Corporate Training in Sharjah

Experience the ultimate Corporate Training Solutions tailored to your business's distinctive requirements with Edoxi’s Corporate Training in Sharjah.

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Corporate Training in Sharjah

Nurture A Future-Proof Workforce With Edoxi’s Customised Corporate Training In Sharjah

Discover skill gaps and other weaknesses within your workforce and address them effectively with Edoxi's Customized Training solutions. Our training is powered by trainers with a wealth of experience, dedicated to ensuring that our participants receive the best possible learning experience and outcomes.

Edoxi’s next-gen technology-driven Corporate Training Solutions will help you strengthen the overall competency of your employees and accelerate your business performance. 

Corporate Training Approach

At Edoxi, we offer a variety of training approaches, so you can choose the one that is most appropriate for your organization's needs and goals.

  • Choose Your Customised Corporate Training Solutions: Depending on your company's needs and diverse requirements, you can opt for the most suitable customised training solutions.
  • Go With Ready-To-Take Corporate Training: If you believe that our ready-to-join training program is in sync with your employees' learning needs and your business objectives.

Here's How Customisation Works

1. Defining The Training Objective

The training objectives set the direction for the entire training program. The process involves:

  • Conducting a pre-course assessment
  • Assisting in training needs analysis

2. Choose A Course To Customise

Upon your request, we will schedule a consultation with our trainer to tailor the course to meet your specific requirements. This consultation can be conducted either at your location or through a call. Our experienced trainer will provide you with details on the course and training. Once you give your approval, we will move forward to the next phase of the process.

  • Choose A Venue

Choosing a training venue is your choice. Below given are the options available:

  • At Edoxi’s Premises
  • At Your Business Premise
  • At a 3-star/4-star/5-star hotel
  • Choose The Mode of Training

Once you have fixed the training location, you can choose the mode of training. We provide you with two modes of training. They are:

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training
  • Create A Course Outline

3. Getting The Training Plan In Action

Our trainer will deliver the training on the agreed-upon date and venue. We put the training plan into action by creating a conducive learning environment that encourages participant engagement through:

  • Role-playing Activities
  • Interactive games to keep the trainees involved.

4. Training Evaluation

A training evaluation is done in the way of a post-assessment test to check whether the goals and objectives of the training have been achieved. This includes:

  • Feedback collection from the participants on the training.

5. Handing Over Accredited Course-Completion Certificate

Once the participants successfully complete the course, we hand over a course-completion certificate accredited by:

  • Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)
  • ISO 9001:2015

How To Go With Ready-To-Do Corporate Training?

  • Choose A Course From The Course Catalogue:You can start by selecting a course from the course catalogue. Once you've made your choice, we can proceed to discuss additional details such as the number of participants, training venue, and more. 
  • Choose A Course From Our Course Calendar: Proceed by choosing a course from our Course Calendar. Fix a date and once booked, be ready to attend the classes at the venue given in the calendar.

Benefits Of Choosing Edoxi For Corporate Training

  • Improves Cost Efficiency: Hiring new employees is always expensive. We can train your existing employees to improve efficiency by cutting costs.
  • Lowers Absenteeism:When you improve employee engagement, it will naturally reflect in their sense of commitment to your company resulting in lowering absenteeism.
  • Improves Employee Morale: Our corporate training helps improve your employees’ morale and create a sense of value within which inspires them to produce better results.
  • Retain your Clients/Customers:From signing new customers to maintaining existing ones, our training will improve your employees’ engagement which results in developing the best customer/client service practices.
  • Eliminates Weaknesses: Team training helps employees to understand each other’s weaknesses and to eliminate these insufficiencies when the circumstances are right.
  • Ramps Up Productivity: Instead of hiring a new team, training your existing team virtually guarantees an increase in their future level of production.

Stand Alone Features

  • Customized Training: Our personalised  corporate training programs offer tailored solutions to achieve specific business objectives, ensuring a significant return on your investment.
  • Competent Trainers: Our trainers are highly skilled in addressing your unique business challenges and identifying skill gaps related to leadership and team performance.
  • Comprehensive Learning:We adopt a comprehensive and dynamic teaching approach that is interactive, customized, authentic, flexible, engaging, and practical.

Corporate Training Courses in Sharjah

At Edoxi, we offer a variety of different courses that can all be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.Following are the in-demand corporate training courses in Sharjah.

Corporate Training Courses in Sharjah Category Duration Certification Body
MS Excel Basic Level Office Productivity 1 Day Microsoft
MS Excel Intermediate Level Office Productivity 1 Day Microsoft
MS Excel Advanced Level Office Productivity 2 Days Microsoft
MS Power Point Advanced Level
Office Productivity 2 Days Microsoft
MS Word Advanced Level Office Productivity 2 Days Microsoft
MS Power BI Data Analytics 2 Days Microsoft
Tableu Data Analytics 2 Days Microsoft
Cyber Security Professional Cyber Security 8 Days Edoxi
Ethical Hacking V12 Cyber Security 5 Days EC Council
Project Management Professional -PMP
Project Mangement 5 Days PMI
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Mangement 2 days Edoxi
Primavera P6 Project Planning 4 Days Edoxi
MS Project Project Planning 4 Days Edoxi
Certified HR Professional HR Management 4 days Edoxi
Certified HR Manager HR Management 4 days Edoxi
Compensation & Benefits / Total Rewards
HR Management 4 days Edoxi
HR Strategic Planning HR Management 4 days Edoxi
Performance Apprisal HR Management 3 days Edoxi
Key Performance Indicator - KPI
HR Management 2 days Edoxi
Leadeship Skills Softskills 2 Days Edoxi
Negotiation Skills Softskills 2 Days Edoxi
Corporate Communication Skills
Softskills 2 Days Edoxi
Sales Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Assertive Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Effective Negotiation Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Presentation Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Coaching and Mentoring Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Leadership Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Train the Trainer Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Interviewing Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Emotional Intelligence Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Stress Management at Work Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Time Management Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Emotionally Intelligence Customer Service
Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Telephone Etiquette Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Business Writing Soft Skills 1 Day Edoxi
Effective Business Communication Skills
Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Email Writing Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi
Public Speaking Skills Soft Skills 2 Days Edoxi

Corporate Training Options

Listed below are Edoxi's Corporate Training options for employees ranging from the oil industry to banking

Corporate Training Options Features
Live Virtual Classroom Training
  • Instructor-led training
  • Learning Management System(LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after-support
  • Microlearning modules
  • Webinars
On-Premise Training (at client’s location)
  • Instructor-led training
  • Lead discussions & Debates
  • Assign, Deliver, & Track method
  • Direct Learner collaboration through tasks & interactions
  • Well-crafted gamified learning experience
  • Break-out sessions for close evaluation
Classroom Training at Edoxi’s Training Center
  • Instructor-led training
  • Baseline Competency Level Assessment
  • Realistic conversation simulations
  • Discussion boards
  • Supporting materials, job aids and learning documents
  • Mini tasks and Assignments
  • Skill demonstration sessions
Training At A Hotel (*Additional charges apply)

Locations Where Edoxi Offers Corporate Training

Here is the list of other major locations where Edoxi offers Corporate Training

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