How to overcome the Coronavirus effect on your business through Corporate Training?

The pandemic Coronavirus took the lives of more than 1 Lakh people across the world and over 30 lakhs people infected, it has prompted many international borders to be closed, travel is banned or being monitored, direct conferences canceled and companies are forced to vacate their premises and allowed employees to work from home. Since it might take some time for the outbreak to be controlled, many organizations have started using or preparing to use virtual platforms for work and training.

The coronavirus precautions have forced many corporations to move quickly to find alternatives to onsite corporate training initiatives such as leadership development, sales training, onboarding, skill development, upskilling, digital transformation, and more roles that are critical to a company's growth and can’t be afforded to postpone indefinitely. 

While the pandemic will still take more time to subside, here are few things you ought to know regarding how to overcome the Coronavirus outbreak through corporate training. 

Moving from Onsite to Online Corporate Training 

The pandemic has only accelerated a transition from on-site training to online learning. The outlined benefits are driven by cost savings, effectiveness, and environmental concerns associated with business travel.

Organizations that have online corporate training in place don’t need to be too concerned. But there are a few things you should be careful about.

  • If you use a blended learning strategy with both online and offline resources, you can readily convert the learning materials to eLearning. 
  • Your employees still have their job responsibilities and targets, so that you may go with the regular training plan and space out learning.

Organizations that Don’t Use Online Training

For organizations that don’t have online corporate training programs in place, now is the time to take the leap and switch to eLearning. But before you do, take time to learn the benefits of taking corporate training online. 

Benefits of Online Corporate Training

At the time of a pandemic, online courses offer you numerous benefits over classroom-based learning. From improved safety to greater convenience and affordability learn the key reasons why now it is the perfect time to invest in your corporate training?

Learn from the Safety of Your Home

In times of crisis, in-person learning may be unsafe or impossible. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, online corporate training, however, continues on. With no face-to-face instruction, online training provides a safe and effective alternative to direct corporate training. 

Greater Flexibility

Another benefit of online corporate training is the ability to learn anytime you want. Because you don't have to schedule around specific class times or days, you can work on your course/learning whenever you have free time.

With online training, you can easily manage the demands of your family obligations, job, hobbies, and other responsibilities. You can sign up for courses anytime and complete them according to your desired timeline. There is no need to get dressed up or travel to and from the classroom.

Save Time and Money

With no need for classrooms or physical materials, online corporate training courses are typically more affordable than in-person/group alternatives. Waste is reduced, and the lower footprint helps drive down the cost of providing onsite training for companies. 

Since you don't have to travel to the classroom, you can also save on your daily commute. That includes time, effort, and money for petrol. Plus, less driving is beneficial to the environment.

The best course of action is to start planning for online training to avoid such situations altogether in the future.

Summing it up 

Crises like coronavirus test our strength and perseverance. What is most important right now is to stay safe and make sure others stay safe. To recover and innovate, you will need to activate new organizational capabilities at an unprecedented speed and scale. Engagement and collaboration will be critical in this effort. 

Creating a corporate training plan will provide motivation for learners to do things differently. It means connecting the learner to their work, team, and organization in new ways that deliver measurable business outcomes. And to successfully execute on new and existing strategic initiatives, companies will need to collaborate as never before and practice new skills together. If you are looking for corporate training in Dubai click here to see who can help you to prepare for success in the new career.