Overview Of Primavera P6 Training Courses in Muscat

Primavera P6 is the stand-alone project management software tool used worldwide in construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, and even the IT sector. Although there are many project management tools on the market, Primavera P6 enables you to manage large and complex projects very well. Oman, being a middle east country engaged in oil & gas trade and other major commercial activities, is looking out for experts in handling Primavera P6.

Why Is Primavera P6 Important?

Primavera P6 is important because it is multi-project planning and control. Software owned by Oracle and used by project management professionals in controlling and scheduling project activities. Primavera P6 is used in planning and executing large engineering projects. This tool is very helpful in managing changes to the design and construction strategies in the project's life. It is also a highly preferred project management software used by over 75,000 companies worldwide to manage projects, programs, and portfolios. 

Why Get Primavera P6 Certified?

Primavera P6 from Oracle is a project, program, and portfolio management tool designed to help you regardless of the industry you are working in. Having Primavera P6 Certification gives you a competitive advancement by developing expertise in team collaboration, allocating resources, tracking progress, and so forth. Because of the rapidly growing acceptance of Primavera Certified professionals or opting for Primavera Software, the career path is vast with fresh opportunities.

Primavera P6 Training Program Outcomes & Professional Benefits

  • On-Time Project Delivery

    Primavera P6 Certification ensures project delivery success for all your projects and programs. 

  • Manage Projects Anytime, Anywhere

    Having Primavera P6 certified means your project information can be passed to your team anytime, anywhere through flexible web-based user interfaces. 

  • Prioritize projects and optimize organizational capacity

    If you are a project manager managing Primavera P6 EPPM, you can be confident that your projects and programs align with company strategic objectives. 

  • Get A Grip On Your Projects

    Primavera helps in simplifying complex projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. 

  • Boost Communication

    Primavera P6 Certification enables the executive staff, project manager, and controller to communicate with other workers easily. 

  • Increased Income

    The certification enhances your earning capacity. The average salary of a Primavera P6 certified professional in Oman is OMR 4000 Per Annum.

Primavera P6 Career Path & Opportunities

In today's corporate world, there is a tremendous demand for Primavera Certified Professionals. Certified professionals can expect a successful future in the coming years. There are many benefits of earning Primavera P6 Certification. If you have plans to get Primavera P6 Certification, here is the list of the Primavera P6 career path and the opportunities available.

  • Construction Scheduler
  • Project Control Specialist
  • Master Scheduler
  • Project Control Manager
  • Planning Engineers
  • Junior Scheduler

 Industries looking for experts in Primavera P6 in Muscat







Electrical & Electronics


Oil & Gas

Prerequisites for Primavera P6 Course

  • Graduates and diploma holders with sufficient experience in project work and software usage. 
  • Mangers, schedulers, analysts, and other professionals from a small or big organization. 
  • Professionals with experience in project management. 

Primavera P6 Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction - Project Management Life Cycle
  • Introduction about the Project and its management.
  • About Project Management Information System and Life Cycle.
  • Process Groups.
  • About Primavera
  • GUI of P6 Release 8.2 client.
  • Module 2: Initiating Process Group Data Structure of Primavera
  • About Organizational Breakdown Structure
  • Procedure to Create an OBS
  • About Enterprise Project Structure
  • Procedure to create EPS
  • Module 3: Preferences
  • Importance of Administer tab.
  • About user preference in a client.
  • Module 4: Planning Process Group Projects
  • About Projects
  • Creation of Project
  • Module 5: Calendar
  • Introduction to Calendar
  • Types of Calendars
  • Creating global calendars
  • Editing the standard work weeks & its time.
  • Create an Exception.
  • Creating Project calendars
  • Creating Resource calendars
  • Conversions in calendars.
  • Working with the timescale in the Gantt chart.
  • Module 6: Work Breakdown Structure
  • Introduction to WBS
  • WBS Structure
  • Creation of WBS
  • Module 7: Activities
  • Introduction about an Activity
  • Assign Calendar to the Project
  • Creating Activities
  • Configuring General Tab
  • Delete an activity.
  • Various ways to create an Activity in the client.
  • Module 8: Relationship
  • Introduction about Relationship
  • Types of Relationship
  • Adding Relationships to the Activities in various methods
  • Dissolve Activity
  • Apply Lead or Lag
  • Procedure to apply Lead or Lag
  • Views
  • Module 9: Scheduling
  • Introduction about Scheduling
  • About Critical Path Method
  • Procedure for Scheduling
  • Module 10: Constraints
  • Introduction about Constraints
  • Constraints Categories
  • Types of Constraints
  • Procedure to apply constraints
  • Module 11: Codes
  • Introduction about Codes
  • Types of codes
  • About Project Code & creation of code & assign of codes in a client.
  • About Activity Code & creation of code
  • About Resource Code & creation of code
  • Module 12: Roles
  • Introduction & creation of Roles
  • Assigning a Resource to a Role
  • Creation of Role Team
  • Procedure to create Roles in a client.
  • Module 13: Resources & Its Team
  • Introduction of Resources
  • Types of Resources.
  • Define Resources 
  • About Resource Team
  • Define Resources in various methods in a client.
  • Module 14: Resource Plan
  • About Planning, Split Resources.
  • Module 15: Assigning a Resource
  • Assigning Resources to an Activity
  • Assign Resource to Multiple Activities
  • Assigning Resources by using Role
  • Module 16: Resource Analysis & Leveling
  • About Analysis
  • About Project Workspace
  • About Team Usage
  • About Resource Analysis
  • Resource Leveling
  • Module 17: Baseline
  • About Baseline
  • Creation & assigning a baseline
  • Module 18: Budget
  • Introduction about Budget
  • Assigning budget to various levels in both client & web.
  • About Spending and Benefit Plans
  • Module 19: Execution Process Group
  • About Notebook, Feedback, Cost Accounts, Expenses
  • Procedure to create & assign notebook topics.
  • About feedback
  • Introduction & Procedure to create Steps in  
  • Introduction about Cost Account
  • Introduction about Expenses
  • Module 20: Update
  • Introduction about Update
  • Choose a Method for Updates
  • Module 21: Documents
  • Introduction about Documents
  • Creation of adding a document without Content Repository 
  • Procedure to add a document in a client
  • Module 22: User-Defined Fields
  • Introduction about User Defined Fields
  • Creation of various UDF
  • About Global Change
  • Module 23: Issues
  • Creating Issues inactivity & project
  • About Issue codes & forms
  • 3. About Threshold & issue in Client.
  • Module 24: Risk
  • About Risk Categories
  • Adding Risk to an activity
  • Module 25: Check-in & Check out
  • About Check out & Check-In in client
  • Module 26: Reflection
  • Introduction about Reflection
  • Procedure to create & merge reflection in a client.
  • Compare the Project
  • Module 27: Monitoring & Control Process Group Tracking
  • Introduction & benefits of Tracking
  • About Earned Value Analysis
  • About Earned Value Fields
  • Module 28: Views
  • Introduction about Views
  • Creating various views
  • Procedure to create Filter
  • Module 29: Publish Project Website
  • Procedure to create Publish website
  • About Time scaled Logic Diagram
  • Module 30: Portfolio
  • Introduction about Portfolio
  • Benefits of Portfolio Management
  • Creating Portfolio 
  • Portfolio Analysis 
  • Various views in portfolio
  • Creating views in portfolio
  • Select Portfolio in client.
  • Module 31:Dashboards
  • Introduction about Dashboards
  • Advantages & types of Dashboards
  • Create Dashboards 
  • Module 32: Closing Process Group Reports
  • Introduction about Reports
  • Procedure to Take Reports
  • Types of reports in client
  • Creation of Reports
  • Creation of a Batch report
  • Module 33: Import & Export
  • Introduction about Import & Export
  • Procedure to create Import & Export.

How to Get Primavera P6 Certified?

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Primavera P6 Training Options

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Live Virtual Training

  • 24 Contact Hours
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
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Classroom Training

  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice
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  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise-grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after support
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Why Choose Edoxi for Primavera P6 Training in Muscat? 

Edoxi Training Institute is the professional training Institute in Oman authorized to help you with your Primavera P6 Certification Exam preparation. We provide complete guidance for the Primavera P6 Certification Exam and our industry-leading Professionals will offer you excellent hands-on training.  Primavera P6 Professional Certified professionals are one of the industry’s top-paid professionals. If you want to become an Oracle Certified Primavera P6 Professional, start with us today.

Locations Where Edoxi Offers Primavera P6 Certification Course

Here is the list of other major locations where Edoxi offers Primavera P6 Certification Course
Primavera P6 Course in Qatar | Primavera P6 Course in Sharjah | Primavera P6 Course in Dubai

Upcoming Batches

27 MAY 2024
Time 07.00
Class Type Live Training
1 JUN 2024
Time 07.00
Class Type Live Training
5 JUN 2024
Time 07.00
Class Type Live Training

Course Advisor

Muhamad Thasveer Arafath

Project Management Consultant and Trainer

Muhamad Thasveer Arafath is an engineer with a post-graduation MBA who possesses 20+ years of industry work experience in Project Management. To name a few of his area expertise, he has worked in various multi-million construction/development projects and programs in the UAE concerning project planning, project controls, project advisory/valuations, as a project lead, etc. 

Muhamad is currently a project management consultant and trainer specializing in Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications. He has now completed training for  65+  batches for various PMI certifications, holding an excellent passing rate among his training participants. 

He holds eight certifications from PMI and is an Award winner from the PMI UAE Chapter in 2019/2020 for being the member with the highest number of PMI certifications in UAE. He is certified from PMI in PfMP, PgMP, PMP, RMP, SP, SP, PBA and CAPM. He is also a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Valuers (FIIV).

Review & Ratings

Edoxi has a Trustpilot Score of 4.5
Edoxi received a Score of 4.5 on Edarabia
Edoxi got a 4.5 Score on Goodfirms.
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What is Primavera P6 Certification?

The Primavera P6 Certification is designed for all who have sound knowledge and expertise in implementing Project Portfolio Management solutions. Construction and IT, energy, and manufacturing industries prefer certified professionals. The Primavera P6 certification helps professionals to be recognized as Oracle Partner Network Certified Specialists.

What can be learned from Edoxi’s Primavera P6 Training in Oman?

  • Create a new Project in Primavera P6.
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Plan, schedule, and organize project activities.
  • Execute projects within budget constraints and time.
  • Customize dashboards.
  • Manage the programs and projects effectively.
  • Analyze portfolio performance.
  • Export and Print Project Schedule.
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure. 
  • Link activities.
  • Create & Assign Resources and Expenses.
  • Track Project Progress.
  • Apply industry best practices in project management.

What is the duration of Edoxi’s Primavera P6 course in Oman?

The duration of the Primavera P6 course is about 35 hours.

What is the duration of the Primavera P6 Certification exam?

The duration of the Primavera P6 examination is 120 minutes and will be in an MCQ format.

What is the salary earned by Primavera P6 Certified Professionals In Oman?

The table below shows the average ‘salary for skill’ earned by an experienced professional certified in Primavera P6

Job Title 

Average Salary

Civil Engineer

OMR 4200

Project Engineer

OMR 4140

City Planning Engineer

OMR 6000

Junior Mechanical Engineer

OMR 1000

Project Control Specialist

OMR 7200

What are the perks of Primavera P6 Training In Oman?

  •  Primavera's integrated project portfolio management (PPM) application enables role-based functionality to match each team member’s needs and responsibilities. As a result, a project is expanded in extensive areas, and many people are associated with the project. 
  • In addition, you will know how to manage the alternate interfaces, including interactive dashboards, web applications, and simple forms to consume role-specific information. 
  • If you get Primavera P6 Certified, all the tasks are aligned with tools, providing easy access to the resources and time required to complete the project. In addition, the project can be tracked in real-time to measure the current progress.