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Corporate Training in Sharjah

Experience the ultimate Corporate Training Solutions tailored to your business's distinctive requirements with Edoxi’s Corporate Training in Sharjah.

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200+ Certification Courses
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Nurture A Future-Proof Workforce With Edoxi’s Customised Corporate Training In Sharjah

We Grow your Business by Upskilling Your Workforce

Discover skill gaps and other weaknesses within your workforce and address them effectively with Edoxi's Customized Training solutions. Our training is powered by trainers with a wealth of experience, dedicated to ensuring that our participants receive the best possible learning experience and outcomes.

Edoxi’s next-gen technology-driven Corporate Training Solutions will help you strengthen the overall competency of your employees and accelerate your business performance.

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Level Up with Edoxi’s Corporate Training Courses

Edoxi Training Institute is one of the best Corporate Training Center in Sharjah that offers top on-demand corporate training programs for individuals and businesses. Our customised corporate training courses are an integration of knowledge, skills, resources and manpower. Our technical, non-technical, and soft skills training programs will provide an immersive learning experience for the participants.

We help your business grow by upskilling your workforce. Our courses are customised and updated with the latest industry standards so that you always stay current. Our five years of hard work, supported by people who have over 30 years of expertise, have paved the way for the success of many organisations and businesses. We have successfully trained over 4000 people from over 10 industrial sectors.

Training Approach

At Edoxi, we offer a variety of training approaches, so you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your organization's needs and goals.

Choose Your Customised Corporate Training Solutions

Depending on your company's needs and diverse requirements, you can opt for the most suitable customised training solutions.

Go With Ready-To-Take Corporate Training

If you believe that our ready-to-join training program is in sync with your employees' learning needs and your business objectives.

Here's How Customization Works


Defining The Training Objective

Determining the training objectives directs the entire learning program. Here’s what is followed:

  • Pre course assessment
  • Assistance in training need analysis

Choose A Course To Customise

We will arrange a consultation with our trainer, to customise the course either at your premises or over a call.

Our Trainer will explain the details of the course and training. Once you confirm, we will proceed with the next step.

Choose A Venue

Choosing a training venue is your choice. Below given are the options available:

  • At Edoxi’s Premise
  • At Your Business Premise
  • At a 3-star/4- star/5-star hotel

Choose The Mode of Training

Once you have fixed the training location, you can choose the mode of training. We provide you with two modes of training. They are:

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training

Create A Course Outline

We will customise the course modules and prepare a course outline based on your business objective. This will help our trainer better define his/her training delivery. Preparing the course outline requires the following:

  • A general pre-assessment online test to measure participants' level of knowledge.
  • Details of all the participants and their profiles.

Getting The Training Plan In Action

Our Trainer will deliver the training on the proposed date and venue. 

  • We create a learning environment which promotes a participative approach.
  • We conduct ice-breaking sessions and interactive games to keep the trainees engaged.

Training Evaluation

A training evaluation is done in the way of a post-assessment test to check whether the goals and objectives of the training have been achieved.  

  • We also collect feedback from the participants on the training.

Handing Over Accredited Course-Completion Certificate

Once the participants successfully complete the course, we hand over a course-completion certificate accredited by:

  • Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)
  • ISO 9001:2015

How To Go With Ready-To-Take Corporate Training?


Choose A Course From The Course Catalogue

You can start by selecting a course from the course catalogue. Once you've made your choice, we can proceed to discuss additional details such as the number of participants, training venue, and more. 


Choose A Course From Our Course Calendar

Proceed by choosing a course from our Course Calendar. Fix a date and once booked, be ready to attend the classes at the venue given in the calendar.

Do You Want To Talk About Your Custom Training Project?

Get In Touch With Us

Listen to our Corporate Business Head

Employees are Crucial for Your Business

Our custom corporate training process takes a measure-twice-cut-once approach. Going through a detailed mapping process before training development means the entire custom training design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objectives. Custom training is what Edoxi does best, and our design process ensures you love what we create.”

Julie Archer

Chief Consultant Corporate Trainer

Meet Our Trainers

Quality is a major concern for us. Our trainers are specialists and know how to impart technical knowledge in a lively and application-oriented way.

Benefits Of Choosing Edoxi For Corporate Training

Improves Cost Efficiency

Hiring new employees is always expensive. We can train your existing employees to improve efficiency by cutting costs.

