complex, but it is not hard to learn with suitable training options. With a bit of motivation from a knowledgeable, professional instructor, you can learn how to use AutoCAD's features relatively easily and quickly.

Guide to learn AutoCAD by yourself

The best way to start learning AutoCAD by yourself is to find an online course that best suits your learning preferences and needs. For example, if you are primarily a visual learner, you can start with a YouTube video tutorial or register for an online course that contains a lot of video material. If you want to follow the step-by-step instructions to read and learn the images and screenshots, we recommend starting with an introductory course that provides such materials. Fortunately, there are many AutoCAD learning resources on the Internet. The first resource that comes to mind is Autodesk's official training guides, tools, and learning tools.

In addition, we have compiled a list of websites that provide free online AutoCAD courses, tutorials, and exercises.

Here are some extra helpful tips for self-learning with AutoCAD:

  • Search tutorials and blogs specific to your field. For example, if you want to learn how to use AutoCAD for automated workflows, find a tutorial or blog that deals with this topic.
  • Find exercises that will help you understand different commands through the activities. This learning method can improve your morale and self-esteem: every time you complete a routine, you will feel more accomplished.
  • First, learn how to use 2D drawing tools. If you do not have a 2D drawing, please search online. There are many 2D engineering drawings online. After mastering the 2D drawing tools, please choose 3D, which is almost the same as 2D, except for some special tools.
  • Practice, practice, and practice more. It is a rule that applies to learning new skills and learning software applications, like AutoCAD.

Guide for kids to learn AutoCAD

AutoCAD is not a universal software application that every child must use in higher education and future work, but you can learn how to draw 2D and 3D models in AutoCAD. More importantly, the Quora thread showed an interest in teaching children how to use AutoCAD.

A good starting point is to teach your class or kids how to use one of the free, easy-to-learn online applications, which can widely use to create and print 3D models. That is good and interesting preparation for using more advanced 2D and 3D drawing desktop software programs (such as AutoCAD). The following steps are demonstrations of how to use keyboard commands and how to solve common problems. Solve exercises and quizzes to test your progress.

Guide to become an AutoCAD Professional

Once you have mastered the basic knowledge and learned how to use all of the techniques to create basic designs and graphics in AutoCAD, you can improve your AutoCAD skills and expertise to a new level. Experienced AutoCAD users recommend finding and copying complex and professional engineering drawings. Another good tip is to join AutoCAD communities and forums and ask how to do difficult things. Continuous practice, genuine projects will help you become an experienced user or even an AutoCAD expert.

The easiest way to test and demonstrate your experience in AutoCAD is to take a test provided by Autodesk to gain formal certification status that can show your design and drafting skills. Autodesk Certification is a recognized qualification in the CAD industry that allows you to become an AutoCAD expert and further develop your career as a designer.

Common questions beginners ask.

Following are the few questions that every beginner ask:

  • How and where can I learn AutoCAD?

Individuals who need to learn AutoCAD can access a variety of educational resources, including tutorials and videos for those who wish to learn AutoCAD online at their convenience, as well as traditional courses offered in training centers. Universities usually offer related courses, but these courses can be expensive, and it is challenging to manage time during work. Employees who often need to learn how to use software can receive training in the workplace. Generally, anyone who wants to learn AutoCAD only needs to choose an authorized training provider and sign up for the course.

  • How long it takes to learn CAD and AutoCAD?

For those who have never used a CAD program before, the learning curve can be very long and steep. Beginners can take months or a year to learn CAD concepts and principles and gradually get used to these programs. An excellent place to start is to take an introductory course that teaches basic knowledge about using the AutoCAD interface and tools to create simple graphs. It will help speed up the learning process of AutoCAD software. Based on these basic skills, you will learn more advanced concepts such as 3D modelling and customizing your program to suit your needs.

  • How can you learn AutoCAD quickly and easily?

Many students can get faster results by signing up for AutoCAD courses and breaking down complex topics into clear, easy-to-understand parts. This strategy is beneficial for people who want to learn as many specific AutoCAD concepts as possible. The best way to learn AutoCAD quickly is based on the students' skill level. If you have mastered the basics, it is recommended to choose intermediate or advanced courses because there is no point in wasting time on the things you have learned.


Learning AutoCAD can be time-consuming, so we recommend that you choose the most effective and comprehensive course to avoid studying other systems in the future. We hope this article will help you plan your method to learn AutoCAD.