PTE Training in Qatar

Validate your English language proficiency and get the required score in the PTE test to study or work abroad. By the end of the PTE Course, you will:

  • Develop required English language skills
  • Be able to prepare for the PTE Exam
  • Achieve widely recognised certification 
  • Explore vast career opportunities
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PTE Training in Qatar to gain English language proficiency

PTE Course Overview in Doha, Qatar 

PTE is the world’s leading language assessment test that assesses an individual’s command of the English language. If you wish to migrate to countries like the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or any other PTE approved country, Edoxi Training Institute is providing PTE training in Qatar. The examination is designed for candidates interested in pursuing higher education or migrating to an English-speaking country.

Why is PTE Important?

PTE is an important exam as it certifies a candidate’s English language proficiency for study or residency in a country based on a computer test. Pearson Test of English includes 3 parts and comprises diverse sections in the English language. The test includes Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening sections. PTE Academic is accepted by 3,000+ institutions worldwide, including prestigious universities like Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and Yale. 

Why Get PTE Certified?

PTE certification validates a candidate’s English language proficiency in all language sections. PTE-certified candidates can confidently work or study in different countries according to their scores. PTE score is accepted and recognized by more than 6000 organisations around the globe. These organisations include educational institutions, immigration agencies, governments, and employers.

PTE Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance Language Skills-Develop your English language skills to make clear communication in the academic setting and workplace
  • Get Visa Approval Easily -Get the score needed for visa applications, immigration forms and other applications in Foreign countries
  • Globally Accepted Certificate-Get PTE certification that is universally accepted to work in an English-speaking country and to explore more job opportunities 
  • PTE for Study-Get PTE qualified to apply for admission in various universities in which English is the medium of instruction
  • PTE for Immigration-Prepare for the PTE exam and immigrate to PTE accepted countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K.
  • Understand the Level of Your English-Understand the critical areas for improvement and develop skills to make better communication


The following are the prerequisites to pursue our PTE classes in Qatar:

  • Candidates who want to migrate to another country.  
  • Anybody who wishes to study or work in the PTE accepted countries. 

Key Features of PTE Course in Qatar

  • 30 hours of Training -You will undergo 30 hours of formal training before taking up your PTE Certification exam.
  • Qualified PTE/IELTS Trainers-Our trainers are certified ESL Trainers with decades of experience in PTE and IELTS training. 
  • Online Training-We offers live-instructor-led online training that best suits your convenience, time, and budget. 
  • Free Learning Tools-Engage in complete learning with free tools, practice sessions and exercises to develop weak areas. 
  • One-On-One Doubt Clearing -Our expert trainers ensure your doubts get cleared in a one-on-one session scheduled at your convenience. 
  • On Request Customisation -Our courses can be customized to meet your needs and schedule. Custom training is an efficient and cost-effective way to get more productive. 
  • 24 X 7 Access To Learning -You have access to our method of learning and materials 24 x 7.
  • Certificate Upon Completion-Upon successful course completion, earn a Professional Certificate to share with your network and add to your resume.
  • 100% Training Satisfaction Guaranteed -We are committed to providing you with top-quality training that is focused on your needs and satisfaction. 

PTE Certification & Opportunities

PTE provides a valid and reliable assessment of all a candidate's language skills. PTE is also accepted as proof of English language proficiency in over 6,000 organisations globally. A PTE certification course allows you to work, study or get a residence in a foreign country. PTE is not only accepted by universities, but also for immigration around the world. The most popular countries that accept PTE are:

  • Australia
  • USA, 
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Canada 
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • France
  • Poland 
  • Argentina

PTE Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs.

Training Options Features
Live Virtual Training
  • 30 Contact Hour classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
Customized Corporate Training
  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after-support
Classroom Training
  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice

Three Steps To Get Your PTE Certification

PTE Certification enables you to stand out in a crowd. The world’s most popular countries and several top institutions accept PTE as a valid English assessment tool. PTE Certification is helpful to study or to take up a new job or gain permanent residence abroad. Therefore, it is the right time to get PTE Certified. Here is how to get PTE Certification in Three Steps. 

  • Get Professional Training
  • Apply For PTE Certification Exam
  • Become A Certified PTE Candidate

Why Choose Edoxi for PTE Training in Doha, Qatar? 

Edoxi Training Institute is the professional training Institute authorized to help you with your PTE Certification Exam preparation. We provide complete guidance for the PTE exam to attain the desired score to fly to your dream country. Our industry-leading Professionals will offer tailored classes. If you want to get PTE certified, start with us today

Locations Where Edoxi Offers PTE Certification Course

Here is the list of other major locations where Edoxi offers PTE Certification Course

Country UAE
Course Location Dubai
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What is PTE Certification?

PTE or Pearson Tests of English is an English language test for international study and immigration. This test is entirely computer-based, which is accepted in several English-speaking countries.

What is the objective of the PTE Course in Qatar?

The PTE Course in Qatar offers you the training to gain the required language proficiency to get the PTE Certification successfully. With PTE training, we aim to help you gain the perfect score to fly to your dream country.

Who can take Edoxi Training Institute’s PTE Training in Qatar?

As already mentioned on our page, the following professionals can take the PTE Course in Doha, Qatar:

  • Candidates who want to migrate to another country.  
  • Anybody who wishes to study or work in the PTE accepted countries.
What will you learn from Edoxi’s PTE Training in Qatar?

The PTE Academic test format has three components. During our PTE training in Qatar, our expert instructors will help you learn to acquire expertise in:

  • Speaking & Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
Why Choose the PTE exam?

A computer system marks the PTE exam, so the candidate gets the score very quickly compared to other test results. Candidates receive their Pearson PTE results within 48 hours. PTE is not only accepted by universities but also for immigration around the world.

How long will it take to learn PTE?

At Edoxi Training Institute, we offer 30 hours of online training for aspirants planning to train in PTE Training in Doha, Qatar. Our training courses will help you gain proficiency in all the sections of the PTE test.

What is the passing score in the PTE test?

The PTE exam doesn't have a passing score. However, a score range between 65 to 75 or higher will increase the chances of securing admission to top universities.

What is the average PTE score required by universities?

Every country/institution has its standards and requirements in the score. However, 74–85 are pretty high scores that will help in admission.

What is the difference between PTE and IELTS Training?

PTE is just a computer-based test, whereas IELTS being able to offer both paper-based and computer-delivered tests holds subtle differences. These English proficiency tests give the candidates the free will to choose among them, which should also be accepted by the institution and the country they wish to apply to. Both tests differ in the test format and scoring pattern.

How to register for PTE?
  • Visit the official PTE website
  • Register for the test
  • Select the test type and date
  • Give all your details in the application form  
  • Upload all your documents 
  • Pay the fee and check all the details and then proceed