Lowers Absenteeism

When you improve employee engagement, it will naturally reflect in their sense of commitment to your company resulting in lower absenteeism.

Improves Employee Morale

Our corporate training helps improve your employees’ morale and create a sense of value within which inspires them to produce better results.

Retain your Clients/Customers

From signing new customers to maintaining existing ones, our training will improve your employees’ engagement which results in developing the best customer/client service practices.

Eliminates Weaknesses

Team training helps employees to understand each other’s weaknesses and to eliminate these insufficiencies when the circumstances are right.

Ramps Up Productivity

Instead of hiring a new team, training your existing team virtually guarantees a brighter future.

Upcoming Batches

Stand Alone Features

Customized Training

Our personalised corporate training programs offer tailored solutions to achieve specific business objectives, ensuring a significant return on your investment.

Competent Trainers

Our trainers are highly skilled in addressing your unique business challenges and identifying skill gaps related to leadership and team performance.

Comprehensive Learning

We adopt a comprehensive and dynamic teaching approach that is interactive, customized, authentic, flexible, engaging, and practical.

Trusted by Leading Brands and Enterprises Worldwide

Edoxi Training Institute has a strong heritage of working for both established corporate and entrepreneurial start-ups. See who we have worked with.

Training Testimonials

We're ready to prepare your workforce for tomorrow through our outcome-centric corporate training programs. Are you ready?
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Who can benefit from the Corporate Training course at Edoxi?
The Corporate Training course is designed for both seasoned professionals and beginners who aim to enhance their corporate skills. It’s beneficial for those seeking to advance in their current role or those considering a career transition into the corporate sector. The curriculum is comprehensive, making it suitable for professionals from diverse fields.
How is the Corporate Training course at Edoxi different from other similar courses?
At Edoxi, we emphasize a learner-centric approach. The course curriculum is designed by industry experts, ensuring the content is relevant, up-to-date, and practical. We integrate interactive sessions, case studies, and real-world projects into the learning process, promoting an active learning environment. You will receive a globally recognized certificate upon completion, adding value to your professional portfolio.
What is the teaching methodology in the Corporate Training course at Edoxi?
Our teaching methodology focuses on interactive learning. We move beyond traditional lecture-style teaching and encourage active participation through insightful discussions and group activities. We also incorporate real-world projects to enable learners to apply their newly acquired skills, reinforcing their learning and building confidence.
Can you provide more detail about the ‘real-world projects’ incorporated in the course?
Real-world projects are an integral part of our course structure. These practical tasks mimic scenarios one might encounter in the corporate world. These could involve problem-solving exercises, crafting business strategies, or managing hypothetical projects. The purpose is to allow you to apply your knowledge & help you understand the topics practically.
What is the mode of delivery for the Corporate Training course?
The course is delivered through an online interactive platform. This format allows for real-time interaction between learners and instructors, fostering an engaging learning environment. The online mode also offers flexibility to learners, allowing them to access the course at their convenience.
What kind of certificate do I receive upon completing the Corporate Training course at Edoxi?
You will receive a globally recognized certificate from Edoxi upon completing the course. This certificate validates your proficiency in the covered corporate skills and can enhance your professional profile.
What support does Edoxi provide to learners during the course?
At Edoxi, we prioritize learner success. We provide continuous support throughout the course, including doubt-clearing sessions, additional resources for self-study, and assignment feedback. Our instructors are always available to address any concerns or questions that learners might have.
How do the mock exams included in the course help in preparation?
The mock exams are designed to improve the core concepts learned during the course. They simulate the certification exam format, helping you understand the exam pattern and improve your time management skills. Reviewing the results of these mock exams will show you a detailed picture of your grasp of the course concepts.
Why should I choose Edoxi for the Corporate Training course in Sharjah?
Edoxi offers a unique blend of a comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, interactive learning methodology, and global certification. We are dedicated to providing an enriching learning experience that equips you with the necessary skills to succeed in the corporate world. We have helped numerous professionals enhance their skills and careers and are committed to doing the same for you.
What is the main aim of the Corporate Training course in Sharjah offered by Edoxi?
The principal goal of our Corporate Training course is to equip professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the increasingly competitive corporate world. The course covers various topics, including leadership, effective communication, project management, team collaboration, and problem-solving. You will comprehensively understand these essential concepts through a blend of theory and practical application.