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Bringing Businesses Back To Life With Edoxi's Business Conclave 2023 in Dubai!

Is your business experiencing a bottleneck? No matter if you are an entrepreneur seeking solutions or are preparing to expand in the GCC region, all your business requires is a reboot!

Edoxi Training Institute, a premier training centre in Dubai, is all set to conduct a one-day business conclave in Dubai to help in rebooting your business. Mark your calendars on Saturday 9 Dec, 2023, from 9 AM to 5 PM at Double Tree By Hilton, Dubai, and acquire actionable strategies to conquer common challenges that may be holding your business back. 

The business conclave is led by an industry expert corporate trainer and business coach Shamim Rafeeq, who is rated as the No.1 Entrepreneurship/Business coach in Kerala and one of the best Corporate Trainers in India. Edoxi offers all business leaders the chance to learn from our experts and gain insights that will empower you and your organisation.

Get To Know Our Host


Shamim Rafeek is a renowned Corporate Trainer, Business Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Anchor and Influencer in India. With 27 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business coaching, corporate training, leadership development, sales, and marketing, he has achieved numerous accolades and helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed. Shamim is a certified coach with a proven track record of coaching more than 5,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide. He founded "Winner in You Training & Coaching Services," an experiential training and coaching platform that offers flagship programs such as "Leadership Dynamo," "Sales Dynamo," "Team Dynamo," and "Goal Pursuit," which have transformed the lives of over 500,000 participants.

Awards & Recognitions: 

  • Best Trainer of the Year 2016, Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD)
  • The Best Business Coach Award, World Malayalee Council, Switzerland Province in 2022. 
  • Best Entrepreneurship Coach 2018 Award, Ente Samrambam Gods Own Brand.
  • Business Visionary Award, World Malayalee Council, New Jersey, USA 
  • Global Indian Best Corporate Trainer & Business Coach Award from Global Indian New, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Rated as the No.1 Entrepreneurship/Business coach in Kerala and one of the best Corporate Trainers in India.

Who Can Join Edoxi’s Business Conclave 2023?

Edoxi's exceptional one-day Business Conclave 2023 in Dubai is designed for small and medium business executives and entrepreneurs from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, including Keralite entrepreneurs, to ensure that it is inclusive and pertinent to everyone. If you belong to this category of innovative business people, get ready to harness the potential of your business by recognising and eliminating the obstacles to business growth and profitability. 

What Are the Benefits of Edoxi’s Business Conclave 2023?

Edoxi’s business conclave offers a unique platform for problem-solving, finding inspiration, and discovering potential business opportunities while fostering personal and professional growth. 

Our Business Conclave is a productive endeavour for anyone looking to elevate their business acumen and expand their horizons in the corporate world. Here are the potential benefits of Edoxi’s Business Conclave 2023 in Dubai:

  • You can learn from thought leaders and professionals in the field.
  • You will have access to information on a variety of important business areas.
  • You can make connections with other business owners and executives.
  • You will learn why innovation is crucial to your business.
  • You will learn about innovative building blocks and company models.
  • You will recognise the importance of financial management.
  • You will learn how to deal with the challenging market conditions.
  • You will discover the necessity of a change in a dynamic environment.
  • You will recognise the value of team building and delegation.

In Brief,

Edoxi Training Institute, the leading provider of corporate training solutions in Dubai, has meticulously curated an exclusive 1-day business conclave event on 9th Dec 2023 to offer business owners a unique platform for networking, learning, and growth. The event caters to a diverse audience, including those from the GCC region and Keralite entrepreneurs. Edoxi's commitment to inclusivity and relevance ensures that this event is a prime opportunity for all business professionals to gain knowledge, foster connections, and unlock the potential for success in today's competitive business landscape. Get ready to be a part of this event and gain insights to be a successful entrepreneur! 

Edupreneur, Founder & Managing Director

Sharafudhin Mangalad is the managing director of a chain of educational institutions in the UAE. With more than 10 years of experience in the education industry, he successfully runs Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai and Time Training Center Abu Dhabi.

He is a strategist and a leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long term goals. He always makes sure that his business continues to grow by identifying, developing and implementing the new strategies. He leads his team in alignment with the company's vision and values while preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement.