AutoCAD Training in Muscat

Are you interested in developing your CAD software skills? With Edoxi’s AutoCAD Courses in Muscat, Oman you will have the opportunity to empower your professional growth. With the help of the AutoCAD course in Oman, you will:

  • Learn the designing, drafting, and modeling techniques 
  • Learn to use different tools within AutoCAD
  • Get certified in AutoCAD
  • Prosper in your career
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Overview Of AutoCAD Training In Muscat, Oman

Overview Of AutoCAD Training in Muscat, Oman

AutoCAD is a 2D or 3D Computer-assisted drafting software application where CAD stands for Computer-aided design. It belongs to the Autodesk family of software for use in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. AutoCAD expertise can help you gain increased employment opportunities, better job security, and higher wages across Oman.

Why is the AutoCAD course important?

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD software in the world and is used by many architects and engineers in their daily work for drafting blueprints or making changes to existing drafts. The course will help you learn the skills necessary to create drawings by using a computer program that is well-known around the world and will help you become an efficient architect, engineer, or designer.

Why get certified in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is ranked as the top software in the world by many experts. It has been around since 1982 and is still one of the best CAD (computer-aided design) tools in use today. AutoCAD courses are significant today because they will help you to develop skills and knowledge in the field of CAD necessary mainly for the manufacturing and construction industries. AutoCAD certification courses cover topics such as CAD, 2D design, 3D design, animation, and various drafting techniques which can make your designs look better than ever before.

List of AutoCAD Courses In Muscat, Oman

As a software used for various purposes such as product designing, engineering, civil and other 2D and 3D drawings, the AutoCAD courses are classified into the following: 

AutoCAD Courses in Muscat Total hours Mode of Training
AutoCAD 2D 24 Hours Online
AutoCAD 3D 16 Hours Online
AutoCAD 2D & 3D 40 Hours Online
AutoCAD MEP 30 Hours Online
AutoCAD Electrical 30 Hours Online
AutoCAD Civil3D 40 Hours Online

AutoCAD Training Program Outcomes and Professional Benefits

Apart from better job prospects, AutoCAD-certified candidates will also have better opportunities to build their skills, enhance their CV and get an edge over other candidates.  Following are some of the key benefits you will acquire from our AutoCAD certification:

  • Provides in-depth knowledge: AutoCAD courses provide students with a comprehensive understanding of modeling, drafting, detailing, rendering, and construction documentation.
  • Gives credential: It is a valuable credential that validates your skills and expertise in using AutoCAD tools and functions which helps designers and architects streamline their designs and documentation.
  • Enhances productivity: Certification can increase your productivity and competence in handling different tasks. AutoCAD helps in providing solutions to implement modifications.
  • High salary: The average salary of certified candidates is considerably higher than other employees
  • Career growth: A certification can also help you advance your career with greater career prospects. Certification and knowledge gained may prove useful to build various career paths down the road.
  • Cost-efficient: As AutoCAD works on the principle of a dynamic engineering model, results in fewer chances of error. This results in chances of saving more time and money.


Prerequisites for joining the AutoCAD courses

  • The minimum eligibility requirement for enrolling in this course is the 12th standard from a recognized Board of education.
  • One can also join this course after the completion of a Diploma or a B.Tech in Mechanical or Civil engineering.

AutoCAD Career Path & Opportunities

AutoCAD has been around for decades and is now used by engineers, architects, designers, drafters, and other people who work with technical drawings on a daily basis. After completing CAD training and certification, you’re likely to find the following job roles.

  • Civil drafter
  • Architectural drafter
  • Electrical drafter
  • Mechanical drafter
  • CAD operator
  • CAD technician

Industries looking for AutoCAD experts in Muscat:

  • Aeronautics
  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical 
  • Architectural
  • Civil engineering
  • Manufacturing

How To Get AutoCAD Certified?- Follow These Three Steps For AutoCAD Certifications

Earning an AutoCAD certificate holds a great value. Before you apply, make sure you are equipped with all that is required to pass AutoCAD certification including basic computer skills. 

  • Get Professional Training
  • Apply For AutoCAD Examination
  • Become A Certified AutoCAD Professional


Why Choose Edoxi for AutoCAD Training in Muscat, Oman? 

With Edoxi’s AutoCAD Courses in Oman, you will have the opportunity to empower your professional growth. We help you build your skills and increase your marketability in many industries. Edoxi’s AutoCAD courses in Oman are led by highly skilled certified professionals who primarily focus on making you competent in the industry and with our specialized mentoring, you will learn the necessary software skills.

 AutoCAD Training Courses Offered by Edoxi in the Middle East

Explore the AutoCAD Training Courses Offered By Edoxi Training Institute in various countries and locations in the Middle East.

Country UAE Oman Qatar
Course Location Dubai Muscat Doha
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What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a 2D or 3D Computer-assisted drafting software application where CAD stands for Computer-aided design used mainly by architects and engineers in their daily work for drafting blueprints or making changes to existing drafts.

What are the contents of the syllabus for AutoCAD training in Muscat by Edoxi?

From Edoxi Training Institute, you will learn to create drawings in Autodesk, CADENAS, IntelliCAD, MicroStation, and Vectorworks. Our classroom training sessions will teach you to work with both 2D and 3D drawings.

Is it possible to enroll for AutoCAD training in Muscat at Edoxi after the completion of 12th Grade?

Yes, it is possible to enroll with us for this course after the completion of 12th Grade from a recognized Board of Examination.

What is the entry-level salary for a fresher certified in AutoCAD in Muscat?

An AutoCAD operator with no or less than one year of experience earns around 550 OMR per month.

What is the average salary of an AutoCAD operator in Oman?

A person working as an Auto CAD operator in Oman earns an average salary of  950 OMR per month. AutoCAD operator’s salary in Oman ranges from 470 OMR per month to 1480 OMR per month.