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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Applications

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an artificially intelligent product created music?  Believe it or not, AI has dramatically evolved to create even music and art.  

AI has been helping our planet and humankind through various innovations that we've never imagined to happen. We have already started learning ways to communicate with devices and machines. We are still working on and experimenting on artificial intelligence to adapt to new technologies. AI technology has always been the finest technology that gave a boost to core sectors- be it business, healthcare or transportation.

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Applications

AI and its subset of technologies have increased in recent years. this year also witnessed many new technologies that created drastic changes in the trends. Here, we will check out the applications of various technologies. Artificial intelligence applications include almost all the sectors of our economy, Here are the top 10 AI applications.

  • Digital Intelligence
  • Accurate Data 
  • More personalization in real-time
  • More human-AI interaction
  • Entertainment sector
  • Enhance cybersecurity
  • Dealing Big Data
  • E-Commerce
  • More productivity in healthcare
  • AI for workplace

1. Digital Intelligence

What is digital intelligence? Digital IQ or digital intelligence is simply measuring the technology we use for our business. Now, Digital Intelligence solutions will play an increasingly important role in every digital transformation strategy as more enterprises in the future reduce workloads. It can understand the framework of the organization through the content and data. 

Digital Intelligence solutions allow organizations to increase business-critical ability by optimizing automation and complementing platforms like RPA and BPM. In 2023, more organizations will adopt digital intelligence technologies, as enterprises realize that these solutions will improve customer experience, and reduce operating costs. If you are an entrepreneur, implementing digital intelligence solutions can definitely be a breakthrough in your industry.

2.  Accurate Data 

Have you struggled with managing big data in your organization? 

AI has tools that can enhance the accuracy of data. We know that accuracy in data is very important. AI-driven automated decision-making tools are implemented in the business sector to acquire more accurate data. As technology and methods in the digital domain have improved over recent years, accurate data has become increasingly available. The quality of the data is a very prominent factor in business and is used for improving customer experience, enhancing business processes, and finding new market opportunities.

Inaccurate data can make errors and which in turn can create huge flaws in the operation. Identifying small and accurate data is vital in the whole process of any operation. Using AI, the accuracy of real-world data for clinical assertions has drastically improved. And yes,  2020 witnesses an increase in the accuracy and availability of real-world simulations.

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3. More personalization in real-time

Why don't we shop on Amazon? The next time we open Amazon, a set of suggestions are provided based on our search results and our likes. AI technologies have grown so that they know our likes more than anyone today.

Personalization provided in lifestyle and food sectors is creating waves. People shop online because they can attain their favourite recipes, costumes and everything else in no time.  AI allows providers of goods and services to quickly project a 360-degree view of customers in real-time as they interact through online portals. Then they learn how their predictions can fit our wants and needs with ever-increasing accuracy. Increased personalisation has made customers shop through their mobile phones rather than going in search of it.

4. More human-AI interaction  

We already live with Alexa and Siri today. We ask them to play our favourite music, to tell jokes to enquire everything we need to know. We can expect more from AI tools this year.  AI tools will appear in workplaces as a normal tool with more interaction with humans, creating more business developments. 

Our imaginations, design, strategy, and communication skills are used to more AI interaction tools that soon they will detect our sound and imagination too. Let's wait to watch tools and robots to which we can communicate easily. 

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5. Entertainment sector

Which movie did you watch on Netflix yesterday? 

How was the new song you heard on Spotify?  

Netflix, Spotify and other entertainment tools utilize AI capabilities along with human supervision to dramatically improve the brand's product offering and the user experience. The influence of AI on entertainment media is likely to increase. AI creates challenging, human-like opponents for players in video games to compete against, challenging gamers of all skill levels. We already witnessed Robert De Niro de-aged in front of our eyes with the assistance of AI, in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. AI tools and developments will increase in the following years to bring more visual effect. Let's wait to watch more wonders.

6. Enhance cybersecurity

We share our private information through online portals to make our daily lifestyle easier. From shopping to banking, we engage in different online activities. How safe is this? 

AI can be used to detect digital activity or transactions such as hacking,  that are illegal and criminal. AI tools will raise alarms as defences when sensitive data is found to be misused. Artificial Intelligence has progressed that it will play an increasingly important role in protecting us from the illegal intrusions into our lives.

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7. Dealing Big Data 

Dealing with big data had been a difficult process earlier. A lot of time and power had been used to process and use the data. Though several tools emerged to break down the big data, every one of them had limitations.  A lot of companies today rely on big data analytics to empower insights and ensure the safekeeping of customer data and marketing initiatives.  

Today, more AI tools are deployed to manage big data. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Bots make changes with big data. NLP allows users to enter their searches and then they break down search requests into simpler terms to understand through structural cues. AI then returns better and more relevant results.

8. E-Commerce

We order food in Swiggy when the order note pops up with the delicious picture of a burger. We do not wait to order that beautiful green dress that pops up on an online shopping site. This is how AI changed e-commerce and brought it to the next level.  

AI is revolutionizing E-commerce trends. Retailers are gaining a competitive edge using AI technology in the past few years. This trend is going to improve in the coming years too. Numerous applications of AI in retail provide technology to gain a competitive edge. Applications including personalizing online interfaces, tailoring product recommendations provide better customer service. Targeting potential buyers and enhancing the sale game through more personalisation is how AI revolutionises e-commerce.

9. More productivity in healthcare

AI tools have been efficient inpatient care to save lives. There are numerous applications of AI on the market today that can improve patient care. Virtual assistants and Robotic-assisted therapies are helping patients to take care of themselves. Clinical trials to assess and develop a drug require time and money and are prone to delays. 

AI has been making changes to the healthcare sector too, but it requires deep concern and safety precautions.  AI applications also improve patient privacy and security. Big data entered and monitored by humans are replaced by AI tools which have now become easier and reliable. 

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10. AI for workplace

Artificial Intelligence has replaced human work in many sectors. However, it has created more opportunities on the other side. Now, we do not know which tool of Artificial intelligence would emerge to replace our jobs too. However, AI will soon become a part of our daily workplace soon. We have already seen robots welcoming guests and serving food at various hotels and companies. Business users will soon have access to use robots and other easy-to-use automation tools available to people of all technical proficiencies. These technologies and tools will play a role in improving the employees work as well as customer satisfaction. Keeping up with new trends like ChatGPT and other developments in the field of AI requires a proactive approach to continuous learning and staying informed.

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Let's sum up

Artificial Intelligence has been making tremendous innovations every day. It is important that we are updated and informed about the changes happening around us to run with the world. The machines have been taking up our life in short. Through every sector that we are a part of- entertainment, education, business, health and what not! AI has a long way to go.

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