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Why is QuickBooks Certification Important to your Accounting Career?

Many businesses are expanding at an alarming rate in the world today. These businesses appear in various sectors of the economy in a country and seek to satisfy their customer pain points. While it may be difficult for some, others thrive after a brief struggle for the first couple of years.

The bigger the business is, the more prominent the money transactions are. These transaction numbers can be intimidating. There are various figures under various categories, such as income, expenditure, and other transactions that may have occurred. Keeping track of these records is difficult and here is when QuickBooks come into play. Before we discuss further the importance of QuickBooks, let’s take a quick look at what QuickBooks is. 

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What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the most popular small business accounting software created by Intuit to manage income and expenses and keep track of the financial health of an organisation. Now, returning to the topic, what makes QuickBooks important to all kinds of business? Here’s what you need to know!

Why Do You Need QuickBooks Certification?

To be a QuickBooks professional, you must be certified. This proves that you are qualified for the position you are applying for. This certification could be the deciding factor in your accounting career. Let’s take a look at why QuickBooks Certification is important.

QuickBooks certification covers five critical areas. Online administration, sales, and money in vendors and cash out basic accounting, and reports are among them. These cover a wide range of skills, such as computer and mathematical literacy, as you progress using QuickBooks.

Importance Of QuickBooks Certification

QuickBooks has positively aided businesses since its introduction. It has made it easier for companies to manage their finances, record accurate figures, and fine-tune their business structures. Here are some of the reasons why QuickBooks are important because it helps;

  • Gain Practical experience in the accounting field.
  • Gain Computer Literacy
  • Gain Mathematical Literacy
  • Gain proficiency in Accounting
  • Build a successful career

Gain Practical Experience in the Accounting Field

QuickBooks is a comprehensive business and financial management suite that includes accounting, inventory, payment processing, accounts receivable, Payable management tools, payroll, making taxes simpler, accepting payments online, Scan Invoices and more. Using QuickBooks can help you gain practical experience in all the fields mentioned above. QuickBooks can also help you gain practical experience in the following;

  • Produce and monitor invoices
  • Monitor Bills and Expenses
  • Create financial reports for your company.
  • Monitor employee time and costs

Gain Computer Literacy

Learning QuickBooks will help you learn more about the complexities of the computer system. With this advanced knowledge, you can manage emails and information, conduct data entries, import and export data, customise financial reports and reconcile accounts quickly and efficiently.

Gain Mathematical Literacy

QuickBooks is a bookkeeping program that helps calculate, record, and manage figures. However, you won’t necessarily perform the calculations yourself because QuickBooks has that feature, but you will be able to spot and fix mistakes. This skill is helpful in spreadsheet formulas, auditing, numeracy, etc. You can enhance your mathematical literacy with QuickBooks.

Gain Proficiency in Accounting

You can learn about accounting even without prior knowledge. However, if you know the basics, it will help a lot. The knowledge in accounting will help you perform a wide variety of tasks, including invoicing, payroll management and processing, balance reports, chart of accounts, tax filing, loan payments, etc. 

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Build a Successful Career

QuickBooks is typically considered simple to use and comprehend, even for business owners and users who lack financial or accounting knowledge. The Swiss Army Knife of corporate financial tools, QuickBooks, is capable of handling almost accounting requirements of a company. This creates a lot of job opportunities for individuals who are familiar with using QuickBooks. Being familiar with QuickBooks is essential to branch out into accounting and build a successful career in this field since many companies and firms use QuickBooks, so there are job opportunities for those who know how to use it. 

QuickBooks training can provide you with access to various tools and resources to help you advance in your career. You will access customized learning, practice tests, and other resources. This can help you learn more effectively and grow in your career. 

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Job Roles Available With QuickBooks Certification

One of the reasons to get QuickBooks Certified is you are eligible to land a high-paying job. In the accounting field, there are several job opportunities that you will be taught on QuickBooks. These are the job roles available with their average salaries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • Accountants - Their positions include accounting manager, accounting officer, general accountant, etc. 
  • Accounting Clerk - Their positions include bookkeeper. Finance Clerk, Administrative Assitant, and Accounting Salary. 
  • Auditor - Their positions include revenue tax specialist, audit partner, Assurance manager, etc. 
  • Chief Financial Officer - The position is the CEO. 
  • Controller - Their positions include, Director of Finance, Treasurer, Finance Vice President, etc.
  • Financial Analyst - Their positions include trust officer, portfolio manager, real estate analyst, investment analyst, etc. 

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There are various job opportunities a QuickBooks professional can apply for. However, If you plan to start your company or your business, QuickBooks certification is equally important. You have more authority in the industry, and you can better serve your clients.

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