MS Office Courses in Muscat

Lacking skills in MS Office and want to upgrade your MS Office skills? Become an expert MS Office user and acquire the following skills by joining Edoxi’s MS Office Courses in Muscat, Oman.

  • Basic and advanced MS Office skills
  • Improve your job prospects
  • Earn certification for each MS Office course completion
  • Become an MS Office Certified user and add it to your resume
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MS Office Courses in Muscat

Overview Of  MS Office Courses In Muscat, Oman: 

Microsoft Office (Outlook, Access, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) is a set of desktop applications that provide flexible and easy ways to systematize, manage, and present information. So, Microsoft Office is a powerful tool used in various organisations to present information effectively. An MS Office certified professional would be able to create professional-looking documents and presentations independently. Therefore knowledge related to Microsoft tools is mandatory in today’s job market in all the countries including Oman.

Why Are MS Office Courses Important?

More than one billion people are currently using Microsoft office. Each application serves a unique purpose and offers a specific service to its users. Microsoft word is used to create documents, Excel is used to store, organize and calculate data, Powerpoint is used to create presentations, and Outlook is used to manage email and calendars. 

It is used at home, school, government offices, and various other institutions. Having in-depth knowledge of MS Office means that you can make better presentations and can arrange data, which gives you the freedom to work in your style. 

Why Get Certified In MS Office?

MS Office certification will offer you the expertise on a powerful suite of programs used by businesses worldwide. MS Office Professionals are very prominent in an organization. They are responsible for creating compelling and informative documents for the target audience. MS Office Certifications give you insights into the advanced features of MS Office. The course certification can help you gain increased employment opportunities, better job security, and higher wages in your organisation. 

MS Office Courses Outcomes & Professional Benefits:

  • Gain knowledge of the latest MS office tools & functions: MS Office certification courses offer more insights into the latest MS Office tools and functions.
  • Valuable credential: MS Office Certification is a valuable credential that validates your skills and expertise in using and implementing MS Office policies.
  • Enhances productivity: MS Office Certification can increase your productivity and competency in handling different tasks.
  • Higher Pay: The average salary of MS Office certified candidates is considerably higher than other employees and can also help you advance your career.
  • Better job opportunities:There are several job opportunities available in the industry for certified candidates.

Prerequisites For Joining The MS Office Courses:

  • There are no prerequisites for joining this course.
  • Having basic computer knowledge and some experience using MS Office is all you need. It is not mandatory though to know about MS Office before enrolling in our course.

MS Office Career Path & Opportunities:

The latest version of Microsoft Office supports extended file format systems with a new user experience and has come with a role-based version than other previous versions of Microsoft.  Certification gives you access to better opportunities to build skills, enhance your CV and get an edge over other candidates. After completing the MS Office certification, you can pursue the following job roles 

  • Office Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Database Specialist
  • Workbook Developer
  • Research Specialist
  • Project Coordinator

 Industries looking for MS Office experts in Oman:

  • Educational Institutions
  • IT Sector
  • Construction
  • Hospitals
  • Real Estate
  • Financial services
  • Media

MS Office Training Options: 

We help you build your skills and increase your marketability in many industries with our following MS Office Training options.

Training Options Features
Live Virtual Training
  • Contact Hour classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
Customized Corporate Training
  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after-support

How To Get Certified In MS Office?- Follow These Three Steps To Get Certification In MS Office

Getting certified in an MS office is not that difficult. With the help of our specialised mentoring, you will learn how to use MS Office in various professional, educational, and personal situations. All you have to do is follow these three steps,

  • Get Professional Training in MS Office
  • Appear for MS Office Certification Exam
  •  Get a Certificate in MS Office

Why Choose Edoxi for MS OfficeTraining in Oman? 

Edoxi’s MS Office courses in Muscat, Oman, have the potential to strengthen your professional growth and equip you to work proficiently to meet your company’s goals. Our certified professionals ensure quality education to help you become a confident employee with great insights. Upon completing our course, you will be awarded a course completion certificate. In addition, we help you gain the knowledge and skills to move up in your career with the MS Office certification. 

MS Office Training Courses Offered by Edoxi in the Middle East

Explore the MS Office Training Courses Offered By Edoxi Training Institute in various countries and locations in the Middle East.

Country UAE Oman Qatar
Course Location Dubai Muscat Doha
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What are the MS Office courses offered by Edoxi Training Institute in Oman?

We offer numerous MS Office courses, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerBI, etc.

What are the main objectives of MS Office Training in Oman at Edoxi?

Some of the main objectives of Edoxi’s MS Office courses are:

  • Learn every function of the widely-used software like Excel, Word, Acces, PowerPoint, and VBA 
  • Access Microsoft Office Suite courses to enhance your office skills to become a competent professional
  • Create and manage professional documents for the targeted audience using the MS Office
  • Learn how to handle databases using Microsoft Access or automate mundane tasks in Excel using VBA.
  • Discover the essentials of using formulas, functions, charts, and graphs
  • Discover different page setup options and how to protect your document from changes.
Is there any age limit for enrolling in the MS Office course?

No, there is no age limit for enrolling in this course.

Will I get a separate certificate after the completion of each MS Office Training?

Yes, you will receive a separate certificate upon completion of each MS Office Training. From Edoxi Training Institute, you will acquire knowledge to document, collect, and process data in office environments. Our MS Office training sessions will help you develop an understanding of the MS suite.